#Kiev : Ukrainian President has `Promised a Government Reshuffle’ and `Amendments to the Anti-Protest Laws’ on January 28″

#AceBreakingNews says the Ukrainian president has promised a government reshuffle and amendments to the anti-protest laws that triggered violent clashes in Kiev.

cropped-header-breaking-news.jpg“We will make a decision at this session [on January 28]. I will sign a decree and we will reshuffle the government in order to find the best possible professional government team,” Yanukovich said.

A fragile ceasefire reigns in embattled Kiev, but unrest is spreading across the rest of Ukraine, with hundreds taking to the streets and seizing administration buildings.

During six days of rioting, the opposition and the government have failed to reach agreement. Despite no concrete deal being reached on the second day of negotiations with the government, the opposition still described Thursday’s four-hour meeting as “positive”, and said it would continue talks. Its major demands are focusing on the government’s resignation and early elections.

The public responded to the meeting with new barricades on Independence Square. A group of protesters seized the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food headquarters nearby.

For the first time this week Kiev has seen no clashes. The protesters aren’t provoking police with attacks, but, at the same time, they are not standing idly by either. They are strengthening barricades and building new ones, and moving closer to presidential headquarters.

A total of more than 100 people were detained following mass riots in the city, Kiev authorities stated on Thursday. Hundreds more have sustained injuries. Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said about 256 police officers have been wounded, with 100 of them hospitalized.

In some cities, mostly in western Ukraine, protesters have attempted or seized local administration buildings, demanding governors’ resignations.


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