` Same Sex Marriages in ` Britain ‘ becomes Legal at Midnight with many Couples Hoping to say their Vows at 12.01 GMT.

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN – March 29 – The first same-sex marriages in the UK will take place at the stroke of midnight tonight, after years of tireless campaigning by gay couples fighting to have their unions recognised by law.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act came into force in July last year, but it was not until 13 March that couples were able to register their intention to marry under the Act for the first time.

Campaigners who spent years battling for the legalisation of gay marriage will see the historic law enacted at midnight, despite objections from the Church of England and some members of the Conservative party.

Civil partnerships were introduced in England and Wales in 2005 to provide gay couples with the same legal rights as heterosexual partners, but campaigners continued fighting to have their marriages recognised by law.

A number of couples are hoping to claim the title of being the first ever to be married in Britain by trying to time it perfectly so their vows are said at 12.01am.

Read More: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/first-gay-marriages-in-the-uk-will-take-place-tonight-9220985.html


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Clare’s Law or the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme Becomes Law Through-Out England

#AceNewsServices says this new now nation wide law that protects partners is a good ruling ,as long as this also becomes fair not just for abused women and girls as was detailed and now highlighted ,in the press release! This must also equally apply to men and boys as well, as “Equal Rights” for both genders.       

Domestic Violence and Abuse are Wrong For Both Male and Females!

Domestic Violence and Abuse are Wrong For Both Male and Females!

A scheme allowing police to disclose to individuals details of their partners’ abusive pasts will be extended to police forces across England and Wales from March 2014, Home Secretary Theresa May announced today.

It follows a successful 14-month pilot in four police force areas, which provided more than 100 people with potentially life-saving information.

Home Secretary Theresa May said:

Domestic abuse shatters lives – Clare’s Law provides people with the information they need to escape an abusive situation before it ends in tragedy.

The national scheme will ensure that more people can make informed decisions about their relationship and escape if necessary.

This is one of a raft of measures this government has introduced to keep women and girls safe. The systems in place are working better but sadly there are still too many cases where vulnerable people are let down. Today is an important step towards ensuring we do better by women like Clare Wood in the future.

Every request under Clare’s Law is thoroughly checked by a panel made up of police, probation services and other agencies to ensure information is only passed on where it is lawful, proportionate and necessary. Trained police officers and advisers are then on hand to support victims through the difficult and sometimes dangerous transitional period.

The government also announced today the national extension of Domestic Violence Protection Orders from March 2014, which will provide further protection to vulnerable victims.

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker said:

This is further proof of the government’s determination to combat a crime that claims two lives every week.

Allowing police to ban abusers from contacting victims provides immediate protection in the aftermath of a domestic violence incident and breathing space to a vulnerable person while they consider their next steps. The pilot has shown this is a powerful intervention which can save lives.

Clare’s Law, or the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme has two functions:

  • ‘right to ask’ – this enables someone to ask the police about a partner’s previous history of domestic violence or violent acts. A precedent for such a scheme exists with the Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme; and
  • ‘right to know’ – police can proactively disclose information in prescribed circumstances.

The Domestic Violence Protection Orders approach has two stages:

  • Where the police have reasonable grounds for believing that a perpetrator has used or threatened violence towards the victim and the victim is at risk of future violent behaviour, they can issue a Domestic Violence Protection Notice on the spot, provided they have the authorisation of an officer at Superintendent rank.
  • The magistrates’ court must then hear the case for the Protection Order itself – which is the second step – within 48 hours of the Notice being made. If granted, the Order may last between a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 28 days. This strikes the right balance between immediate protection for the victim and judicial oversight.


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Adoption – How Safe Are Children – Under New Rules

Adoption by Choice, Erie PA

Adoption by Choice, Erie PA (Photo credit: hbimedialibrary)


Adoption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Office of National Statistics has reported that more children are being adopted between the ages of one and four. The proportion rose to 62% last year, up from 58% of all children adopted in 2010. Total adoptions in England and Wales increased by 6% to 4,734. The number of adoptions of children under the age of one fell from 95 to 76. The figures follow David Cameron’s announcement, last month, to overhaul adoption law. He wants children to move in with potential families before legal procedures are finalised.

As l have written before my real worry about speeding up any procedure, when the legalities are not fully in place, can lead to problems in the future.

