` Pro-Russian Rebels Launch Serious Attack on Lugansk Airport ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE (Lugansk) – Pro-Russian rebels fighting Ukraine’s Western-backed government have launched their most serious attacks yet on Lugansk International Airport in the east of the country, a military source said Sunday.

The assaults, which took place Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the immediate wake of the inauguration of Ukraine’s new President Petro Poroshenko, did not result in any injuries among the defenders, he said.

“It was clear the rebels were trying to destroy the building which controls the power supply to the airport,” said the source, one of the Ukrainian paratroopers guarding the airport, talking to AFP by telephone.

“It’s the first time we have had an attack of this kind. Up till now, we’ve only had a few skirmishes,” said the soldier, who identified himself only as Sergiy.

Pro-Russian separatist proclaimed the independence of the “Lugansk People’s Republic” in May, at about the same time as the neighbouring “Donetsk People’s Republic”.

The two districts have been the scene of ceaseless fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian insurgents that have killed more than 200 people since mid-April.

When approached by AFP, a spokesman for the “Lugansk People’s Republic” could not confirm the assaults on the airport, which has been closed for the past month because of the instability in the region.

The airport is one among very few areas in the Lugansk not controlled by the separatists, who have taken over most of the cities, set up numerous roadblocks and recently seized several checkpoints on the border with Russia.


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` Coalminers in Donbass Rally in Protest Demanding Withdrawal of Ukrainian Military from Donetsk Region ‘

#AceWorldNews – DONETSK – May 28 – Coalminers from the Donbass coalfields rallied in Donetsk on Wednesday to protest against Kiev’s punitive combat operation in the east of the country.

The rally gathered from 1,000 to 3,000 coalminers, according to various estimates.

The action started with a symbolic rally at the eternal flame, after which the demonstrators moved to the building of the Donetsk regional administration, self-defence forces told ITAR-TASS.

Konstantin Kuzmin, First Deputy Coal Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, said on Tuesday Donbass coalminers declared an indefinite strike and demanded the withdrawal of the Ukrainian military from the Donetsk Region.

“Donbass coalminers are starting an open-ended strike to demand an end to the military crackdown and the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the region,” he said.

Coalminers from the Skochinsky, Abakumov, Chelyuskintsev and Trudovskaya coalmines, as well as from two coalmines near the town of Makeyevka, joined the action, he said.

“We expect other coalmines to join our action soon,” Kuzmin said.

Moscow Times – Itar-Tass – RIA Novosti


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` Civilians Reportedly Killed and Several Wounded When Ukrainian Army Launched Mortar Attack ‘

#AceBreakingNews – SLAVYANSK – May 26 – At least two civilians have reportedly been killed and several wounded when the Ukrainian Army launched a mortar attack on the town of Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine. One of the shells fell near a local teachers college, according to Ridus news portal.

Residential blocks were ruined as a result of the assault by Kiev’s forces on Monday, the Ridus correspondent reported from the scene. At least two apartment blocks were damaged and “at least two people – a man and a woman – were killed,” the reporter said.

A representative of Slavyansk’s self-defence force confirmed to Itar-Tass that two civilians were killed in the town’s Artyom district and another person got wounded as a result of the shelling.

При обстреле #Славянск, один из снарядов упал возле педагогического института, погибла женщина http://t.co/rXHaIbI5Go pic.twitter.com/SdCMOdgSm7
— Ридус (@RidusNews) May 26, 2014
The woman was identified as Olga Prokhorenko, 60, Ridus news portal writes. The published photo depicts a woman lying on the grass with a large blood stain on her back.

URGENT: Ukrainian army shells #Slavyansk residential area, 2 civilians killed http://t.co/cT02yIo6jo pic.twitter.com/NOOfusMLKI
— RT (@RT_com) May 26, 2014
“For the first time in a month and a half of my staying in the south-east of Ukraine, I see real panic among the people. They’ve been running out of their homes in Slavyansk with their children, half-dressed,” reporter Andrey Krasnoshchyokov tweeted.

The journalist did not rule out that the military began firing in response to artillery shooting by forces of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk.

“It’s unknown who started first,” he wrote.

RIA Novosti, citing local self-defence, reports of gunfights on the outskirts of Slavyansk, in the villages of Vostochny, Semyonovka and Slavkurort. Ukrainian army launched several artillery salvos from the mountain of Karachun near the town.

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RT – RIA Novosti – Twitter


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` Ukrainian Army Helicopters Fired on Donetsk Based Tochmash Plant to Stop Production of Arms ‘

#AceNewsServices – DONETSK – May 26 – Three Ukrainian army helicopters today fired at the Donetsk-based Tochmash plant, which specializes in the production of machinery for various sectors of industry, the press service of the newly-formed Donetsk People’s Republic told ITAR-TASS on Monday.

The report states that they specialise in the production of machinery for various sectors of industry. My research has found that far from just production of machinery and household goods, they also produce and develop arms. One 18 calibre gun which is highlighted below.

