(LONDON) Harrow Crown Court Report: A man and a woman have been jailed after a police investigation found they were trafficking young women from Brazil to London to exploit them as sex workers #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Sept.01: They each pleaded guilty at the same court on Monday, 9 August to four counts of controlling prostitution. In addition, Edani pleaded guilty to three counts of arranging/facilitating travel for the purpose of exploitation while Stanley pleaded guilty to two counts of the same charge.

#AceDailyNews reports that two jailed people a man and a woman have been jailed for trafficking and exploiting young women as sex workers the court heard that the Brazilian women came to the UK expecting to be taking an English course that would last a few weeks – with their flight, passports, studies and accommodation paid for by Edani and Stanley.

Edani [left] and Stanley [right]

Shana Stanley, 29 (01.01.92) and Hussain Edani, 31 (20.05.90), both of Northolt Road, Harrow, were sentenced at Harrow Crown Court on Friday, 27 August.

Stanley was sentenced to three years and seven months while Edani was sentenced to eight years and two months.

However, the women were soon stopped from attending the courses and instead were exploited into working as sex workers to pay back the costs they had incurred.

They were ordered to make at least £500 a day – often having between 15 and 20 clients a day, but they were only paid a weekly wage of £250 to £300.

Hidden cameras were installed in the victims’ rooms and they were threatened with footage being sent to their families if they did not do as they were asked.

One of the victims told police that she was ‘sold a dream that turned into a nightmare.’

The investigation by the Met’s Modern Slavery and Child Exploitation Team began on 22 March 2020 when police were called to an address in south Harrow where a woman told officers she was being kept as a slave and she wanted to go back to Brazil.

The court heard the victim had an argument with her ‘line manager’ – Stanley – that night over money. Stanley left the flat but soon returned and took all of the victim’s money as well as her passport before threatening her. The victim managed to call police and shout for help, but she was pushed by Stanley and the call dropped. Stanley left telling her she had ‘signed her own death warrant.’ The victim managed to take photos of Stanley on her phone before calling police back. Officers attended and safeguarded her.

The victim showed officers the photo of Stanley and told them her name.

A fuller picture of Edani and Stanley’s criminal operation came to light the next day when detectives took a statement from the victim. The victim began attending the English course in Manchester before she was contacted by Stanley and asked to go to London.

The next day Stanley took her shopping and paid for clothing and lingerie before sending her back to Manchester. Soon after she returned to London and met Stanley who told her she would no longer be attending the course. Instead she was given a contract to sign to ‘sell her body,’ being told if she did not sign it she would not be able to go back to Brazil. The victim told officers that at the time she thought signing the contract was her only way out.

She was taken to a flat in south Harrow and a hidden camera was installed in her bedroom, which Stanley said was for her safety. She was also given a mobile phone which she was ordered not to turn off so her movements could be tracked.

Stanley told her if she did not work as directed she would end up homeless on the streets of London and would never see her family again – who thought she was a cleaner.

She continued working until 22 March 2020 when she called the police following her argument with Stanley.

By speaking with the victim, detectives were able to identify another woman who had been trafficked from Brazil by the duo and exploited as a sex worker. She travelled with another woman and they had both believed they were coming over to study English.

They stayed in a hotel in Heathrow for several days before they met with Stanley, who said they would be put in a flat and would wear lingerie bought by her and meet with clients. Again they were told they should make £500 a day and would be paid £250 a week plus £50 for food, working from 10am/11am to midnight.

They were also taken shopping by Stanley and then photographed in the lingerie for an online advert. They were given work phones, which again tracked their movements, and Stanley’s number was saved as a contact under ‘manager.’ They communicated with her over WhatsApp where she sent client bookings. Cameras were also installed in their rooms and the women believed that Stanley monitored this CCTV on her mobile phone.

The women were not allowed to make friends and were escorted to the English course, which they were soon stopped from attending.

Both women eventually managed to escape from Stanley and Edani’s grasp.

On 15 April 2020, officers executed three search warrants at addresses in Wembley and they arrested Edani and Stanley. From these addresses, detectives seized several mobile phones and documentation linked to the ‘business’ and the victims. Detectives also found a hand-drawn company diagram which had Edani at the top, Stanley below as’ manager’ and then ‘girls’ underneath.

At Stanley’s address, officers seized various items including, mobile phones, a diary with price lists and appointments and multiple containers of condoms.

The documentation seized led detectives to a fourth victim – a UK national and law student who was recruited before the Brazilian victims by Edani under the pretence that he could get her modelling work. She had meetings with Edani and Stanley – who she believed to be her modelling agent – at luxury hotels in London and was told if she was serious about modelling she would have to move to London.

Shortly after she moved into a flat in Wembley with Stanley and again was taken shopping – believing the lingerie was for a modelling shoot.

The victim went out with friends while waiting for ‘work’, with the outings covered by Stanley. After a few weeks the victim found herself in the same as the other victims. She owed money and, not knowing how to get out of the situation, reluctantly agreed to work for Edani and Stanley. She managed to leave in August 2019.

All the victims told officers that Edani was the ‘boss’ and Stanley was their ‘line manager’ who also posted adverts online and arranged clients for them. The ‘business’ was portrayed to be a legal escort agency and if the women chose to go beyond that, for example taking money for sex, it was outside their knowledge.

However, the court heard that not only were the victims working as sex workers with the defendants’ knowledge, but also at their direction and under their control.

