` Mudslides in ` Tajikistan ‘ have Killed 15 People Half of them are Children including Three Families ‘

#AceWorldNews – DUSHANBE – April 15. At least 15 people have been killed in mudslides in the south-east of Tajikistan last week. Half of them were children, sources from the republic’s Committee for Emergency Situations said on Monday.

“Three families from the settlement of Odinaboi in Shuroabad region were buried under a huge mudslide triggered by heavy rain.

The bodies of two more people from the neighboring Khamadoni and Vose regions were retrieved later,” committee spokesman Orif Nozimov said.


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` China looking to help ` Tajikistan ‘ Strengthen their ` Defence Capacity ‘ including Military Technical Assistance ‘

#AceWorldNews – DUSHANBE – March 31 – China is satisfied with the level of bilateral cooperation in all spheres, including military and military-technical and guarantees assistance to Tajikistan in the strengthening of its defence capacity,” Chinese Defence Minister Chang Wanquan said.

He said China would supply military uniforms and help in the training of military personnel, adding that this would involve “hundreds of millions of dollars”.

The Chinese side also gave high marks to Tajikistan’s presidency of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which brings together China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

President Emomali Rakhmon, for his part, referred to China as “a good neighbour, a devoted friend and trustworthy partner”.

The Tajik leader praised cooperation of the two countries in the fight against drug expansion and other global challenges and threats.

TASS – Russian Media and News


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` Tajikistan’s Power Crisis Steadily Worsens with having to Restrict Electricity Supplies to Four Hours a Day ‘

#AceWorldNews – DUSHANBE, March 27 – Tajikistan’s national power company has restricted electricity supplies to residential homes in regions to four hours per day as reported by Tass.

Barqi Tojik said the falling of temperature affected power volumes generated by the country’s hydropower plant.

“Cold snap and slower deglaciation in the republic’s mountains affected the Panj river’s flow near the Nurek water reservoir, reducing it from 230 cubic meters per second to 130 cubic meters per second year-on-year. This decreased the generated current,” the company said.

Weather forecasters say such weather may last five-seven days as a minimum.

Not only rural residents felt blackouts. Several districts of the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, have been reporting power cuts over the past two days. Earlier on Thursday electricity was cut off at the main building of Russian-Tajik Slavonic University, which hosted an international conference on security problems in Central Eurasia.

Tajikistan had felt a strong shortage of electric power after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when a single energy network was destroyed.

The country’s authorities pin hope on the construction of several hydropower plants through investments promised by Russia and completion of the Rogun hydropower plant with a designed capacity of 3,600MW and the world’s highest 335-meter dam.


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