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  2. Fellow WP Blogger – 07/02/2012 – Russian Arms Manufacturer Tochmash – Russia’s Arsenal plant has developed a modular pistol with a new lock mechanism. The plant’s director Dmitriy Streshinskiy told Izvestiya that by using a removable barrel the selfsame pistol can turn into a gun of four different calibres, while an extended barrel turns the “Strayk” into a carbine capable of aimed fire at 200 meters. However, at the Central Research Institute of Precision Machine Building, which certifies firearms, they say that they are not yet familiar with this development. http://wp.me/p1eNEh-1ip

  3. PDF: History of Tochmash – http://tochmash.com.ua/files/TOCHMASH_Engl.pdf


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` Recruitment and Training is Under-Way for Donetsk People’s Republic ‘

#AceWorldNews – DONETSK – May 19 – Recruitment for the Donetsk People’s Republic Army was under-way in the Donetsk administration building Sunday.

Training on how to assemble and use Kalashnikov AK-74 assault rifles was being offered to residents who had signed up to join the army.

Representatives of the DPR said over 2,000 people had signed up for the army, in the administration building, including women.


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#AceworldNews DONETSK May 17 Voluntary guards of the…

#AceworldNews – DONETSK – May 17 – Voluntary guards of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has taken control of the headquarters of the Eastern unit of Ukraine’s National Guards, a spokesman for the Donetsk People’s Republic told Itar-Tass over the phone late on Friday.

“They took the building of army unit 3037 in Donetsk,” the spokesman said.

Earlier on Friday, spokesman for the Ukrainian interior ministry’s interior troops Dmitry Obraztsov told the UNIAN news agency that the personnel “left the headquarters to be billeted in another garrison.”

He also said he did not know whether the servicemen had managed to take away weaponry.


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` Pro-Russian Separatists in Eastern Ukraine Plan to Hold a Vote on Independence Despite Putin’s Warning ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – May 09 – Pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine plan to hold a vote on independence this weekend despite President Vladimir Putin’s call to delay it.

The co-ordinating committee of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ announced it would have a referendum as planned on Sunday, following a meeting.

But some people fear the vote in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk could spark further violence between Ukrainian troops and the pro-Russia militants.

The separatists have already seized government buildings in about a dozen cities in the east of the country.

Russian leader Mr Putin wants the vote postponed so talks can take place with the Kiev government.

However, many in the east said the referendum was the only way to prevent war against what the rebels and Moscow call the “fascist” politicians in the capital.

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` Aleksandr Sapunov Proclaimed the Mayor of Gorlovka by Anti-Government has Announced his Resignation’

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 23 – Aleksandr Sapunov, who was proclaimed ‘People’s mayor’ of the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlovka by anti-government protesters there, has announced his resignation.

“Following an attack, of which my close circle and I became targets, taking into account a threat to my life, I am no longer going to fulfil duties of the ‘People’s mayor’ and also of the MP of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’,” he told RIA Novosti.

He said he will still be the leader of the local ‘City order’ movement and an active participant of the city’s self-defence.

Sapunov said unknown people blocked a car driven by his friend on April 16.

When the assailants found out there was no ‘People’s mayor’ in the car, they drove away.


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` People’s Volunteer Corps in `Slavyansk ‘ have been put on High-Alert over Planned Attacks on Block Posts ‘

#AceWorldNews – SLAVYANSK – April 20 – People’s volunteer corps in the town of Slavyansk in Ukraine’s Donetsk region have been put on alert over reports about plans to stage attacks on block posts and administrative buildings occupied by the Donetsk People’s Republic, Slavyansk’s people’s mayor

Vyacheslav Ponomarev told Itar-Tass on Sunday. “We have information that an attack on our positions is planned soon. We are getting prepared to defend ourselves,” he said.

According to Ponomarev, reports have been coming since morning about movements of armed people around the town. Attempts to enter talks have failed.

It is not yet clear whether these people are servicemen of regular army units.

Representatives of the Donetsk Republic believe they are Right Sector radicals.

Earlier on Sunday, representatives of the volunteer corps said that they an Irma Krat had been detained in Slavyans.

The woman is said to be a Maidan activist who had been involved in subversive activities in the town. According to other reports, a Right Sector activist, young man from Vinnitsy in Ukraine’s west had strayed from his group and surrendered to the Slavyansk people’s volunteer corps.


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#AceNewsServices DONETSK April 12 Demonstrators in Donetsk have…

#AceNewsServices – DONETSK – April 12 – Demonstrators in Donetsk have formed a Donetsk republic people’s council which declared “state autonomy of the Donetsk People’s Republic”.

The republic “will build relations in accordance with international law and on an equal and mutually advantageous basis. The territory within the recognised borders is indivisible and inviolable,” the council said in the declaration.

“The people of the Donetsk people’s republic have an exclusive right of ownership to land, its subsoil resources, airspace, water and other natural resources within the republic’s borders. The republic will independently determine its economic status, carry out a financial, credit and investment policy, form its own state budget, and determine the procedure for establishing currency and other funds.

The republic has a right to ban construction and stop the operation of any enterprise or institution or other facilities that endanger environmental security. The declaration will be in force from the day of adoption and will provide the basis for adopting a constitution of the Donetsk People’s Republic,” the document said.

The Donetsk people’s council also decided to hold a referendum on the status of the self-proclaimed republic no later than May 11.

Ace Related News – April 12 – 10.57 GMT http://wp.me/p165ui-4KO

Russian and Ukrainian Media and News Sources.


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