#AceNewsServices – SYRIA (Hama) – October 22 – According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights they have received a copy of a footage that shows fighters from the IS stoning a married woman to death, in the charge of adultery.

The footage shows her father standing beside the IS fighters refusing to forgive her until 2 fighters comes to him and convince him to forgive her because she is ” going to Allah ” , they said.

After that her father strapped her with a rope and led her to a hole in the ground getting her ready for the stoning, then a number of men started to stone the woman with a large number of stones, including her father, until she died .

SOHR could not confirm the date of this stoning yet though Ace News uncovered this from The Daily Star report. 

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SYRIA: ‘ Government Troops Capture Town of Halfaya to Defend Allawite People’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA (Hama) – September 12 – Syrian government troops have captured the town of Halfaya in central Hama province that has changed hands several times during the war, AP said, citing the military and activists.

By retaking the key town, troops will be better positioned to defend nearby Christian and Allawite communities that support President Bashar Assad.

The army command said that the current offensive aims “to wipe out terrorists in northern parts of Hama.” 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Halfaya was captured by the army on Thursday.


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` Twin Car Bombs Kill 18 Civilians Including 11 Children with a Further 50 Injured by Terrorist’s in Hama ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – HAMA – May 02 – A total of 18 civilians, including 11 children, were killed and more than 50 others were injured by twin terrorist explosions of two car bomb in the towns of Jidreen and al-Hmairi in Hama countryside.(Sana reports)

A source in the province told SANA reporter that a suicide bomber blew up a booby-trapped car in Jidreen town, south-western countryside of Hama, killing 17 civilians, including 11 children and injuring more than 50 others.

The terrorist bombing caused a huge damage to a number of the town’s houses.

The source added that another terrorist detonated a car bomb in al-Hmairi town in the western countryside in Hama.

The explosion resulted in killing one civilian and wounding others.


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` China Investigating Reports Chlorine Gas Cannister Bearing Arms Dealers Name Was Used in Gas Attack in Syria ‘

#AceNewsServices – BEIJING – April 23 – China is investigating reports that a chlorine canister bearing the name of the country’s biggest arms maker was used in a gas attack in Syria this month, China’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

(JP) – “After seeing this report, we paid great attention and immediately sought to understand (the situation) from relevant departments. We will clarify this issue in a timely manner,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a regular press briefing.

Opposition activists in the rebel-held village of Kfar Zeita in the central province of Hama uploaded video of people choking and being fed oxygen following what they said were bombs dropped from helicopters on April 11 and 12, Reuters said.

A partially exploded canister was shown with the chemical symbol for chlorine along with the name of Chinese arms manufacturer Norinco http://www.norinco.com/

The authenticity of the videos was not verified, and Norinco, known as China North Industries Group Corporation, has not commented on the reports.

Extract from their Website at: http://www.norinco.com/GB/27/31/index.html
Companies civil explosive products business letter from the Beijing Olympic Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. operates primarily engaged in civil blasting equipment and chemical products research and development, import and export as well as civilian blasting services business, the main products have explosive materials and chemical products, exports of industrial explosives, detonating cord, detonator, electric detonators and other products to Africa, Latin America, North America, other parts of Asia, and the results of operations and technical capabilities among the best in the country.

(SourceWatch) – Norinco is a diversified Chinese government owned company which it states “has been ranked among the forefront of China’s 500 largest state-owned enterprises in terms of total assets and revenue”. (The company’s official name is China North Industries Corporation but it uses Norinco as its official English name).

NORINCO is best known as an arms manufacturer and supplier but has also diversified into engineering contracting and other industry sectors.

On its website the company states that it “deals with defence products, petroleum & mineral resources development, international engineering contracting, optronic products, civilian explosives & chemical products, sports arms & equipment, vehicles and logistics operation, etc.”

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` Suicide Bomber Has Blown Himself up in a Car at Check Point Killing Six People – Reports ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – April 19 – A suicide bomber has blown himself up in a car up at a checkpoint near Salamiya in western Syria, killing at least six people, according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Meanwhile, a Syrian government official who spoke on condition of anonymity said four people were killed and nine injured.

The city, located 33km south-west of the Hama province, has witnessed fierce fighting in recent months.


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` Poisoned Gas was Used an Attack in ` Central Province of Hama ' Injuring Scores of People '

#AceWorldNews – BEIRUT April 12 – (AP) – Syrian government media and rebel forces said Saturday that poison gas had been used in a central village, injuring scores of people, while blaming each other for the attack.

The main Western-backed opposition group, the Syrian National Coalition, said the poison gas attack Friday hurt dozens of people in the village of Kfar Zeita in the central province of Hama.

Syrian government has blamed the rebel forces of using poisonous gas in an attack on the village of Kfar Zeita in the central province of Hama on Friday.

RT – State-run Syrian television blamed members of the Al-Qaeda linked Nusra Front for using chlorine gas, killing two people and injuring more than 100.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that dozens were injured, while people suffered from suffocation and breathing problems as heavy smoke rose in the area after the attack.


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#Syria : ” Suicide Bomber `Linked ‘ to`Al Qaeda Rebel Group’ Kills `Thirteen’ Soldier’s”

#AceNewsServices says `Suicide Bomber Kills Thirteen Soldiers’ in Syria’s Rahjan

cropped-header-news-room.jpgA suicide bomber from an Al-Qaeda linked rebel group has killed 13 soldiers in an attack on the Syrian defence minister‘s home town, Reuters reported, citing an opposition monitoring group. A Saudi militant who came to Syria to fight with the country’s Al-Qaeda affiliate, the Nusra Front, blew himself up late Monday at an army checkpoint in the village of Rahjan in central Hama province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Tuesday. Rahjan, in a remote eastern part of Hama, is the ancestral home of Defense Minister Fahd al-Freij.


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