(LIVERPOOL) Crown Court Report: A man who was acting as an armourer to criminals and storing the weapons and materials to make explosives at the home of a vulnerable man he claimed to be caring for has been jailed for eight years on Monday #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.20: The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said that Michael Green, 31, of Micawber Street in the Toxteth area of Liverpool, had a detailed knowledge of the world of firearms and munitions: He had acquired firearms, ammunition, and items that could be used to construct explosives: Police raids at his home and the home of a vulnerable man in the Liverpool area uncovered rifles, ammunition and materials to make explosives: The raids also revealed equipment that could be used to adapt or engineer weapons, together with books, manuals and diagrams of the same nature: The CPS said that Green was an armourer who had weapons, ammunitions and the  wherewithal to make explosives so that he could provide them to whoever wanted them to commit serious crimes: He pleaded guilty three charges of possession of a firearm and ammunition without a certificate and seven charges of being in possession of an explosive substance: Today (19 October 2020) at Liverpool Crown Court, Michael Green was sentenced to eight years in jail.

On 6 July 2018: Police executed a raid on the home of a vulnerable man in the Liverpool area. They found a whole host of weapons in a wardrobe in a locked room at the flat: Green’s fingerprints were on many of the weapons. Police went on to raid Green’s home in Micawber Close and found equipment and materials to make explosives: The man, who was then 52, told police that the room had been locked and used by Michael Green, who was acting as his carer: Green also used the details of the man to make purchases from Amazon and Paypal of items connected to weapons. One of the giveaways that it was Green buying the items was that he also used the same details to buy personalised items for members of his family.

On 15 July 2018: Green attended at St Anne Street Police Station and was arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm without a certificate and remained silent. He went on to deny the items were his and blamed the vulnerable male but the overwhelming forensic evidence led to him eventually accepting his guilt:

Senior Crown prosecutor Rachael Barber, of CPS Mersey Cheshire, said: “Michael Green had accumulated a wide range of potentially lethal weapons, ammunition and explosives in order to supply the criminal underworld: “He exploited the vulnerability of the man he was supposed to be caring for by storing these dangerous items in his home: ” Guns, ammunition and explosives bring death, destruction and chaos to our communities. They are the tools of the criminals who also bring drugs and other forms of criminality to our streets: ” Green eventually pleaded guilty, but not immediately. He has now been sentenced for his part in the dangerous and deadly world of organised crime.”

#AceNewsDesk report ……………..Published: Oct.20: 2020:

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#AceWorldNews – TURKEY:Jan.07: Eight World Focus Airlines personnel were found guilty in a criminal case involving the 2007 plane crash in Turkey that left 57 people dead.

' Eight Found Guilty of Killing 57 in 2007 Air Crash '

‘ Eight Found Guilty of Killing 57 in 2007 Air Crash ‘

Yavuz Çizmeci, a business partner at the airline company, Director General Aydın Kızıltan and training director Ismail Tasdelen received prison terms of 11 years and 8 months each for “negligent homicide.”

Meanwhile, the company’s maintenance director, Fikri Zafer Dincer, received a prison sentence of 5 years and 10 months and the flight’s pilots, Vedat Ors and Recep Degirmencioglu, received 2 years and 6 months each for “false testimony.”

The former Director General of Civil Aviation Ali Arıduru and the deputy Director General Oktay Erdağı each received prison terms of 1 year and 8 months after being convicted of “misconduct in office.”

' Eight Found Guilty of Killing 57 in 2007 Plane Crash '

‘ Eight Found Guilty of Killing 57 in 2007 Plane Crash ‘

A World Focus Airlines passenger plane crashed in Turkey’s southwest province of Isparta in 2007, leaving 57 people dead, including seven crew members.



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#AceWorldNews – GERMANY – Dec.05 – A court on Friday jailed a jihadist militant for three years and nine months in Germany’s first trial of a member of the Islamic State group fighting in Syria and Iraq.

' Kreshnik Berisha '

‘ Kreshnik Berisha ‘

Kreshnik Berisha, 20, was found guilty of membership of a foreign terrorist organization, AFP quoted presiding judge Thomas Lagebier as saying.

Berisha, who was born near Frankfurt to a family from Kosovo, admitted in court to having joined Islamic State and taken part in fighting in Syria.

Federal prosecutors said Berisha travelled to Syria via Turkey in July 2013 with other Islamists who were planning to join the fight.


