` Right Sector Leader `Dmitry Yarosh ‘ Writes Letter to Aleksandr Turchinov Demanding Ukrainian Citizens are Armed ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 25 – The leader of the ultra-nationalist Right Sector group, Dmitry Yarosh, whom Russia placed on an international most-wanted terrorist list, has written a letter to acting President Aleksandr Turchinov demanding Ukrainian that citizens be armed.

“Ukrainian authorities must immediately start massive arming of our citizens, in particular volunteer patriotic squads, which in the Dnepropetrovsk Region alone have seen 10,000 Ukrainians enlisted,” Yarosh wrote according to the Right Sector press service, cited by UNIAN.


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` Materials over Ukraine’s Nationalist Leader of the `Right Sector ‘ Dmytro Yarosh Passed to Interpol '

#AceBreakingNews – SIMFEROPOL – April 11 – (ITRT) – Materials over the leader of Ukrainian far-right organisation Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh accused of banditry and extremism by Russian investigative bodies are passed to Interpol for putting him on international wanted list, Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said on Friday.

“Yesterday, we have passed the relevant materials to the Interpol, which would go on with his search,” Yuri Chaika said.


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` Ukraine’s far right group `Right Sector ‘ have set-up as a Political Party by the same Name ‘

#AceWorldNews – KIEV, March 22 – Members of Ukraine’s far-right group Right Sector set up a political party on Saturday, March 22, giving it the same name.

The party was created on the basis of the Ukrainian National Assembly (UNA). “The political party Right Sector has been created on the basis of the Ukrainian National Assembly, which changed its name to Right Sector.

The party has also incorporated other nationalist groups which support the Right Sector movement. Dmitry Yarosh has been elected its leader,” UNA representative Andrei Denisenko said.

Oleg Odnorozhtsev of the Right Sector said the reorganisation of the movement into a party “will allow us to act in the political domain.”

Yarosh has been put on the Interpol wanted list. On March 12, Moscow’s Basmanny District Court issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of making terrorist and extremist calls in mass media.

Investigators also say that Yarosh publicly calls on anti-Russian forces to get engaged in extremist activities and carry out acts of terror in Russia.

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Right Sector : `Threatens to ` Destroy Russian Pipelines ‘ on `Ukrainian Territory ‘if a ` Diplomatic Solution ‘is not reached with Moscow ‘

#AceBreakingNews – latest – The leader of ultranationalist group Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh, has threatened to destroy Russian pipelines on Ukrainian territory if a diplomatic solution is not reached with Moscow.

In a fiery address loaded warmongering rhetoric, Yarosh told his followers they should be ready to resist the Russian “occupiers.” The leader of the Right Sector made his address to the coup-appointed government in Kiev, as Crimeans made their way to ballots Sunday to vote to join with Russia or to remain within Ukraine.

“We cannot allow the enemy to carry out a blitzkrieg attack on Ukrainian territory.

We must not forget that Russia makes money sending its oil through our pipelines to the West.

We will destroy these pipelines and deprive our enemy of its source of income,” Yarosh said.

Continuing the bellicose rhetoric, Yarosh appealed to his followers, urging them to take up arms against Russia, if a diplomatic solution cannot be reached.

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