` Italian Navy Rescue Two-Boats Packed with More than 500 Migrants off Coast of Sicily ‘

#AceWorldNews – ROME – May 20 – Italy’s navy on Tuesday rescued two boats packed with more than 500 migrants, including 133 minors, AFP said.

There were also 64 women in the group, according to the navy.

A navy helicopter spotted the boats south of Sicily on Monday.

The rescue, carried out on Tuesday with the help of nearby merchant vessels, was delayed by poor weather conditions.

Almost all of the new arrivals are on boats leaving northern Libya, which is becoming increasingly lawless.

Many are originally from Eritrea, Somalia and Syria.


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` Italy’s Navy rescues 128 Migrant’s from Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan and Syria from a Boat crossing the Mediterranean ‘

#AceWorldNews – ITALY – March 27 – Italy’s navy said Thursday it had rescued 128 migrants from Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan and Syria.

The migrants, including eight women and 13 minors, were rescued from a boat crossing the Mediterranean Sea which got into difficulty off the coast of Sicily, AFP reported.

They were transferred on board the San Giorgio frigate and were being taken to the Sicilian port town of Augusta.


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” Italian Navy has rescued nearly `Six Hundred Migrants’ crossing the Mediterranean from Africa’

#AceWorldNews says that the Italian navy said on Wednesday it had rescued nearly 600 migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Africa over the past 24 hours, AFP reported.

“The Navy has rescued 596 migrants on six vessels,” including three rubber dinghies, it said.

Operation Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) was launched after more than 400 migrants from Eritrea and Syria perished in twin tragedies off Italian shores in October 2013.


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