HOLLAND: ‘ Dutch lawmakers voted 81-52 to support Greek bailout ‘

#AceNewsReport – HOLLAND:Aug.19: The majority of Dutch lawmakers voted 81-52 in support of a third Greek bailout on Wednesday. Prime Minister Mark Rutte previously stated that a parliamentary vote was unnecessary, as it is the cabinet – not parliament – which makes policy.

However, he added it would have been politically difficult for him to sign off on the loans if the majority of lawmakers had rejected the plan. Rutte also survived a no-confidence vote on Wednesday, called by right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders, who opposes the bailout.

Earlier in the day, Germany’s parliament overwhelmingly voted in favor of the €86-billion (US$95 billion) bailout.

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#GreeceDebtCrisis Bailout Deal Four Part Structure If Greece Chooses Slow Death

#AceNewsReport#GREECE Update:July.10: The new Greek bailout deal with international creditors with have a four-part structure and will address the issue of debt settlement, newly appointed Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos told Greece’s parliament on Friday.

The deal will include a finance-related part, structural measures, an investment program and debt related part, he said.

On Thursday evening, Athens submitted new proposals for potential economic reforms to its international creditors for a deal that would rescue the country from looming bankruptcy.


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@usatoday #BREAKING144 Eurozone refuses Greek Bailout Deal Extension @AceBreakingNews

#BREAKING144Update – Eurozone Ministers refuse Greek  Bailout Fund Extension @AceBreakingNews


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