(BRUSSELS) EU Commission Report: The (EU) has handed down $1.3 billion in fines to four major German car manufacturers, saying they colluded to limit the development and rollout of car emission control systems #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.12: Daimler, BMW, VW, Audi and Porsche avoided competing on technology to restrict pollution from gasoline and diesel passenger cars, the European Commission said.

#AceDailyNews says EU fines German car makers BMW, VW, Audi and Porsche $1.3 billion over emission collusion: EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager said even though the companies had the technology to cut harmful emissions beyond legal limits, they avoided competing and denied consumers the chance to buy less polluting cars.

BMW logo
Car makers BMW, VW, Audi and Porsche have all been fined. (Flickr: Stephen Fulljames)

Daimler was not fined after it revealed the cartel to the European Commission.

“Factories compete with one another also when it comes to reducing carbon emissions from the cars,” Ms Vestager said.

“Manufacturers deliberately avoided to compete on cleaning better than what was required by EU emission standards. And they did so despite the relevant technology being available.”

It made their practice illegal, Ms Vestager said.

“So today’s decision is about how legitimate technical cooperation went wrong. And we do not tolerate it when companies collude.”

Volkswagen considering legal action

A Volkswagen logo
Volkswagen said the penalty sets a questionable precedent.(Reuters: Axel Schmidt)

Volkswagen said it was considering whether to take legal action against the fine, saying the penalty over technical talks about emissions technology with other carmakers set a questionable precedent.

“The commission is entering new judicial territory, because it is treating technical cooperation for the first time as an antitrust violation,” the German carmaker said after being fined 502 million euros ($799 million).

“Furthermore, it is imposing fines, although the content of the talks was never implemented and no customers suffered any harm as a result,” Volkswagen added in a statement.

BMW agreed to the settlement proposed by the European Commission, paying a 373 million euro fine, saying it had been cleared of suspicion of using illegal “defeat devices” to cheat emissions tests.

“This underlines that there has never been any allegation of unlawful manipulation of emission control systems by the BMW Group,” the company said in a statement.

The case was not directly linked to the “dieselgate” scandal of the past decade, when Volkswagen admitted about 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide were fitted with deceptive software.

The software reduced nitrogen oxide emissions when the cars were placed on a test machine but allowed higher emissions and improved engine performance during normal driving.

The scandal cost Wolfsburg, Germany-based Volkswagen 30 billion euros ($47 billion) in fines and civil settlements and led to the recall of millions of vehicles.

It was the first time the European Commission imposed collusion fines on holding back the use of technical developments, not a more traditional practice like price fixing.


#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: July.12: 2021:

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(PARIS, France.) JUST IN: A German professor at a university in Grenoble, has become the target of a hate campaign for not wanting to compare anti-Semitism with Islamophobia and is under police protection #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.22: Five months after the brutal murder of history teacher Samuel Paty, being accused of Islamophobia is not something that is taken lightly in France. Following a debate that sparked outrage at the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies, two professors are under police protection.

German professor under police protection for stance on Islamophobia: ‘Fascists in our lecture halls! Dismiss Professor Kinzler! Islamophobia kills,” read the large banners hanging at the University of Grenoble. Activists from the French student union Unef also posted the slogans online’

A 2019 demonstration against Islamophobia in France

Here’s how it happened: 3 1/2 months ago, students and teachers at the university were discussing the title of a planned seminar on the topic of equality. Should “Islamophobia” be included alongside “anti-Semitism” and “racism”?

Klaus Kinzler

Kinzler is a professor who has been teaching at the Grenoble university for 25 years

Professor Klaus Kinzler, who teaches German language and culture at the university, felt that Islamophobia wasn’t comparable to anti-Semitism. Following his advice to not include the term “Islamophobia” in the title of the seminar, he was excluded from the email discussion.

Incidentally, the Stuttgart-born professor is married to a Muslim woman.

When another professor showed solidarity with Kinzler, the student union Unef also targeted him.

France’s interior minister for citizenship, Marlene Schiappa, reacted to the case: After the decapitation of the teacher Samuel Paty, the current hate campaign against the professors is “a particularly disgusting act,” said Schiappa in a TV interview. The Unef has actively “put the life of professors in mortal danger,” she added.

