Total bloodshed right now as Russian Foreign Ministry concerned about army build-up in Ukraine’s East

Reports coming in of English speaking soldiers to help the Ukrainians. This is REALLY hitting hard, I think this is it, war, can’t see a way back now.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is concerned that additional Ukrainian army forces are arriving at the east of Ukraine. Among the army forces there are also representatives from the US Greystone organization, reads the official statement on the Ministry’s page in Facebook.

According to the Ministry, additional internal forces and the National Guard of Ukraine with the participation of the illegal armed militants “Praviy Sector” are arriving in the southeastern regions of Ukraine, including Donetsk.
They are designed to suppress protests of the inhabitants of southeast of the country against the policy of the Kiev authorities.
“The fact that there are about 150 American experts from the private military organization Greystone, disguised as soldiers unit Falcon brings additional concern,” the statement reads.
The Foreign Ministry also stressed that members of this provocation should take full responsibility for creating a huge threat to the rights, freedoms and lives of innocent citizens of Ukraine, for the stability of the Ukrainian state.
“We call for immediate cease of any military preparations, that could lead to unleashing the civil war” the statement adds.

EU policy towards Ukraine a failure, but Russia determined to continue dialogue – Foreign Ministry
Moscow says that the EU policy towards Ukraine is “short-sighted and a failure” but Russia does not plan to give the dialogue, the commentary of the Department of Press and Information of the Russian Foreign Ministry says in view of a number of statements that were made by the EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton and the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule.
“Judging by statements made by Catherine Ashton and Stefan Fule, Brussels is assessing the Russia-EU consultations about the economic consequences of the Association Membership Agreements (AMA), signed by the European Union with Eastern Partnership countries only as a means to explain their “advantages” for Russia, ruling out all possible corrections of these agreements within the Eastern Partnership Program, which has already discredited itself,” the report of the Foreign Ministry says.

Apparently the people in Donetsk were warned of imminent military crackdown, told to abandon the administrative buildings before tanks and APCs arrive. They were told two hours, and this was reported an hour ago.

Fule explains the decision on the signing last month of the political part of the Ukraine –EU Association Membership Agreement by the fact that the current Ukrainian “government” should assess all its economic consequences, especially, for eastern Ukraine, and also by the fact that the European Union “needs more time for the continuation of relevant consultations with Russia,” the commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry says.
Of interest here is the fact that the EU made Viktor Yanukovych and his government responsible for not informing Russia and ordinary Ukrainians about the consequences of the AMA agreement, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said.
Rallies in eastern Ukraine prove its gov’t needs to consider federalization – Russian FM

The events in eastern Ukraine prove the need to hold a constitutional reform in the country and to federalize it, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement posted on its website, Interfax reports. “Russia is closely watching the events that are unfolding in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine, in particular in the Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions,” the document said.
“As Russia has said repeatedly, it is hard to count on long-term stabilization of the Ukrainian state without a real constitutional reform in Ukraine, in the framework of which the interests of all regions of the country are guaranteed via federalization, its non-aligned status is preserved, and the special role of the Russian language is stipulated,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

This source is saying is claiming eyewitness accounts of English-speaking foreign soldiers arriving in Donetsk airport, about 200 of them.

A column of armored troop carriers was today filmed stationed near Lugansk:

A referendum on the future of Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk Oblast should be held no later than May 11, says a resolution that was issued Monday by legislators of the Donetsk regional council, which declared the formation of a sovereign and independent Donetsk People’s Republic and transformed itself in the Council of the Republic earlier on the same day. “The deadline for holding the referendum was coordinated with the Luhansk Oblast and Kharkiv Oblast,” a legislator participating in the session said.

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