(DUBAI) JUST IN: A fiery explosion on a container ship has sent a shock wave through and damaged one of the world’s largest ports #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.10: The explosion unleashed a shock wave through the skyscraper-studded city of Dubai, causing walls and windows to shake in neighbourhoods as far as 25 kilometres away.

#AceDailyNews – DUBAI: Explosion on container ship felt by residents 25 kilometres away as the blaze sent up giant orange flames on a vessel at the crucial Jebel Ali Port, which is the busiest port in the Middle East and sits on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula.

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Firefighters work to extinguish the inferno on the ship.

Panicked residents filmed from their high-rises as a fiery ball illuminated the night sky.

The blast was powerful enough to be seen from space by satellite.

There were no immediate reports of casualties at the port.

Dubai’s civil defence teams said they had brought the fire under control and started the “cooling process” roughly two-and-a-half hours after the blast.

Authorities posted to social media video of firefighters dousing giant shipping containers.

The glow of the blaze remained visible in the background as civil defence crews worked to contain the fire.

The extent of damage caused to the sprawling port and surrounding cargo was not immediately clear.

Footage shared on social media in the aftermath showed charred containers, ashes and littered debris.

Dubai authorities told the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV the crew had evacuated in time and the fire appeared to have started in one of the containers holding “flammable material”.

Seeking to downplay the explosion, Mona al-Marri, director-general of the Dubai Media Office, told Al-Arabiya the incident could have happened “anywhere in the world” and authorities were investigating the cause.

The Jebel Ali Port, at the northern end of Dubai, is the largest man-made deep-water harbour in the world and it serves cargo from the Indian subcontinent, Africa and Asia.

The port is not only a critical global cargo hub, but a lifeline for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, serving as the point of entry for essential imports.

Dubai authorities did not identify the stricken ship beyond saying it was a small vessel with a capacity of 130 containers.

Ship tracker MarineTraffic showed a fleet of small support vessels surrounding a docked container ship called the Ocean Trader flagged in Comoros.

Footage from the scene rebroadcast by the UAE’s state-run WAM news agency showed firefighters hosing down a vessel bearing paint and a logo that corresponds to the Ocean Trader, which is operated by the Dubai-based Inzu Ship Charter.

The Ocean Trader docked at Jebel Ali Port at midday on Wednesday.

Ship-tracking data showed the vessel had been sailing up and down the coast of the UAE since April.

The United Nations ship database identified the vessel’s owners as Sash Shipping corporation.

Sash and Inzu Ship Charter did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

AP/WAM News Agency/Al Arabiya/

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: July.10: 2021:

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(LONDON) NCA REPORT: A man wanted by for eight years for his alleged role in a large-scale international drug trafficking plot has been arrested in Dubai #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.11: Moogan had been on the run since a raid that took place at a café in Rotterdam suspected of being used as a front for meetings between drug traffickers and cartels, and central to a plot to bring hundreds of kilos of cocaine into the UK every week:

NCA WANTED REPORT: One of the most wanted fugitives detained following Dubai Police operation: Michael Paul Moogan, 35, from Croxteth, Liverpool, who featured as part of the Operation Captura most wanted fugitives campaign, was apprehended on 21 April as a result of joint working between Dubai Police and the NCA.

IMG 20210509 WA0000

For operational reasons details can only be revealed now.

Working with the Dutch National Crime Squad, the NCA became aware of information that linked Moogan and two other British men to the Café de Ketel – a business not open to the public that could only be entered via a security system.NCA officers suspected that Moogan and his associates were involved in plans to import drugs from Latin America to the EU

At the time of the raid, only one of the men, Robert Hamilton, 71, from Manchester, could be found. He was jailed for eight years in 2014 after pleading guilty to drug charges.

The other man, Robert Gerard, 57, from Liverpool, handed himself in to the NCA after three years on the run claiming the pressure was too much. He pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and was jailed in 2017 for 14 years.

Moogan is the 86th person arrested under Operation Captura – an NCA fugitive campaign run in conjunction with Crimestoppers.

NCA officers established Moogan was using numerous false identities to avoid capture.

Dubai Police believe that after entering the UAE using a different identity, he tried to avoid CCTV in an attempt to elude detectives. Utilising the latest capabilities, including the Criminal Data Analysis Centre, they were able to track him down.

NCA Director of Investigations Nikki Holland said: “This arrest is the result of years of investigation involving a range of law enforcement partners in the UK, Europe and Middle East: “ We are extremely grateful to those partners for their assistance in ensuring Moogan now faces justice and particularly thank the Dubai Police for their efforts to track him down. He will be returned to the United Kingdom to face trial: “ This case should serve as a warning to others on the run from the NCA – we have a global reach, we never give up and they can never rest easy.”

NCA Director General (Operations) Steve Rodhouse added: “The arrest of Moogan further reflects great co-operation between the Dubai Police and the NCA: “ I’d like to commend their work, in particular detectives from the General Department of Criminal Investigation in Dubai, who showed exceptional professionalism and were able to use all the techniques at their disposal to locate him and carry out this operation.”

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: May.11: 2021:

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SAUDI ARABIA: ‘ Supreme Court final decision 1000 lashes for Blogger ‘

#AceNewsReport – Post Update:SAUDI ARABIA:June.07; Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court has upheld the sentence against blogger Raif Badawi saying it was a final decision, the blogger’s wife Ensaf Haidar told AFP in a telephone interview.

“This is a final decision that is irrevocable,” she said. Badawi, 31, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes on charges of insulting Islam in January.

He has already received the first 50 lashes, but subsequent rounds of flogging had been postponed on medical grounds. Haidar said that the punishment “might resume next week.”

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Raif Badawi Timeline of Events


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UNITED STATES: ‘ US Military Air-Craft Flight Afghanistan to Dubai Forced to Land in Iran ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – September 08 – A U.S. military charter aircraft flying from Afghanistan to Dubai landed in Iran because of a misunderstanding over a flight plan, two U.S. officials confirmed Friday and USA today reported with AP media sources

The plane was allowed to depart after spending several hours on the ground in southern Iran. The State Department later confirmed that it had landed in Dubai.

“We appreciate the efforts of all parties to help the passengers get safely to their destination,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said in a statement. She described the problem as a “bureaucratic issue” with the plane’s flight plan.

The flight was carrying about 100 passengers, most of them U.S. government contractors, and originated in Bagram, a large military air base in Afghanistan. There were no U.S. service personnel on board.

The aircraft was operated by Fly Dubai, a commercial airline based in the United Arab Emirates.

The officials said the Iranians asked the pilot to turn around. The pilot, worried that the aircraft didn’t have enough fuel to return to Bagram, was given an option to land instead at an airport in southern Iran, Bandar Abbas.

The officials said the pilot was flying an established flight plan through Iranian airspace, but the flight had been delayed by several hours in Bagram. As a result, the Iranians had not expected them at the time they were flying through their airspace.

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