#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON:Dec.15 – Here is this weeks Washington Wrap and of course dominating the headlines the CIA INTERROGATION REPORT which you can download in full here 

Rove: Bush knew about CIA’s harsh tactics  Rove disputed a claim that the former president was kept in the dark until 2006.  http://ow.ly/FRz1s

Rove defends CIA’s use of rectal feeding tubes  Rove said the procedure was necessary to keep detainees nourished during hunger strikes.  http://ow.ly/FRuFt

Cheney: Real torture was murders on 9/11  “Torture is what the al Qaeda terrorists did to 3,000 Americans on 9/11,” he said.  http://ow.ly/FRG2I

Senator readies torture bill for new year  Sen. Ron Wyden said CIA director left open the possibility of torture being used again.  http://ow.ly/FRJjx

Dem senator: Lawmakers should publicize notes on CIA briefings  Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse says members of Congress should come clean about what they knew.  http://ow.ly/FRDQd

Former CIA official: Pelosi knew about harsh interrogation tactics  Jose Rodriguez said House Democratic leaders knew about harsh tactics and did not object.  http://ow.ly/FRwfm

No question CIA’s tactics were torture, McCain says  “I urge everyone to just read the report,” the GOP senator said.  http://ow.ly/FRI0i

Senior Intel Republican: Only a few detainees were waterboarded  Sen. Saxby Chambliss (Ga.) says the furor over the Central Intelligence Agency is overblown.  http://ow.ly/FRKLk

Former CIA chief not sure he would have approved waterboarding  “There are certain things that are always off the table,” Michael Hayden said.  http://ow.ly/FRPJO

Senate independent: CIA leaders should come from outside the agency  “I think there was misleading of the committee,” Sen. Angus King said.  http://ow.ly/FRGmp

House Intelligence chief blasts CIA report  “I think we’ll see a consequence of the release of this report,” Mike Rogers said.  http://ow.ly/FRpYT

We have to ‘stop hating’ CIA, rep says  Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said it’ll be difficult to reverse damage done to CIA’s reputation.  http://ow.ly/FRD0M


Schumer: Warren is not like Cruz  “Elizabeth Warren is constructive. She’s not like Ted Cruz,” he said.  http://ow.ly/FRw9v

US Election 2016

Schumer: I bet Hillary’s running  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) wants to make you a bet.  http://ow.ly/FRwQ7


Mass. gov: Dems ‘didn’t stand for anything’  Deval Patrick said Democrats in midterms didn’t tell voters what they stood for.  http://ow.ly/FRA2G

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Elizabeth Warren: “What She Had to Say About JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon”

#AceFinanceNews says Elizabeth Warren: “What She Had to Say About JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon” #Banksters

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