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#AceWorldNews – BRITAIN – Nov.17 – Law student Erol Incedal was found guilty in a terror trial partially held in secret of possessing a bomb-making document, it can now be reported.

'Erol Incedal secret terror trial guilty verdict revealed '

‘Erol Incedal secret terror trial guilty verdict revealed ‘

Judge Mr Justice Nicol lifted an order he had made that prevented the media reporting last Tuesday’s guilty verdict against 26-year-old Incedal.

The Old Bailey jury failed to reach a verdict on a charge of committing acts preparatory to terrorism.

Incedal, from London, provisionally faces a retrial on this charge.

He had denied all allegations against him.

The jury was discharged after it failed to reach a verdict on the second charge, which involved preparing an act of terrorism with others abroad.

His co-defendant, Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar, 26, pleaded guilty before the trial began to possession of a bomb-making document identical to the one Incedal had.

During the trial, the Old Bailey had heard claims Incedal was considering an indiscriminate Mumbai-style terror attack and had an address for a property owned by ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie.



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‘ Egyptian Judge Sentences Sixty Eight Muslim Brotherhood Supporters to Prison Terms ‘

#AceWorldNews – EGYPT (Cairo) – September 30 – An Egyptian court sentenced 68 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to jail terms on Tuesday, Reuters said.

' 68 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Jailed in Egypt '

‘ 68 Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Jailed in Egypt ‘

Judge Mohamed Ali Al-Faqi gave 63 of the defendants 15 years in jail and five others 10 years, according to judicial sources.

All were found guilty of killing 30 people and intending to kill others in Cairo on October 6, 2013.

On that day, more than 50 people died in clashes across the country between opponents and supporters of then-President Mohamed Morsi.


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‘ Dave Lee Travis Found Guilty of Indecent Assault '

#AceWorldNews – LONDON – September 23 – Dave Lee Travis, the former BBC Radio 1 DJ, has been found guilty of indecently assaulting a woman in 1995.

' DLT Found Guilty of Assault'

‘ DLT Found Guilty of Assault’

Travis, 69, who was on trial under his real name, David Griffin, was being retried on one count of indecent assault and one of sexual assault after a jury was unable to reach verdicts on the charges at a trial in February.

Travis was found guilty on an additional count of indecent assault that was not heard at the original trial. That was alleged to have occurred in January 1995 and involved a young woman working on the BBC’s Mrs Merton Show.

The DJ was found not guilty of the other indecent assault charge and the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the sexual assault charge.

The jury retired to consider their verdicts on 18 September after hearing evidence that began on 1 September. The judge had indicated that he would accept a majority verdict of 10 to two.

Giving his own evidence, the former Top of the Pops presenter denied all charges, telling jurors the women had been lying. He also called on several other defence witnesses to testify to his good character.



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` ACLU ' says that the US has 875,000 on the `Terrorist Watch-List 'though they are not adhering to the Principle of Innocent until proven Guilty '

#AceWorldNews The US had 875,000 people in its terrorist watch-list system as of December 2012. Those secretly blacklisted have no real path to challenge their status, states a new report, thus indefinitely restricting those listed from travel or simply getting a job.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans and foreigners languish in the watch-list system, considered “known or suspected terrorists” based on secret rules and evidence that are basically impenetrable should the average suspect attempt to contest them, says a new report by the ACLU that highlights these challenges.

The US terrorist watch list system, which is shared with state and local law enforcement agencies, can stifle overseas travel, the ability to obtain a US visa or entry into the US, and can lead to invasive screenings or detentions by authorities at airports and the like.

This is not to mention the social pressure of being considered a terror suspect by the US, which can lead to a host of problems ranging from separation from family to ostracization from a community or place of employment, for example.

Despite the endless effects that can stem from being placed in the watch-list system, the US has not taken proper care to avoid the basic fairness principle of innocent until proven guilty, according to the ACLU.

ACLU Report watchlist_briefing_paper_v3.pdf

Click to access watchlist_briefing_paper_v3.pdf

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`Moscow court sentences eight people to trial over mass disorder during rally in Russian Capital’

#AceWorldNews says the Zamoskoretsky District court in Moscow on Monday started announcing the sentence to eight people in the trial over mass disorder during a rally in the Russian capital on May 6, 2012.

On February 21, they were found guilty of mass riots and attacks on police officers during street violence. Four people in the case were released late last year under amnesty, which could not be applied for the rest as they had been charged with attacking police officers.

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