A reflection of France’s integration problem

Philipp Blom

Historian Philipp Blom

German historian and author Philipp Blom sees in France’s current discussions on Islamophobia a reflection of social issues related to the country’s position as a former colonial power, where strong “functional racism” rules.

The integration of immigrants from North Africa has failed blatantly, points out Blom. “In the banlieues on the outskirts of Paris, it doesn’t feel like you’re living in France. You don’t have the same opportunities as other people,” Blom told DW.

Experiencing marginalization and humiliation, an entire generation has come of age in milieus in which petty criminals and radical Islamists vie for domination. “I can understand that this creates anger, including murderous anger,” says Blom.

Frankreich Paris Unruhen in Banlieues 2005

People were already calling for change in the ‘banlieues,’ or the outskirts of French cities, in 2005

But that is not a specifically French problem, adds the historian, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. Still, the experience of humiliation is “a very important political force.”

Identity politics and cancel culture

Klaus Kinzler told German newspaper Die Welt that there is a form of political activism in France that disguises itself as academia.

Similarly, political scientist Claus Leggewie points out that those activists aren’t fighting against the powerful, the establishment, the far-right or the real fascists, but against people whose views are seen as “not being pro-Islamic enough.”

Claus Leggewie

Political scientist Claus Leggewie

Leggewie describes the case as being about “canceling” specific persons, silencing them, and “banning ideas and discussions.”

Social media has also become the echo chamber of social identity groups, which are increasingly excluding people with other ideas. By staging controversies online, members of these groups gain immediate media recognition, says Leggewie. “That is exactly what has happened in Grenoble, and with Samuel Paty basically too, and in his case it was fatal,” adds the political expert.  

Islamophobia versus anti-Semitism

Klaus Kinzler has been a professor at the Grenoble Institute of Political Studies for 25 years now. He was “not surprised” by the slogans on the university building, since the student union Unef had already branded him as a right-wing extremist and Islamophobe in social networks.

Racism and anti-Semitism — which are both criminal offenses in secular France — have nothing to do with Islamophobia, in Kinzler’s view.”Anti-Semitism has resulted in millions of deaths. Genocide without end. Then there is racism, slavery. That, too, has led to tens of millions of deaths in history,” he told Die Welt. “But where are the millions of deaths linked to Islamophobia?” he asked, nevertheless clarifying: “I do not deny that people of Muslim faith are discriminated against. I just refuse to put it on the same level. I think this is an absurd deception.”

Kinzler was a “completely normal professor of German at a provincial institute” and had always enjoyed his work, he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Before the controversy, his students told him that they appreciated that he defended free, liberal positions. “The exchanges were always enriching,” he said.

In the end, he says, he is less offended by the students who launched the hate campaign than by his colleagues, researchers and professors — who have distanced themselves from him without searching for dialogue.


#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Mar.22: 2021:

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#AceWorldNews- SWITZERLAND – Nov.24 – A Swiss museum has said it will accept a trove of more than 1,000 artworks hoarded during the Nazi era, bequeathed by a German collector, AFP said.

'Avalanche of lawsuits'

The decision by the Museum of Fine Arts in Bern determines the fate of priceless paintings and sketches by Picasso, Monet, Chagall and other masters.

The artworks were discovered by chance in 2012 in the Munich flat of Cornelius Gurlitt who died last May, aged 81.

Kunstschatz München/ Entartete Kunst/ Hitler/ Göring

‘Although Gurlitt was never charged with a crime, German authorities confiscated all of the Munich pieces and stored them in a secret location’

He was the son of an art dealer tasked by Hitler to help plunder great works from museums and Jewish collectors.

‘Avalanche of lawsuits’

Although Gurlitt was never charged with a crime, German authorities confiscated all of the Munich pieces and stored them in a secret location.

Gurlitt struck an accord with the German government shortly before his death to help track down the paintings’ rightful owners, but his anger over his treatment reportedly led him to stipulate in his will that the collection should go not to a German museum, but to the Swiss institution, which will now have to sort through the claims.

