BRUSSELS: ' EU Leaders Sabre Rattle as Petro Poroshenko's Ultimatum Threatens Full Scale War with Russia '

#AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS – August 31 – EU leaders have given Russian president Vladimir Putin one week to stop attacking Ukraine or face more sanctions EUObserver reported.

The latest ultimatum came after Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko personally told the 28 presidents and PMs at a summit in Brussels on Saturday (30 August) that he is a hair’s breadth away from “full-scale war” with his neighbour.

The summit conclusions corroborated his claim that last week saw an open “aggression by Russian armed forces on Ukrainian soil”.

The conclusions tasked the European Commission to present new sanctions options “within a week” and said they will include “a provision on the basis of which every person and institution dealing with the separatist groups in the Donbass [east Ukraine] will be listed”.

They did not spell out what will prompt the EU decision, referring only to “the evolution of the situation on the ground”.

“There is no precise criterion”, EU Council chairman Herman Van Rompuy told press.

For her part, German chancellor Angela Merkel noted that the Russian army’s incursion into Ukraine marks “a new step in the escalation”.


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` EU Council Herman Van Rompuy Rules Out EU Military Intervention to Resolve Crisis in Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS – May 06 – European Council President Herman Van Rompuy ruled out EU military intervention to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.

In his view, the EU should “use other tools” to help resolve the crisis in Ukraine. “We must help the country economically and politically in the creation of new institutions (authorities),” quoted the head of the European Council newspaper Soir.

He believes that Ukraine has become a “victim of a campaign to destabilize undertaken by external elements.”


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#AceWorldNews UKRAINE April 18 British Prime Minister David…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 18 – British Prime Minister David Cameron promised to provide an extra $1.7 million for the OSCE’s special monitoring mission in Ukraine, following his conversations with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and later US President Barack Obama. Cameron added that in the meantime, the EU should not stop its preparations for potential additional sanctions against Russia.


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` EU freezing talks on a `Visa-Free-Regime’ with Russia ‘

#AceWorldNews says that the EU is freezing talks on a visa-free regime with Russia, according to the European Council President Herman Van Rompuy. The move has been branded as “politicized, not constructive and ungrounded” by Russia.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said Moscow was “surprised” by the move, which came in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

“It is obviously a politicized, un-constructive and baseless approach, which goes contrary to the existing agreements between Russia and the EU on further simplification of rules for mutual citizens’ travels,” Lukashevich stressed.

Halting visa talks “does not serve the interests of both Russian and EU citizens,” the ministry spokesman said.

Moreover, Russia will react to any attempts to hamper the process of obtaining visas for Russian citizens travelling to European countries, Lukashevich warned.


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