IRAQ:Speicher Massacre: ‘ Nearly 600-bodies exhumed – officials ‘

#AceNewsReport – #BreakingUpdate:IRAQ:June.11: The remains of 597 people, slaughtered last year at the Speicher military base by Islamic State militants have been exhumed, Iraq’s human rights minister announced.

The mostly Shiite recruits were slaughtered in June 2014, when jihadists captured the area around Tikrit. The number victims of the so-called Speicher Massacre is estimated to be over 1,000 men.

After execution, some were pushed into the Tigris River, while other were buried in different locations.


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” Police In Hollywood Florida Have Discovered Nearly 100 Untested Rape Kits”

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#AceNewsServices says the Police in Hollywood, Florida have discovered nearly 100 rape kits that have sat untested for years, as first reported by WSVN.

Some of the kits date back “as far back as we could tell, all the way to 2005,” said Hollywood Police Chief Frank Fernandez. “It’s an alarming amount of time. It’s an alarming amount of rape kits.”

Collected during a forensic medical exam after a sexual assault is reported, rape kits often contain physical evidence such as samples of bodily fluids, fibers, hair, and blood; documentation papers; photos; and clothing. Processing the kits for DNA evidence can sometimes quickly match assailants to victims.

Ninety-four such kits were found in a refrigerator in Hollywood, where according to FBI data compiled by, 38 rapes were reported last year. WSVN reports that so far, 24 of the lost kits have been identified as top priorities and transported to a lab at the Broward Sheriff’s Office, and some arrests have already been made.

Unfortunately, reports of lost or backlogged rape kits is nothing new. In Robbins, Illinois, a sheriff’s aide discovered 176 rape kits dating back to 1986 in a jumbled pile of evidence in a basement. More than 1,000 forgotten rape kits were found in Detroit Police storage last year, just several years after approximately 11,303 untested rape kits were uncovered in the same city during an inventory.

In Texas, Carol Bart’s rape kit sat untested for nearly two decades before it was finally processed, identifying her attacker through DNA analysis. But the statute of limitations on her case was up.

“Women go to the hospital and their bodies are a crime scene and treated as such,” Bart told the Associated Press last year. “For these kits then to just to sit in a laboratory or in police vaults or wherever they sit, denies victims of sexual assault any opportunity for justice. I just wonder how many more there are?” The Huffington Post


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DNA Database Fingers the Guilty not the Innocent

This written ministerial statement was laid on 24 October 2013 in the House of Commons by James Brokenshire and in the House of Lords by Lord Taylor of Holbeach.

The government has now delivered its commitment to reform the retention of DNA and fingerprint records by removing innocent people from the databases, and adding the guilty.

1,766,000 DNA profiles taken from innocent adults and children have been deleted from the National DNA Database (NDNAD). 1,672,000 fingerprint records taken from innocent adults and children have been deleted from the national fingerprint database. 7,753,000 DNA samples containing sensitive personal biological material, no longer needed as a DNA profile has been obtained, have been destroyed. 480,000 of the DNA profiles removed as part of this programme were taken from children.

At the same time, 6,800 convicted murderers and sex offenders, not on the database under the previous Government, have had their DNA taken and added to the database. These records will be kept permanently, as will those of every convicted adult on the database, to ensure our databases remain a powerful tool for fighting crime.

Now that our DNA and fingerprint databases meet the requirements set out in Part 1, Chapter 1 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, these provisions will be commenced on 31 October.

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA...

Animation of the structure of a section of DNA. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling strands. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The NDNAD annual report for 2012-2013 was today published on the Home Office website, providing information for the public on the routine operation and effectiveness of the database, and on the programme to delete innocent people in preparation for the Protection of Freedoms Act. This report is an important part of the government’s aim for transparency and public confidence in the use of DNA.

The figures in the first part of the report show the size of the NDNAD to 31 March 2013, part way through work to delete DNA profiles in line with the Protection of Freedoms Act. Following the deletions described above, theNDNAD will now be considerably smaller. Part two of the report provides more detailed information on these deletions.

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