Earlier this month, Ronald Lauder, head of the World Jewish Congress, told Der Spiegel that the inheritance “would open a Pandora’s Box and cause an avalanche of lawsuits”.

One of Gurlitt’s cousins, 86-year-old Uta Werner, said on Friday she was contesting Gurlitt’s fitness of mind when he named the Bern museum as his sole heir.


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#AceWorldNews – ESTONIA – October 27 – A pupil shot dead a teacher during class in the southern Estonian town of Viljandi, police said.

The shooting took place Monday afternoon in Paalalinna School, AP reported.

No one else was injured.

The shooter, who was apprehended, was a 15-year-old boy and the victim was a 53 year old German teacher, according to Estonian media. 

Officials said that the weapon was registered to the shooter’s father. Guardian reported. 

Prime minister Taavi Rõivas described the incident as a “shock to us all” and said the motivation of the shooter was not yet clear . 

It is the first known school shooting in the small Baltic country.

Police were continuing their investigations and provided no other details.

Source: AP – Guardian 


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PHILIPPINES: ‘ Al-Qaeda-Linked Militants Threatened to Kill One of Two German Captives if Ransom not Paid’

#AceWorldNews – PHILIPPINES – October 03 – Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist militants in the Philippines have threatened to kill one of two German captives on October 17, Reuters reported.



Abu Sayyaf rebels captured the two Germans sailing on a yacht from the western island of Palawan island to the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah in April.

The militants are demanding a $5.6 million ransom and for Germany to stop supporting US-led air-strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria.

The Germans are reportedly being held in the jungles of Jolo, a remote southern island. Germany has ruled out taking part in the air-strikes, but agreed to arm Kurdish fighters battling IS militants in Iraq.


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‘ Abu Sayyaf Group Threatens to Kill Hostages ‘

#AceNewsServices (SEA) MANILA – September 27 – A threat by Philippine militants to kill a German hostage in a show of solidarity with Islamic State is the latest sign that the Middle East group’s brand of radicalism is winning recruits in Asia and posing a growing security risk in the region.

' Abu Sayyaf Group Threatens to Kill German Hostages '

‘ Abu Sayyaf Group Threatens to Kill German Hostages ‘

Over 100 people from South-East Asia’s Muslim majority countries of Indonesia and Malaysia and the southern Philippine region are believed by security officials and analysts to have gone to join Islamic State’s fight in Iraq and Syria.

Malaysian and Indonesian militants have discussed forming a 100-strong Malay-speaking unit within Islamic State in Syria, according to a report from a well-known security group released this week.

Admiral Samuel Locklear, who heads the US Armed Forces’ Pacific Command, said on Thursday around 1,000 recruits from India to the Pacific may have joined Islamic State to fight in Syria or Iraq. He did not specify the countries or give a time-frame.

That number could get larger as we go forward,” Locklear told reporters at the Pentagon. In addition to India, the Hawaii-based Pacific Command’s area of responsibility covers 36 countries, including Australia, China and other Pacific Ocean states.

The command does not cover Pakistan.

In the region, thousands have sworn oaths of loyalty to Islamic State as local militant groups capitalize on a brand that has been fuelled by violent online videos and calls to jihad through social media, security analysts say. Security officials say this has disturbing implications for the region, especially when battle-hardened fighters return home from the Middle East.

The Philippines’ Abu Sayyaf group, which has earlier claimed links with al Qaeda and is led by a one-armed septuagenarian, has threatened to kill one of the two Germans it holds hostage by Oct. 10, according to messages distributed on Twitter.

As well as US$5.6 million in ransom, the group demanded that Germany halt its support for the US-led bombing campaign launched against Islamic State this week.



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GERMANY: ‘ Anti-Euro Party Alternative (AfD) Gains Seats on Wind of Change ‘

#AceWorldNews – GERMANY (Berlin) – September 15 – Germany’s anti-euro party Alternative for Germany (AfD) got a further boost on Sunday (14 September) entering two more state parliaments following regional votes.

Alternative (AfD) Party

Alternative (AfD) Party

We are a party that is renewing the political landscape in Germany where people turn their back to traditional parties that have lost their profile,” said AfD party head Bernd Lucke.

