Confirmed Call Was Made From Malaysian Flight 370 Co-Pilot

Investigators reveal MH370 co-pilot tried to make a call from his mobile phone after the aircraft ‘vanished’ but ‘was abruptly cut off’ as U.S. deny reports the plane landed at their remote military base

Investigators say call was made from Fariq Abdul Hamid’s mobile phone
It was flying low enough for a sub-station in Penang to pick up signal
Details of who Fariq was trying to call have not been disclosed
It possible for a mobile phone to be connected at an altitude of 7,000 feet
U.S. denies reports plane landed at base on remote island of Diego Garcia
New development in what is turning into an utter deception to anyone with 2 brain cells. The is now farcical and anyone who can think will now see all these counter stories were just false, the 4 Iranian passports, the supposed ping from the plane 4 hours after it went missing, being told “We know where the plane is” to “We are not sure” to “If it’s at the bottom of the Indian Ocean we will never get it” I am just amazed others are not throwing questions at this. Again a good man, Daboo7

The co-pilot of missing flight MH370 made a call from his mobile phone while the aircraft flew low over the west coast of Malaysia, it was revealed today as the U.S. denied reports the plane landed at a military base on the remote island of Diego Garcia. Investigators have learned that the call was made from Fariq Abdul Hamid’s mobile phone as the Boeing 777 flew low near the island of Penang, on the north of Malaysia’s west coast. The New Straits Times reported the aircraft, with 239 people on board, was flying low enough for the nearest telecommunications tower to pick up Fariq’s signal. The call ended abrupty, however it has been learned that contact was definitely established with a telecommunications sub-station in Penang state. The paper said it had been unable to ascertain who Fariq was trying to call ‘as sources chose not to divulge details of the investigation.’ It added: ‘The telco’s (telecommunications company’s) tower established the call that he was trying to make. ‘On why the call was cut off, it was likely because the aircraft was fast moving away from the tower and had not come under the coverage of the next one,’ the paper said, quoting ‘sources’. The paper added that it had also been established that Fariq’s last communication was through the WhatsApp Messenger app and that it had been made at about 11.30pm on March 7, shortly before he boarded the aircraft for the six-hour flight to Beijing he New Straits Times said it had been told checks on Fariq’s phone history showed that the last person he spoke to was ‘one of his regular contacts – ‘a number that frequently appears on his outgoing phone logs’. That last call, said the paper, was made no more than two hours before the flight took off 12.41am on March 8 from Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

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