' Guantanamo Bay Training School for Inmates '

#AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES – June 08 – An American historian and journalist says many people do not know that the United States is using its notorious prison at Guantanamo Bay as “an academy” where it prepares inmates “for missions.”

​“Ironically, most people don’t understand that the Guantanamo Bay prison camp for people that have been captured initially in Afghanistan and then later on is also a training school, it’s an academy, you might say, it’s a place where the United States prepares people for missions,” said Webster Griffin Tarpley in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday as he commented on recent remarks by US President Barack Obama about his administration’s prisoner-exchange deal with the Taliban.

The secret deal which led last week to the release of US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Afghan prisoners held at the Guantanamo prison came under severe criticism from Republicans but on Friday Obama defended the deal saying it was “something I would do again.”

“We have released, both under my administration and previous administrations, a large number of former Taliban fighters, some of whom will return to the battlefield,” Obama said.

Nevertheless, Tarpley says, while the “outside and naïve observer” thinks released Guantanamo prisoners “go back to their previous activities as terrorists,” these prisoners have been available to the US at Guantanamo “for brainwashing and for being retooled, reconverted, redirected.”

Some critics of the secret deal have called for the impeachment of Obama saying he acted against the US Constitution but Tarpley says the call for impeachment has nothing to do with the deal but is a result of war-mongers’ frustration with Obama’s foreign policy.

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` Commander of Al-Qaeda Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi Facing Life Imprisonment is Charged with War Crimes ‘

#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON – June 03 – Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi is facing life in prison after being accused of a number of war crimes as a commander of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, including plotting roadside bombing attacks, treachery and denying quarter, which involves refusing to allow the enemy to surrender.

He is also being charged with attacking protected property and for orchestrating attacks on a military medical helicopter.

Prosecutors will argue that Hadi was a senior Al-Qaeda commander and lead operations against US and coalition forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Hadi has been held at the US prison in Cuba since April 2007.

(NYT) – WASHINGTON – February 14 2014 – Prosecutors for the military commission trials at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, disclosed in a document posted Friday that they had added a charge of conspiracy against an Iraqi detainee, potentially setting up a test of whether Congress has the power to make conspiracy a prosecutable offence in a war-crimes tribunal despite its not being recognized as an international war crime.

The detainee, Abd al Hadi al Iraqi, had already been facing a series of terrorism-related charges. But the addition of the conspiracy offense gives his case a larger significance, because the legitimacy of using the tribunals to bring that charge has been the subject of heated debate.

Establishing such legitimacy could help make the commissions more useful in future terrorism cases.

Last year, a panel on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit threw out the conviction of a detainee for conspiracy on the grounds that the charge was not recognized under the international laws of war.

The Obama administration has appealed, but if the ruling stands, it sharply undermines the utility of tribunals — as opposed to civilian courts — to sentence people to prison who participated in terrorist groups but are not personally linked to any specific attack.

But the case that is before the appeals court concerned conduct before 2006, when Congress enacted the first version of the Military Commissions Act.

(The military commission act of 2006 removes many human rights that people had enjoyed since the foundation of the U.S) .

Both that law and a 2009 revision say that commissions have jurisdiction to prosecute conspiracy, raising the question of whether conduct after 2006 may legitimately lead to conspiracy charges before a tribunal.

After his capture in late 2006 or early 2007, Mr. Al Iraqi was held by the Central Intelligence Agency before his transfer to military custody in April 2007, making him among the last detainees to arrive at Guantánamo. He is accused of being a high-level emissary from Al Qaeda to terrorists in Iraq.

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` United States Army Soldiers Serving in Afghanistan Speak Up in Condemnation of Bowe Bergdahl's Hero Status '

#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON – June 02 – United States Army soldiers who served in Afghanistan alongside former prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl are speaking up to condemn their one-time colleague and those who are labelling him a hero following his release from Taliban custody this week.

Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen, 29, (L) and Private First Class Morris Walker, 23 (image by US Army)

Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss, (L) and Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey, 25 (image by US Army)

Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews, 34, (L) and Private First Class Matthew Michael Martinek, 20 (image by US Army)

“On August 18, an IED killed Private First Class Morris Walker and Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen during a reconnaissance mission. On August 26, while conducting a search for a Taliban shadow sub-governor supposedly affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors,Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss was shot in the face and killed.

On September 4, during a patrol to a village near the area in which Bergdahl vanished, an insurgent ambush killed Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews and gravely wounded Private First Class Matthew Martinek, who died of his wounds a week later.

On September 5, while conducting a foot movement toward a village also thought affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors,Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey stepped on an improvised land mine.

He died the next day.”

Republican lawmakers were quick to pounce on the White House over a recent under-the-table arrangement that relinquished five Guantanamo Bay detainees in exchange for Bergdahl, a 28-year-old soldier caught by the Taliban in 2009.

Others are now voicing their outrage too, including many soldiers who say that Bergdahl willingly deserted the US Army five years ago and indirectly caused the deaths of a half-dozen American troops as a result.

One of the more vocal critics of the just released soldier is Nathan Bradley Bethea, who told The Daily Beastthis week that he served in same battalion as Bethea at the time he went missing in June 2009.

For the last five years, Bethea wrote, the Army has ordered that the circumstances surrounding Bergdahl’s disappearance be kept quiet.

Upon his release on Saturday in exchange for five Gitmo detainees, however, Bethea told the Beast that “now it is time to speak the truth.’’

“Bergdahl was a deserter,” he wrote in an op-ed published on Monday, “and soldiers from his own unit died trying to track him down.”

According to Bethea, Bergdahl did not “lag behind on a patrol” as cited in news reports five years ago. Instead, he wrote, Bergdahl stayed awake one night and then fled their outpost in the city of Sharana on foot.

“He deserted,” Bethea insists. “I have talked to members of Bergdahl’s platoon — including the last Americans to see him before his capture. I have reviewed the relevant documents. That’s what happened.”

What also occurred, Bethea wrote in the op-ed, is that American lives were lost in the days following Bergdah’s disappearance as US soldiers searched through war-zones heavily concentrated with insurgents, and military resources were diverted towards finding the missing troop, and not the enemy,

“Our battalion suffered six fatalities in a three-week period” following Bergdahl’s alleged walk-off, Bethea wrote.

He continued: ……………

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` Five Taliban Detainees Exchanged for US Army Sergeant Will Spend a Year in Qatar ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – June 01 – Five Taliban detainees released in exchange for a US Army sergeant will spend a year in Qatar, AFP reports. US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel earlier credited Qatar and its emir with securing the sergeant’s release, who had been held in Taliban captivity for 5 years.

The five detainees transferred from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba had reportedly been officials in the Taliban regime driven out by the US-led invasion of Afghanistan and they remained influential, a Taliban source told AFP.

Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar called the prisoner swap a “big victory.”



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` US Captive Soldier has been Exchanged for Five `Guantanamo Bay ‘ Detainees ‘

#AceBreakignNews – UNITED STATES (Gitmo) – May 31 – Five detainees at the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison have been released in exchange for an American soldier who was taken hostage by the Taliban in 2009, US officials said.

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was the only American solider held prisoner in Afghanistan, was set free early on Saturday, according to AP.

It is reported that the transfer took place after a week of difficult negotiations mediated by the government of Qatar, which will now take custody of the released Gitmo prisoners.

According to the agreement between the US and the Taliban, the released inmates are Afghan nationals.

On the June 20 2013 – (CBC.ca) – The Afghan Taliban are ready to free a U.S. army soldier held captive since 2009 in exchange for five of their senior operatives imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay as a conciliatory gesture, a senior spokesman for the group said Thursday.

Spokesman Shaheen Suhail says the Taliban wants to “build bridges of confidence” with the U.S. (Tariq Aziz/Associated Press)

The offer came as an Afghan government spokesman said President Hamid Karzai is now willing to join planned peace talks with the Taliban — provided that the Taliban flag and nameplate are removed from the militant group’s newly opened political office in Doha, the capital of the Gulf state of Qatar. Karzai also wants a formal letter from the United States supporting the Afghan government.

