al-Assad sends a message to Pope Francis

#AceWorldNews says ” Assad Sends Message To Pope Francis” asking for greater rhetoric between all parties and everyone’s participation at Geneva2 Coference in 2014 #SyriaandPeace

Friends of Syria

Vatican, (SANA) – President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday sent a message to Pope Francis conveyed by Minister of State Joseph Sweid during his meeting with the Pope’s Secretary of State, Archbishop Pietro Parolin.


In the message, President al-Assad expressed the Syrian people and leadership’s appreciation of the stances of his holiness regarding the crisis in Syria, highlighting that the crisis will be solved through national dialogue among the Syrians and under a Syrian leadership without foreign intervention as to enable the Syrians to determine their future and leadership through ballots.

The message stressed the Syrian government’s readiness to participate in the international conference on Syria “Geneva 2,” highlighting that combating the terrorism that targets citizens is a decisive factor in making any peaceful solution to the crisis a success.

The message also highlighted that stopping terrorism requires having the countries which are involved in supporting the armed terrorist groups stop…

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League of Arab States Strong Endorsement of the Geneva Two Process

Arab League states and Israel map.

Arab League states and Israel map. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Responding to the League of Arab States’ statement on Syria, an FCO spokesperson said:

We welcome the League of Arab States’ strong endorsement of the Geneva II process and their support for the Syrian National Coalition, who we recognise as the sole legitimate representatives of the Syrian people.

We agree with the League that Geneva II is necessary to end to this bloody conflict and secure a transition to a sustainable political settlement in Syria, where there will be no place for Assad.

We share the League’s deep concern at the dire humanitarian situation and the need urgently to improve humanitarian access. We call on all parties to comply with the UN Security Council’s Presidential Statement on humanitarian access. The Assad regime continues to obstruct efforts by humanitarian actors to meet the needs of the millions of Syrians suffering displacement and deprivation. This is unacceptable. It must stop.


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