` Joint Investigations are Under-Way in US States Over Alleged Cyber-Attacks and Ebays Security Practices '

#AceSecurityNews – UNITED STATES – May 23 – Several U.S. states, including Connecticut, Florida, and Illinois, are jointly leading an investigation into eBay’s security practices, following eBay’s reveal this week of a massive cyber-attack which the company says compromised a large number of users’ personal information.

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Though eBay claims that financial data, which was stored separately, was not acquired during this breach, these U.S. States Attorney Generals’ offices are taking the matter seriously after a series of high-profile attacks at retailers like Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael’s have left U.S. consumers vulnerable to identity theft.

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Ebay Users Urged To Change Their Passwords

The compromised database contained names, passwords and other personal information

This is legit, links below! If you have an ebaY account, change your password! Links below will verify this is no joke! PLEASE RE-BLOG so people don’t lost money or get scammed!

Ebay has asked its users to change their passwords following a cyberattack that compromised the site’s database.

The database, which was compromised between late February and early March, included eBay customers’ names, encrypted password, email address, physical addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.

However, the company says extensive tests carried out on its networks confirmed the breach had not resulted in any unauthorised activity for its users or compromise of their financial data.

Ebay said it was “best practice” for users to change their passwords as it would “help enhance security for eBay users”.

Sky’s Technology Correspondent Tom Cheshire said: “The initial attack was a long time ago; eBay employee’s log-ins were compromised, they investigated this and found that a lot of their database had been compromised.

“A lot of people use the same password for different sites. The criminal who made off with that information could now be targeting your other websites so it makes a lot of sense to change it now.”

The company owns PayPal added it has seen no evidence of unauthorised access or compromises to personal or financial information for PayPal users as the data is stored on a separate, encrypted network.

EBay users are expected to be notified via email later today to change their passwords.




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#AceNewsServices says Whilst People Mourn the Passing…

#AceNewsServices says ” Whilst People Mourn the Passing of Nelson Mandela this Day” Others See a Way to Make Money” according to an article in the “South African News”.

I quote: South African banknotes with images of the former President Nelson Mandela are reportedly being auctioned on eBay at huge premiums as demand grows for memorabilia of the anti-apartheid icon.

The e-commerce site said that people are showing a huge interest in the notes with more than 20 bids already made on several of the notes being offered for sale, Fin24 reports.
A collection of three notes, a Rand 10, a Rand 20 and a Rand 50, total amounting to Rand 80, is currently being sold for Rand 392, the report added.
According to the report, a Rand 20 note, described as spotless, is being auctioned for Rand 103. (ANI)

When l read articles like this it makes me realise,as Nelson Mandela said we still have a long way to go ,in his case he was referring to corruption #greed

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