#AceWorldNews – PALESTINE – Nov.10 – The Fatah movement of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is cancelling Gaza ceremonies marking the 10th anniversary of Yasser Arafat’s death due to security concerns, AFP reported.

Fatah spokesman Fayez Abu Eita said that the security and political wings of Hamas had informed that they were “unable to guarantee the safety of the festival.”

No casualties were reported after at least 10 explosions hit houses and cars belonging to senior Fatah members in Gaza on Friday.


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‘ Qatar Awareness Campaign: Letter to Michael Bloomberg #StopQatarNow ‘

#AceNewsServices – October 29 – This letter is being sent to you on behalf of the Qatar Awareness Campaign Coalition. The purpose is to inform you and the public of the activities of the State of Qatar, whose government you and your philanthropies are connected to and work with.

Qatar is a state sponsor of terror, providing funds to Fatah and Hamas, and the host country of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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' Israel Passes Law to Curb Presidential Powers to Grant Pardon's to Palestinians Convicted of Murder '

#AceNewsServices – ISRAEL (Jerusalem) – June 08 – Israel passed a law on Sunday which will curb presidential powers to grant pardons to Palestinians convicted of murder, Anadolu News Agency cites Economy Minister Naftali Bennett as saying.

Bennett, who leads the right-wing Jewish Home political party, said if the law had existed earlier, “many murderers would not have dared to kill Jews.”

He further said the bill was a response to the recently formed Palestinian unity government, which follows a reconciliation deal signed between Fatah and Hamas in April.

(World Bulletin ) “If this law had existed earlier, many murderers would not have dared to kill Jews,” Bennett, the leader of the right-wing The Jewish Home political party, wrote on his Facebook page.
“This law will soon be presented to the Knesset in order to be approved,” he added.

Bennett said the bill comes as a response to the new Palestinian unity government.

The Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government reached an agreement last July on the release of 104 prisoners who have been languishing in Israeli jails before the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accord.

The Oslo Accords, officially called the Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements or Declaration of Principles (DOP) was a milestone in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one of the major continuing issues within the wider Arab-Israeli conflict. It was the first direct, face-to-face agreement between the government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

The Oslo Accords were a framework for the future relations between the two parties. The Accords provided for the creation of a Palestinian National Authority (PNA). The Palestinian Authority would have responsibility for the administration of the territory under its control. The Accords also called for the withdrawal of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) from parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

It was anticipated that this arrangement would last for a five-year interim period during which a permanent agreement would be negotiated (beginning no later than May 1996). Permanent issues such as positions on Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, Israeli settlements, security and borders were deliberately left to be decided at a later stage. Interim Palestinian self-government was to be granted by Israel in phases.

Israel released three batches but refused to release the 4th group in March, leading to the collapse of U.S.-brokered peace talks.

In response, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas formally applied for Palestinian membership in 15 U.N. conventions.

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` Unified Government Backed by Fatah Party and Hamas Islamists Will be Announced on Monday ‘

#AceWorldNews – RAMALLAH (West Bank) – May 31 – The Palestinian unity government backed by the Fatah Party and Hamas Islamists will be announced June 2, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Fatah Party, said while meeting with French peace activists in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

This will end a seven-year Palestinian political split.

Abbas added that Israel has warned that it will boycott the Palestinian Authority (PA) “immediately after we form the government.”

He stressed that the PA is taking Israel’s threats seriously and would respond if Israel cut ties with it.

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` Palestinian Unity Government Delays Announcement Source Cite Disagreements with Two Rival Groups ‘

#AceWorldNews – PALESTINE – May 29 – The announcement of a Palestinian unity government has been delayed until next week, a senior Fatah official said on Thursday.

“The announcement of the government line-up has been postponed until next week for further consultations between Hamas and Fatah,” Anadolu news agency quoted Amin Maqbol, Secretary-General of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council, as saying.

Sources cited disagreement between the two rival groups on the foreign ministry portfolio for postponing the announcement, the Daily Star newspaper reported.

Last month, Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, and Fatah, which rules the occupied West Bank, hammered out a reconciliation deal with a view to ending the rifts that have marred their relations since 2007.

The deal calls for the formation of a government of national accord to serve until legislative and presidential polls can be held in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The unity government had been scheduled to be announced on Thursday.

Daily Star – Anadolu News Agency


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` Israel Bars Palestinian Banks from Making Shekel Deposits in their Financial Institutions

#AceWorldNews – JERUSALEM – May 17 – Israel has barred Palestinian banks from making shekel deposits in Israeli financial institutions and will run Palestinian electricity at half strength for an hour every day.

According to Haaretz newspaper, the punitive measures are in response to a reconciliation agreement signed last month between the more moderate Palestinian Fatah Party, which governs the Palestinian Authority, and the militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza. Israel, the United States, and Europe regard Hamas as a terrorist organization.

However, Israeli Electric Company pointed to a debt of US$154 million owed by the Palestinian Jerusalem District Electric Company as the reason for the measure.