AfD party head Bernd Lucke

AfD party head Bernd Lucke

One can’t deny it any more: the citizens are thirsting for political change,” he added.

Preliminary results suggest the right-wing party secured around 10.6 percent of the vote in Thuringia state and 12.2 percent in Brandenburg.

The two states are traditionally seen as a power base of support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats.

Founded 19 months ago, the AfD manifesto calls for a scrapping of the euro in favour of the German Deutsche Mark.

The eurosceptic party has strongly criticised the eurozone bailouts and opposes the concentrated power base of the EU institutions in Brussels.



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AUSTRIA: ‘ Hospitals to Suspend Circumcisions Motivated by Religious Custom ‘

#AceWorldNews – AUSTRIA (Vorarlberg) – September 13 – The governor of Vorarlberg has told hospitals run by Austria’s westernmost province to suspend circumcisions motivated by religious custom, citing a German regional court ruling that the practice amounted to causing criminal bodily harm.

Minor protest in front of Washington Conventio...

Minor protest in front of Washington Convention Center in connection with the American Association of Pediatricians annual meeting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Markus Wallner says he sees the German decision last month, arising from the case of a child whose circumcision led to medical complications, as “precedence-setting judgement.”

He told provincial hospitals Tuesday not to perform the procedure except for health reasons until the legal situation is clarified in Austria.

The decision does not affect religiously motivated circumcisions performed outside hospitals run by the Vorarlberg government, and comes a week after two Swiss hospitals announced that they would temporarily stop performing circumcisions.

On Thursday, the Zurich children’s hospital announced that it was temporarily halting circumcision operations. “We are in the process of evaluating the legal and ethical stance in Switzerland,” said Marco Stuecheli, a spokesman for the hospital. 

“There can be complicated cases where the mother of a child wants a circumcision but the father is opposed to it,” he added.



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‘ Israel and Germany Agree Joint Research in Museums to Determine Original Ownership of Jewish Owned and looted Art by the Nazi’s ‘

#AceWorldNewsIsrael and Germany have agreed to conduct joint research in museums in both countries aimed at determining the original ownership of Jewish-owned art looted by the Nazis, AFP reported.

​(Paintings by Chagall, Rodin, Matisse and others were among 1,400 artworks found at Cornelius Gurlitt‘s Munich home.Photo by AFP)

​Under an agreement signed Sunday by Israeli culture ministry director general Orly Froman and German Culture Minister Monika Gruetters, art experts from the two countries will undergo training and coordinate the formation of joint data bases.

“The cooperation between German and Israeli institutions on provenance research of Nazi-confiscated art and Judaica is a great vote of confidence,” Gruetters said in a statement.

​Israeli Culture Minister Limor Livnat said the agreement could lead to restitution of art stolen by Nazis to the Jewish heirs, a statement from her ministry read.

Livnat noted the ongoing cooperation between Israel and Germany on Nazi-era art provenance, including the presence of two Israeli curators in a German committee dealing with the collection found in the Munich flat of Cornelius Gurlitt.

Gurlitt, who died last month at 81, was the son of a Nazi-era art dealer who hoarded hundreds of paintings valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Prior to his death he had struck a deal with German authorities to help track down the rightful owners of the 1,280 artworks, including Jews whose property was stolen or extorted under the Third Reich.

Art experts from the two countries will undergo training and coordinate the formation of joint data bases.


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` NATO Defence Ministers Will Meet this Week to Discuss Reinforcing Military Presence in Poland ‘

#AceWorldNews – NATO – June 01 – NATO defence ministers will meet in Brussels this week to discuss temporarily reinforcing their military presence in Poland, Reuters reports.

It has not been decided whether the 28-member Alliance will actually reinforce its Multinational Corps North East in Szczecin, a spokesman for the German Defence Ministry said.

In April, Poland’s defence minister asked for more NATO troops, explaining this by the threat the country feels from neighbouring Russia.

(The Star) – General Breedlove said NATO will also be looking at whether to permanently bolster its military presence in the eastern regions after Russia’s surprise annexation of Crimea and continued aggression against Ukraine that is blamed on Moscow.