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` US Government is Ordered by Federal court to Supply Videos Showing Force-Feeding of Syrian Prisoners '

#AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES – GITMO – May 22 – For the first time since its opening 12 years ago, a federal court has intervened in proceedings at the Guantanamo detention facility, ordering the US to supply videos showing the force-feeding of a Syrian hunger-striker.

On Wednesday, a federal judge ruled that lawyers for Abu Wa’el Dhiab, 42, can view hours of his videotaped force feedings. The decision marks the first time a non-government official has been granted permission to view the secret recordings from Gitmo, a detention facility cloaked in secrecy since its opening in 2002.

Last week, US District Judge Gladys Kessler ordered the Obama administration to temporarily stop force-feeding Dhiab, while also demanding that it release his medical records and 34 of 136 videotapes of force-feeding sessions taken between April 9, 2013, and February 19, 2014.

A detainee at the US military prison for more than a decade without any formal charges or trial, Dhiab “resumed hunger striking because of the delay in releasing him,” his lawyer said in a court petition filed Monday.

According to Reprieve, a London-based human rights group that represents several detainees, Dhiab has succumbed to “bodily pain” by so-called “Forcible Cell Extraction” teams, which are employed at Gitmo for the purpose of forcibly restraining a hunger-striking detainee and moving him to the force-feeding chair.


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` Syrian Army have Killed the notorious `Al-Qaeda ' Commander `Al-Maghrebi ' in Western parts of the Country '

#AceWorldNews – TEHRAN – April 03 – (FNA)- Syrian army units killed a number of terrorists, among them a notorious Al-Qaeda commander, in the Western parts of the country.

Abu Hamzeh Al-Maghrebi, commander of Sham Al-Islam terrorist group, was killed in fierce clashes in the Northern parts of Lattakia in Western Syria on Thursday.

Al-Maghrebi was a former Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) prisoner who took part in wars of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The conflict in Syria started in March 2011, when sporadic pro-reform protests turned into a massive insurgency following the intervention of western and regional states.

The unrest, which took in terrorist groups from across Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa, has transpired as one of the bloodiest conflicts in recent history.


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` Yemeni inmate introduces a landmark lawsuit to challenge practice of force-feeding at Guantanamo Bay ‘

#AceWorldNews Yemeni inmate at Guantanamo Bay has introduced a landmark lawsuit challenging the practice of force-feeding at the US military prison camp.

The case represents the first time a US court will hear allegations of detainee abuse at Gitmo.

The plaintiff, Emad Abdullah Hassan, says he has been force-fed more than 5,000 times since 2007 as part of the military’s efforts to break his hunger strike, the UK-based human-rights organization Reprieve said Tuesday, citing court documents.

The 34-year old has been held at Guantánamo Bay since 2002 without charge and is said to be gravely ill.

“All I want is what President Obama promised – my liberty, and fair treatment for others. I have been cleared for five years, and I have been force-fed for seven years.

This is not a life worth living, it is a life of constant pain and suffering. While I do not want to die, it is surely my right to protest peacefully without being degraded and abused every day.”

Hassan claims detainees are force-fed up to a gallon of nutrients and water at a time, while another inmate said that feeding sessions have been sped up, sometimes compressed into as little as 20 minutes, AP reports.

“When liquid is forced into him at excessive speed, [Hassan] vomits on himself. The feeding process starts again, but the vomit remains. With the nutrient mix comes the forcible administration of medication to counteract his inevitable constipation.

The most humiliating aspect of the whole process, he says, is when he defecates on himself and is forced to remain seated for an hour or more before being returned to his cell — where he will be refused clean clothes,” Clive Stafford Smith, the founder and director of Reprieve who is representing Hassan, wrote in an op-ed for Al-Jazeera.

AP – Al-Jazeera – RT – AFP – News Sources


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