The mere fact that we have more children awaiting adoption, should not be the reason to be cavalier about their lives! We must protect them at against changes,that could lead them one day to be vulnerable! This maybe a way for this government to save money on ” legal aid” but it should not be the most important reason for changing legislation!

One of the far-reaching effects of such a changes due to that ” before legal procedures are finalised ” it will become a costly mistake in the future when the child is old enough to make decisions for themselves.In that ” legalities of procedural rights” may then become a litigation issue and further costly legal procedures maybe required! This then maybe the plan of any government as to eventually make changes to ” Legal Aid ” as to eventually “water it down” or eradicate its use! Though it will always provide the ” Legal Eagles” with work, even though it will be private work and costly to the client! This of course does not even consider trauma caused to both the client and their well-being! 

So l say NO! to Cameron’s or any government that proposes such changes, whereby they put any child into an environment before ” all legalities of procedure” have been FULLY completed and the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed!                           

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Family Courts Are They One Way To Stop Legal Aid

Barnet Civil and Family Court Centre on Regent...

Barnet Civil and Family Court Centre on Regents Park Road, Finchley. It is a civil and family courts centre. The building’s address is St Mary’s Court, and the photographer believes that there used to be a school of the same name on this site. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A move has been a foot for many a year whereby successive governments have tried to find a family friendly way to deal more effectively, with family disputes over children! Some cases have dragged out over many weeks and months and of course costs have spiraled out of control. So sooner rather than later something had to be done.

The news today provided an insight to the new system and its implementation and l have added an extract or flavour of what has been published!

Extract of published proposal:- 

Proposals to change the culture of family courts and speed up cases in England and Wales have been published. The plans include a single family court run by judges and magistrates to replace the current system where judges sit in multiple court buildings. Family courts often deal with child custody cases following divorce or separation. The “time-wasting” use of expert witnesses is to be cut substantially. There will be a time limit of 26 weeks for all but exceptional cases involving children’s futures. Last spring, the average case took 57 weeks, falling to 51 weeks in the last quarter. The Mail hopes that the issue of secrecy in family courts is addressed: “But would it be asking too much if he might address the veil of secrecy that hangs over family courts – all the more worrying, since the numbers of children in care have surged by 10,000 to 30,000 since the horrifying Baby P case in 2008? Yes, children’s identities must be protected. But transparency and publicity are always the strongest shields against miscarriages of justice.”

My Views:- 

The fact that we are looking at reducing time taken to process these cases seems on the face of it, an excellent way but by cutting the time in these types of cases, leads to problems! The wasted time as it has been called provides the judges with a broader picture of certain cases,as a number of key facts, do not always come to light until late into the case! This golden opportunity would be lost and mistakes on custody of vulnerable children, may well be awarded to the wrong person. This may lead to further court cases, causing further trauma for both the child and the other parties concerned.We are not simply dealing with cases of theft or even a simple divorce [ Not that these cannot be long drawn out] but in these cases a young, vulnerable child!

The second point is the issue relating to secrecy and to numbers of children in care, is it not better that a child is put into care, either short-term or long if the welfare of that child is threatened. Let us be honest with ourselves at this point, do we not live in a precarious world of bad if not in some cases evil people. Who prey on these types of children as a vent for some twisted ideas, laid upon them by their parents or lack of good parental control! When l was young we called this ” falling in with the wrong crowd” well it has got worst not better! So some veil of secrecy must be up held as protection against these types of people and much worse using cases like this to further their own ends! We all know how much money can be made with a good story, some unscrupulous journalists hang onto a story like a ” dog with a bone ” holding on to every bit of it, just to make their facts fit a story!

Finally and the reason for my heading for this story and what is behind it all! Whenever changes to policies in government take place they have a monetary aspect, as l said by the fact cases drag out over many months! The related costs of ” legal aid” can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds and it all has to be paid for by the good old taxpayer! Well in these austere days for some, our politicians can make us feel better with words like, WE CARE, WE WANT TO HELP and my favourite WE WANT TO SAVE THE TAXPAYER MONEY! So by proposing SWEEPING changes and a DRASTIC overhaul they will be able to save money, for WHO and at WHAT COST!

This could lead to SWEEPING AWAY THE LEGAL AID SYSTEM so if you can pay and remember the costs for private legal services are much higher for the legal eagles. Then with no system of help for the less well off, we will see a lot more miscarriages of justice in this country.

So l for one look for many more of these ” Sweeping Changes and Drastic Overhauls ” and will report as l see them occurring!


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