“The Russia Federation’s actions and military escalation present serious implications for the security and stability of Eastern Europe,” Breedlove said during a visit to Ottawa.

“I think we need to look at our responsiveness, our readiness and then our positioning of forces to be able to address this new paradigm that we have seen demonstrated in Crimea,” he said.

He said those “tougher questions” would be addressed in advance of a September summit of NATO leaders.

Reuters – The Star – NATO


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` Michael Stürzenberger of German Freedom Party Speaks on Saudi Blogger and Jewish Exodus of Europe ‘

#AceWorldNews – BERLIN – May 22 – This is one of the best videos yet that Oz-Rita has translated for us of Michael St.

Courtesy of Ban the Koran

In this one, he discusses not only the new Jewish exodus from Europe but the fate of a liberal blogger sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for daring to suggest non-muslims are equal to muslims.

Please watch this one and please try and get your under-informed friends to see this one as well.

The plight of this Saudi man should really help open a few eyes.

Courtesy of Viadtepesblog – http://tinyurl.com/qg8cbts


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` Four out of Five Germans in a Poll Would Like to See Their Armed Forces Involved in Fewer Missions ‘

#AceWorldNews – BERLIN – May 20 – Four in five Germans would like to see their armed forces take part in fewer military missions, Reuters reported, citing a new survey.

The poll of 1,000 people, commissioned by the Koerber foundation, showed that 82 percent of respondents would like to see fewer military missions for the Bundeswehr.

In 1994, 62 percent wanted to see Germany engage more on the international stage, 20 years on 60 percent prefer to see Germany remain cautious.

RT – Reuters – German News


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` Police in Kaliningrad Region Uncover German WWll Hide-Out Containing Amber Worth 87 Million Euro’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – KALININGRAD – May 19 – Police in Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad Region uncovered a hideout that contained a large batch of amber worth €87 million, the regional interior department reported on Monday.

The hideout with 1,300 bags of amber weighing over 29 tons was found at a German World War II warehouse in the town of Baltiysk.

“All the proceeds from the planned sale of amber were intended for financial support of an organized criminal group engaged in the shadow trade of amber both in Russia and abroad,” the interior department said.


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` German Military Observers Detained in Sloviansk by Kidnappers as have Connections to Federal Intelligence Services ‘

#AceWorldNews – BERLIN – May 05 – German military observers that had been detained in Sloviansk had “certain connections” with the Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst, or BND), Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported on Monday.

According to the report, the German inspectors were not staff of the BND or Military Counter-Intelligence Service (Militaerischer Abschirmdienst, or MAD).

The four observers are employed by the Bundeswehr Verification Center in Geilenkirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia).

The centre is tasked with monitoring the compliance with agreements on arms control signed by Germany with other states, including within the framework of the OSCE.


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` Four Party Meeting in Geneva Thursday April 17 in with Hope to Normalisation in Ukraine ‘

#AceWorldNews – BERLIN – April 16 – German Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes Thursday’s upcoming international four-party meeting in Geneva on the situation in Ukraine, involving Russia, Ukraine, the United States and the European Union, will contribute to a diplomatic settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, a deputy spokesman of the German government, Georg Streiter, said Wednesday.

“We hope the meeting will be held and further meetings will take place too,” Streiter said.

The meeting could become “the first step to restoration of a normal situation in Ukraine”.


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` US Government Warns of the Bug that can Shut-Down over 60 Percent of the Websites Today ‘

#AceSecurityNews – UNITED STATES -NSA – April 12 – (ALJ) – The US government has warned banks and other businesses to be on alert for hackers seeking to steal data exposed by the “Heartbleed” bug, as a German programmer took responsibility for the widespread security crisis.

On a website for advising critical infrastructure operators about emerging cyber threats, the Department of Homeland Security asked organisations to report any Heartbleed-related attacks, adding that hackers were attempting to exploit the bug in widely used OpenSSL code by scanning targeted networks.

The German government also called the bug “critical” and the Canadian government has shut down federal websites as a precaution.

