DONETSK: ‘ Swiss Red Cross Worker Killed When Humanitarian HQ Shelled ‘

' Artillery Shell Fired From Ukraine Hits Private House in Rostov Region of Russia Killing One Citizen '

‘ Donetsk People’s Republic Confirm Release Remaining Four OSCE Representatives ‘

` Several Thousands Gather at Rally in Donetsk Carrying Slogan’s Save Children of Donbass ‘

` Martial Law Introduced into Donestsk People’s Republic to Clear out Ukrainian Military ‘

` Explosions Heard in Area of Donetsk’s International Airport and Smoking Rising over Runway ‘

` Self Proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics Hold Referendum on Independence from Ukraine ‘

` Life News Journalist Detained in Ukraine Video Message on YouTube ‘

` Oligarch `Rinat Akhmetov ' Calls on his ` Workers to Stage a Strike in Support of Peace ' in Donetsk Region '

` Donetsk Rallies in Support of Open-Border with Russia ‘

#AceWorldNews DONESTSK May 17 17:21 ITAR TASS Donetsk…

` Several Hundred of People are Rallying in Support Donetsk People’s Republic Chanting We Will Win ‘

#AceWorldNews DONETSK May 08 The central election commission…

` Members of the Peoples Council of the `Donetsk People’s Republic ‘ will hold Referendum on Independence ‘

` Defence Minster of `Donetsk People’s Republic ‘ Detained As is Suspected of Attempted Murder ‘

` Russian Television Channels have been turned off in Donestsk Eastern Ukraine for a Second Time ‘

` Unidentified People have Seized Police Department Building in Kostiantynivka ‘

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#AceWorldNews SLAVYANSK April 15 Anti Kiev protesters in…

` Demonstrators in ` Eastern Ukrainian City of Donetsk ‘ will form the ` People’s Army ‘ Starting Today ‘