‘ Possibility of the South Becoming an Independent State is Closer Than at Any Other Point in Yemen’s History ‘

#AceNewsServices – YEMEN – October 17 – Popular, political and military activity calling for the separation of southern Yemen from the republic of Yemen picked up its pace this week in the areas of Aden and Hadramout.

The possibility of the south becoming an independent state is closer than at any other point in Yemen’s history.

Unity and separation are two issues that concern everyone in the region.

They mainly concern Yemen’s major neighbour, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When southern and northern Yemen united, it was backed by people from both sides but it was not the product of popular demands or activity. It was the result of a struggle over governance in the south among communist powers.

Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh seized the chance to expand his authority when the South’s political leader Ali Salem al-Beidh – who almost lost his rule – called for unification. Saleh and Beidh signed the unification agreement in 1989 and instead of achieving unity and power sharing, Saleh dominated authority in both northern and southern Yemen.

The promises of unification were not fulfilled and it became a burden on northern Yemen, leading to the neglect and appropriation of southern Yemen.

Saleh was thus the only winner and ruled over the country alone.



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` Twenty Yemeni Soldiers were killed on a ` Military Checkpoint ‘ in Eastern Province of Hadramout ‘

#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – 24 March – Twenty Yemeni soldiers were killed in an attack on a military checkpoint in the eastern province of Hadramout, state news agency Saba said on Monday.

The country has been in turmoil since mass protests forced President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down in 2012.

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