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` Ministerial Committee Approves Legislation Denying Amnesty to Palestinians ‘


#AceWorldNews – ISRAEL – May 11 – A ministerial committee in Israel has approved proposed legislation aimed at denying amnesty to Palestinians, who have been convicted of killing Israelis.

The bill would enable judges handing down life sentences to convicted killers to declare them ineligible for presidential pardons. The draft project will now head to the parliament.

If approved there, the bill could hamper efforts to re-start peace talks between Israel and Palestine, which collapsed after the reconciliation Fatah and Hamas.

Israel had initially released 78 prisoners, following a US brokered deal in July 2013, but is still to free a further 26.

The implementation of the law has been seen as a victory for the right-wing partners in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s governing coalition.

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` Israeli Government Suspends Middle East Peace Talks with Threats to Impose Sanctions on Palestinians ‘

#AceWorldNews – ISRAEL April 29 – (ALJ) – The Israeli government on Thursday suspended Middle East talks and threatened to impose new sanctions against the Palestinians in response to a unity agreement between rival Palestinian factions, pushing an embattled U.S. peace initiative to the brink of collapse.

Israel’s Security Cabinet made the decision during a six-hour emergency meeting convened to discuss the Palestinian deal, which was announced Wednesday by Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah as part of a reconciliation plan meant to end their seven-year rift. The deal envisions a unity government within five weeks and elections six months later.

Israel objects to any form of participation in Palestinian politics by Hamas. The Islamist group is currently in charge of the besieged Gaza Strip, which is territorially separate from the West Bank, where Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas exercises limited self-governance under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas is designated as a “terrorist” organization by the United States and European Union for numerous fatal attacks against Israelis over the years.

Thursday’s decision was the latest — and perhaps final — blow to the negotiation process led by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for the past nine months.

Speaking at the State Department on Thursday, Kerry acknowledged the roadblock in talks but said he remained resolute on continuing negotiations.

In a statement issued by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, the government said it would not hold negotiations with a government that “leans on Hamas.”

“Instead of choosing peace, Abu Mazen made a pact with a murderous terrorist organization that calls for the destruction of Israel,” it said, using Mahmoud Abbas’ nickname. “The alliance between Abu Mazen and Hamas was signed while Israel was making efforts to promote negotiations with the Palestinians … He who chooses Hamas’ terror does not want peace.”

The statement also said Israel will respond to Abbas’ recent decision to join 15 international conventions “with a series of steps,” language that typically refers to financial sanctions against the Palestinians.

Israel has already halted transferring tax and customs money it collects on the Palestinians’ behalf, worth some $100 million a month. Those funds help keep Abbas’ self-rule government afloat.

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PLO Delegates Arrive in Gaza on Tuesday for Landmark Meeting to Discuss Unity with Hamas ‘

#AceWorldNews – GAZA – April 22 – (Reuters) – Palestine Liberation Organization delegates arrived in Gaza on Tuesday to discuss unity with militant group Hamas for the first time since their 2007 conflict, in a potential boost for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Few Palestinians expect a breakthrough in the deadlock that has paralysed Palestinian politics, and many have low expectations of any resolution to the seemingly endless duel.

A deal could restore a measure of sovereignty to Abbas in Gaza and boost his negotiating power with Israel in any future peace talks, although such a partnership could also provoke a backlash from Israel against the PLO in the occupied West Bank.

The reconciliation mission coincided with a meeting between Abbas’s Fatah-led group and Israeli peace negotiators in Jerusalem to try to extend talks beyond an April 29 deadline.


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` Interior Ministry in `Gaza Strip ‘ will release Six Fatah Prisoners as Gesture of Goodwill ‘

#AceWorldNews – GAZA STRIP – April 21 – The Interior Ministry in the Gaza Strip will release six Fatah prisoners on Monday as a goodwill gesture, according to World Bulletin.

The move is likely to pave the road for reconciliation with the rival Palestinian movement.

The announcement came as a Palestine Liberation Organization delegation prepared to travel to Gaza to meet with Hamas leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Mousa Abu Marzouq later this week, Haaretz daily said.

“We are going to Gaza not to propose new suggestions, but rather to carry out a clear mission which is to end the state of disagreement and address three decisive issues,” said senior Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmad.


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` Palestine’s Fatah council refuses to recognize ` Israel ' as ‘Jewish’ state '

#AceWorldNews The Revolutionary Council of the Palestinian Authority President on Monday unanimously endorsed Mahmoud Abbas’s rejection of demands to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, AFP reported.

“President Abbas has reaffirmed his refusal to recognize the Jewishness of the State of Israel and council members stood up to hail this decision,” a senior Fatah official said from the meeting in Ramallah.

Abbas reportedly said in his speech that “he was not going to back down on his people’s rights or betray their cause,” despite the “great pressure being exerted.

” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made recognizing Israel as a Jewish state a central issue of peace negotiations.

He called it the root of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.


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