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Is is always darkest before the dawn of a way forward

When you feel at your lowest it is then l will provide light.

When you feel at your lowest it is then l will provide light.

My first thought of today was to provide a way for people who are in debt, to feel they are not on their own! As so often happens we all that have experienced debt, at one time or another,think that there is no way out!


My personal experiences of debt took me from feelings of desperation, to feelings of how do l cope with no money! The only answer l could provide was when it felt like all hope was lost, it was only then that light entered into the bleakest moment!


As you will see l entitled this post ” It is always darkest before the dawn of a way forward” for the sole reason that nobody can know how it feels being in that dark place, until you have experienced that feeling of loneliness!


So today l am speaking to all those that feel lost, due to the fact that they have some form of debt, be it a bill they cannot pay, or a loan company hounding them at the door! I had it all happen to me, and eventually found that when and l say only when you are no longer scared, of the companies,lenders or providers of these debts,can you see the way forward and the light guides the way!


So if you feel just like this at any time, just send me a comment or forward an email to our organisation and l will personally provide a solution. There is no debt problem that cannot be solved, everyone can negotiate a way forward and above all else, there is someone here to listen and help and guide you to find the light.


As usual thanks for taking the time to read to this post,and remember you are not alone now, l am here!


Posted courtesy of Ace Finance News and Provider – Ian Draper


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