` Russian Drug Squad Prevent Activity of a Major Criminal Group in Crimea ‘

#AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – May 13  – Officers of the Russian drug watchdog have curbed the activity of a major criminal group in Crimea, which had supplied drugs to the region for 10 years.

Drug Squad in Crimea

The Federal Drug Control Service reported this on Tuesday.

“In the recent years, organized criminal groups became active in Crimea. Their activity is understood: Ukrainian law enforcement agencies were loyal to drug business. At present, Russian drug control agencies got into gear and are actively eliminating criminal structures involved in drug trafficking. The drug enforcers have already seized major consignments of drugs and eliminated stable distribution channels,” a Federal Drug Control Service representative said.

 He added that May 5, officers of the Regional Directorate of the Federal Drug Control Service curbed the activity of an organized criminal group, which had supplied drugs all over the peninsula for 10 years.

The raid was divided into several stages.

It is noteworthy that the investigation into the activity of the group was carried out with no access to the data base of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, the agency’s representative said.

“As a result, two organizers and 12 members of an international drug trafficking group have been detained. Five of them repeatedly came to the attention of the law enforcement agencies. The drug enforcers have seized over 1,800 doses of drugs packed for sale, as well as a big amount of precursors,” the Federal Drug Control Service reported.

The cars of the drug dealers were arrested; about 600,000 rubles ($17,189) and golden jewellery allegedly bought for money gained from drug dealing have been seized.

“The elimination of this criminal group caused wide response among the residents, given the fact that earlier, despite multiple claims about the obvious criminal activity of the drug dealers, no measures were taken,” the agency’s representative said. 

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` Central Russia Eliminates `900 Drug Syndicates and Confiscates 5,500 tons of Drug’s ‘ in 2013 ‘

#AceWorldNews – About 5,500 tons of drugs were confiscated in Central Russia in 2013, head of the Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) Viktor Ivanov said.

“In 2013, Russia confiscated 5,500 tons of drugs in the Central Federal District. Among them are three tons of opium drugs. In fact, about 50% of heroin has been confiscated in Russia,” Ivanov said.

At least 50,000 drug crimes have been revealed in the Central Federal District. Drug police curbed the activity of over 1,200 “consumption rooms”, neutralized 31 drug laboratories and 445 clandestine productions, the FSKN head said.

About 21,000 criminals have been brought to responsibility, Ivanov said.


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“Teenager who Killed a Policeman and a Teacher at School was not Taking Drugs”

The student who shot dead a teacher and a policeman at a school in Moscow#AceWorldNews says `Teenager who killed a policeman, and Teacher at School did not take Drugs according to official sources’

The student who shot dead a teacher and a policeman at a school in Moscow was not under the influence of narcotics during the attack, the head of the Moscow department of the Federal Drug Control Service, Vyacheslav Davydov said Monday.

After the tragedy, all “analyses were conducted,” he said, adding that “nothing of the kind” was discovered, Interfax reported. Investigators believe that the attack came about because of the teenager’s “psychological condition” at that moment.


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