“A Teacher that Teaches the Pupil must learn how a “Pupil must Teach the Teacher”

Nick Clegg Demontfort cropped

Nick Clegg Demontfort cropped (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today Nick Clegg has set out to provide a new initiative to provide what he has called “Outstanding Leaders” a league of Champions as he put it! This seems a little like the football league and we reward these so-called “Top Talent” with more money, and only the few get this chance to be a star!

So do we want more “Top Teachers” rather than “Good Teaching” as the statistics say we end up pushing up standards. That is good, but by what percentage, as classes get larger and larger every year! So maybe we could achieve seventy percent, but what of those left behind on the ladder of success! There are always those that do not make the grade ,those with problems at home, those with-out family support, these people stay on the bottom rungs!

They get forgotten sitting at the back of the class, until many years later they will not be earning the big bucks in Medicine, Politics or as a Teacher, they will be doing the menial jobs. There is of course nothing wrong with menial jobs, l have done these myself in the past, and still do even daily!

But l was one of those children at the back of the class, trying to attract teacher’s attention, knowing the answer when the question was asked, but too scared to speak, in case l was wrong, these were my school days! The fact was l needed both support from the teachers and my family, l received neither!

It took years of trying to make my way in life, and l took a long time to feel confidant enough to speak up and be counted, l was either angry at the system or angry at myself for taking it out on others!

Now l am able to write and tell other people my “Good News” there is no need to keep on throwing out failing teachers who fail their pupils, because as l now know so well it is the “Teacher that Teaches the Pupil and to be the absolute best teacher the “Pupil must Teach the Teacher” change for change sake is no change at all!

So l say to Nick Clegg let’s get better teaching methods, as throwing enough knowledge at some one does not mean they will learn, they have to be educated, on the how to learn. This method of teaching was around when l was a boy, and it would mean rote learning, of the Alphabet by association. The fact that each year, due to government intervention, changes are made to the curriculum, so many times it would make your head spin! 

Then added to that the pupils have to start learning a new way of learning, this confuses the pupil. So Mr Clegg let us provide quality teachers based on tried and tested teaching methods of learning! We do not just need “Top Talent” or “Outstanding Leaders” this just leads children to follow the path of success for the sake of money, not for the sake of being the best Doctor or Politician at providing people with the best possible services.

We need children to grow up to be better citizens first and what and who they become second, thus making for a better world.       


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Gove Allows Junk Food Back On The Menu Through Backdoor

Junk food copy

Junk food copy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An investigation by Channel 4’s Dispatches has found that a third of academy schools are selling junk food which is excluded from mainstream schools under regulations to protect children’s health. Out of 108 academies that responded to freedom of information request, 29 were selling chocolate and other confectionary, nine admitted selling fizzy drinks and seven sold energy drinksDispatches also revealed that less than a quarter of children at the secondary schools that responded were having school dinners. There was also a wide variation on the money spent on dinners – from East Lothian Council which spent £3.30 per meal on ingredients to Pembrokeshire, which spent 53p.

The fact that people like Jamie Olivier has fought against this very situation, this government has allowed people under the auspices of “Free Schools” and “Cameron’s Big Society” to allow business back into our schools! The fact that no school makes a profit as it was intended,to teach our children, right from wrong and the basics of reading,writing and arithmetic, has alluded many governments for years.

But this government has found a way to ” Profit from our children’s education” by allowing junk food companies into schools by changing the rules, to suit themselves! So by using these so-called do gooder’s,wanting to prove themselves, they can profit from franchising junk companies and their cash for contracts buddies! Whilst our children are fed rubbish, with less nutrition than the cardboard box, these politicians stand-on and spout their garbage!

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