Federal regulators also advised financial institutions to patch and test their systems to make sure they are safe.

OpenSSL is technology used to encrypt communications, including access to email, as well as websites of big Internet companies like Facebook Inc, Google Inc and Yahoo Inc.

The bug, which surfaced on Monday, allows hackers to steal data without a trace. No organisation has identified itself as a victim, yet security firms say they have seen well-known hacking groups scanning the web in search of vulnerable networks.

The vulnerability went undetected for several years, so experts worry that hackers have likely stolen some keys, leaving data vulnerable to spying.

Technology analyst Carmi Levy told Al Jazeera that the bug was a “watershed moment in Internet security”, adding that the flaw would force everyone to take security on-line much more seriously.

Deutsche Telecom – News media report about a bug in the widely used Open SSL encryption software. Telekom also was affected in its e-mail service and in the business market place of this error. Immediately after the announcement, we have closed the gap. To give our customers the greatest possible security, we replace the server-side SSL certificates and lock them for further use. Furthermore, we explore other services to potential vulnerability.

T-Systems has also initiated in close coordination with its clients the necessary steps: The company has customers, both server as well as certificates of T-Systems refer informed after learning of the gap and started cleaning up the affected server. In addition, exchanges , T-Systems from the server-side certificates for these customers.

All other customers, has T-Systems immediately informed of the necessary steps. For further inquiries contact persons are available. http://www.telekom.com/verantwortung/sicherheit/222572


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#AceWorldNews KABUL April Latest A police spokesman said…

#AceWorldNews – KABUL – April – Latest – A police spokesman said that German war photographer Anja Niedringhaus was shot and killed in the incident while Canadian journalist Kathy Gannon was seriously injured in the shooting.

AP confirmed the shooting later on Friday, saying Gannon had been wounded twice, was receiving medical attention. She was described as being in stable condition and talking to medical personnel.

Ace Related News – April 04 – 11.26 GMT – #AceWorldNews – KABUL – April 04 – “Naqibullah, a policeman in Tani district of Khost, opened fire on two foreign journalists. One was killed and one was wounded,” Mobariz Zadran told Reuters.http://wp.me/p165ui-4E4


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` German Government will send Frigate to ` Mediterranean ‘ to ` Destroy’ Syria’s Chemical Weapons ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – April 02 – The German government said on Wednesday it would send a frigate to take part in an international mission in the Mediterranean Sea to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons.

Up to 300 German soldiers will take part in the deployment to help protect the US vessel, MV Cape Ray, AFP reported.

The weapons will be broken down aboard that vessel at sea using hydrolysis.


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` Saudi Arabia announces that it has Arrested Two Suspects in connection with Attack on two German Diplomats’

#AceWorldNews – SAUDI ARABIA – 23 March – Saudi Arabia announced Sunday that it has arrested two suspects in connection with a January attack on two German diplomats.

Both envoys escaped unharmed when their car was shot at on January 13 in Eastern Province, where most of the kingdom’s Shiite minority live.

A third suspect was arrested at the beginning of February and has admitted taking part in the attack, according to Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman Ahmed bin Hussein al-Aradi.


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` German Police have arrested a former `Nazi Medic ‘ serving in `Auschwitz ‘ on suspicion of ` aiding and abetting Murder ‘

#AceWorldNews – German police have arrested a former Nazi medic on suspicion of “multiple counts” of aiding and abetting murder when he was serving as a medic in the Auschwitz death camp, according to the local prosecutors’ office.

A 93-year-old suspect was arrested on Monday at his home near the town of Neubrandenburg, in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northern Germany.

A doctor examined the man after his arrest and determined that the suspect “was in good enough health to be held in custody while authorities investigate further,” according to Stefan Urbanek, spokesman from the prosecutors’ office in Schwerin, the state capital.

The prosecutor refused to reveal the pensioner’s identity due to German privacy rules.

The man is now being held in pre-trial detention.

A former member of the SS (Schutzstaffel), a major paramilitary organization under the Nazis from 1925 to 1945, the accused allegedly assisted in massacres of prisoners transported from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Slovenia to the Auschwitz -Birkenau camp in September 1944.



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