AceNewsServices – Featured Post:FRANCE:Jan.08: As anyone who knows me well and reads my news regularly, l always like to give both sides to every story. In this case l have been asked by the writer would l feature this post, l have agreed and here it is:   

Hello fellow humans, Muslims and Non Muslims, once again we stand divided and divisive on world matters.

What happened yesterday in France is just so terrible, I seriously have no right words to express my horror, my sadness at this nightmare that left twelve people dead in the Charlie Hebdo attack, as a journalist I am greatly grieved and angered for the death of eight fellow journalists, followed by two police officers, a maintenance worker and a visitor.

In recent years, space for journalists seems to be shrinking for varied reasons and these attacks are a tip of the iceberg of what will follow. Now coming to the point, as I watched international news of the event unfold with headlines and bold boxes with Ces musulmans, questi pazzi terroristi musulmani, those terrorist Muslims etc and etc, I was again back into my numb state.

At work with some western colleagues I passed through repetitive cycle of apology  that was demanded for this latest act done by us Muslims. As a Muslim, I understood that in 21 century we will need to apologize all the time, because Islam and Muslims ARE always on trial.

Such people would not believe the emotions that run in our hearts every-time a terrorist attacks happens anywhere in the world by alleged Islamist militant groups. Despite showing solidarity and expressing my condolences, most spent the day was spent being recipient of countless emails, demanding this, that when all in all they probably wanted my blood. Sighs, another regular day in the life of a Pakistani Muslim…

Some hours later my computer screen got lambasted with the image, news of a twitter hashtag that kinda made me think, am having a bad dream and going to wake up any moment. While its sad to see that in name of freedom of expression such things are actually thriving on social media like Twitter with its trending hashtag #KillAllMuslims.

Now just to make it clear,this is not a defense of Islam, nor is this a defense of 1.6 Millions of normal regular going Muslims that are under fire for the actions of a minority group. But what strikes most is that all sort of expressions that are full of hatred, toxicity and negativity against Muslims and Islam are allowed to thrive. Since going viral, the hashtag is trending very interesting reactions and I will share some of them here.

French media silence is telling

The maddening crowd.


White Supremacy anyone?

True Western Patriots, Indeed.

Terminate Muslims, Pls Save Western Civilizations

Ok we get it

Since 2013, the hastag was circulating at a low-level, but it’s getting boosted by the attacks and also thanks to a Twitter user based in the US that had posted provocative material related to Islam.

As France, struggles to cope with the aftermath of nightmarish Charlie Hedbo attack, that global community is criticizing the negative sentiments of the offensively provocative hashtag #KillAllMuslims



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Exposee I: Westerners Attack On Muslim Feminists

#AceNewsServices – FEATURED POST:Dec.27: Those that know me are aware l do not take sides, but l also do not like people that assume all races and creeds are the same and should be treated the same.

I featured this post just for that reason.

Exposee I: Westerners Attack On Muslim Feminists

Anti-Muslim bigotry is on the rise in this world and it’s a big problem for Muslims like myself who time and again are attacked and vilified on public forums for raising their voices on issues affecting human rights, women’s status and so on.

Being a Muslim feminist that has declared herself publicly an advocate for women’s rights cause , each day passes with one or other unpleasant and horrible experience that I have to endure just because there are certain “white western groups” refusing to accept that I a Muslim woman can also a feminist.

This dismal of women of color on hands of westerners is not new and it won’t end. Yet again events happened that reiterated the very fact that I am right in calling out those that disregards the fact that whiteness is a privilege that is not afforded to all women. Certainly I haven’t been afforded this. Then there are those that insists that Saving Muslim Women is their most important mission that is done without acknowledging that cultural differences and applying culturally specific approaches to feminism and equality. Then refusal to accept that there are countless Muslim women feminists that are fighting for the women rights issues. The exact same type of people also justify bombings, drones, illegal invasions and the virus — “Savior versus Invader” is something the world bears.

Exactly on November 10, 2014 I wrote and posted the “Trying to Understand Journey of Glasgow Girl to an ISIS Bride”.

As usual, some unknown people used my work without permissions, see here:

Whute Lady

I see people reading my work and dismissing me credentials and jumping on the bandwagon of bashing all Muslims.  Was I wrong to think that White feminism is a set of beliefs that allows for the exclusion of issues that specifically affect women of color. Probably not. After I came to be made aware of this above scenario,I wrote a very candid and angry response thereby requesting the blog to remove my work that was used without my permissions and also telling the misguided lady that Muslim feminists exist and I am enough proof of it.

The comment was not approved obviously but I received an email from the person who posted my work on their blog and probably found my comment awaiting moderation. Just for public knowledge I did not reply to the message. Please see the email now:


So. I have to justify and been taken to task, vilified and attacked by such civilized white men and women who think attacking Muslim women and deliberately silencing our voices is all good and part and parcel of the saintly values only they claim to own, quoting some here the myths of “freedom of expression, speech and liberty.”

Don’t dare use my work and try to slap me down.

This attempt by the “civilized first world” myth shall be continued to be exposed at The Human Lens. 



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