The defendants’ bank records showed thousands of pounds in cash being deposited into them, showing the financial gain they made from exploiting the victims. 

Detective Constable Pete Brewster, the investigating officer, said: “Edani and Stanley lured their victims with false promises before manipulating them and exploiting them for their own financial gain. They had absolutely no regard for the victims or their wellbeing, including making them work long hours for very little in return – even when they were unwell. All they cared about was how much money they could make: The Met remains absolutely committed to doing all we can to protect women and girls, including those who are exploited by people like Edani and Stanley: Thanks to the courage and bravery of the victims, we were able to gather overwhelming evidence which resulted in Edani and Stanley having no option but to plead guilty, preventing them from harming others: The Met takes all reports of modern slavery extremely seriously and is committed to prosecuting those who engage in this pernicious crime. I would encourage anyone who has suffered from these kind of offences to contact police where they will be treated sensitivity and any allegations will be thoroughly investigated.”

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Sept.01: 2021:

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(LONDON) NCA REPORT: A 42-year-old man has been jailed for 15 years, after admitting a conspiracy to supply cocaine and launder thousands of pounds following an investigation by the Organised Crime Partnership (OCP) #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.25: The investigation was launched after OCP officers analysed messages shared by Patru on EncroChat – the encrypted messaging platform that was brought down last year as part of Operation Venetic:

#AceDailyNews says ….Officers in Operation #Venetic a key-player in #EncroChat drugs and money laundering conspiracy jailed: Ervin Patru, from Albania, was arrested at his home in Harrow by officers from the OCP – a joint partnership between the NCA & MET in December 2020.

Updated: 23 June 2021

Using the handle ‘veteranbeer’, Patru exchanged 14,000 lines of messages about selling Class A drugs: In the messages Patru displays nervousness over law-enforcement activity and tells associates he was ‘frightened’ into briefly ceasing his communications: Messages were also found linking Patru to a previous OCP arrest, during which an Albanian national was found with 4 kilos of cocaine following a high-speed police chase. The ‘veteranbeer’ alias speaks of 4 ‘packets of ours’ which ‘got seized’ and expresses relief that a ‘fallen’ associate did not ‘talk’ and ‘**** everything up:

Patru was charged on 11 December 2020 with Class A drug supply and money laundering offences and remanded in custody: He pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced yesterday (22/06/2021) at Harrow Crown Court to 15 years in prison:

OCP Operations Manager Matt McMillan said: Disrupting the communications between criminals on digital platforms is a crucial part of preventing illegal drugs from reaching streets in the UK: The apprehensive tone of Patru’s messages indicates the success of our collective efforts to disrupt the trade in class A drugs, which fuels violence and exploitation: This investigation is yet another example of the NCA and Met Police working together to protect the public.”

#AceNewsDesk report ……..Published: Jun.25: 2021:

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(LONDON) Harrow Crown Court Report – May.12: A man has been jailed after specialist officers discovered a cache of automatic firearms and ammunition hidden in his home, as well as a large quantity of Class A drugs and more than £140,000 in cash #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.12: Terence O’Connor, 25 (03.12.95), of Webb Street, Bolton, was sentenced to 16 years, three months at Harrow Crown Court on Monday, 10 May following an intelligence led investigation conducted by the Met’s Proactive Money Laundering Team:

‘Man jailed after cache of automatic weapons, ammunition, drugs and cash found by police in his home’

Terence O’Connor, 25

Terence O’Connor, 25

At Harrow Crown Court on 21 August 2020, O’Connor pleaded guilty to:

  • Two counts of possession of a Class A drug (cocaine);
  • Being concerned in the supply of a Class A drug (cocaine);
  • Possession of criminal property;
  • Two counts of possession of a prohibited automatic weapon;
  • Possession of ammunition.

He pleaded guilty to possession of a silencer and two counts of possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life at the same court on Thursday, 11 February.

The court heard that on 21 April 2020 specialist officers saw O’Connor hand what they believed to be a bag of cash to a suspect they were monitoring in relation to a money laundering investigation.

On 30 April 2020 he was observed in a parked car in Silverston Way, Edgware. He was seen to exit and walk around to the boot of the car where he starting moving items. Concerned about what he might be moving, detectives approached in unmarked vehicles and safely detained O’Connor at the back of the car.

Detectives searched a black rucksack at O’Connor’s feet and they found a large quantity of cocaine hidden inside it. O’Connor stated to the officers without warning, ‘I’ve never seen that before.’

O’Connor was also found in possession of an encrypted ‘EncroChat’ mobile phone.

He was arrested on suspicion of possession of a Class A drug with intent to supply and he was taken to a north London police station. 

A thorough examination of the car revealed that there was a concealed hide within a passenger side interior panel. Although it was empty, apart from two separate coloured latex gloves, it was assessed that it could conceal a significant amount of illicit items.

During a search of an address linked to O’Connor on Amais Drive, Edgware, detectives discovered £143,080 in cash, a money counting machine and additional quantities of cocaine.

In total officers seized about 1kilo of cocaine, with a wholesale value of about £32,000 to £36,000 – although its value was likely to be more at that time because the UK was in lockdown

Empty drugs packaging recovered from inside the address indicated that upwards of 100kilos of cocaine had been processed at the location.

However, cash and drugs were not the only things detectives found during their search of the address.

Within the flat, police discovered a false wall panel concealing a void behind it. Inside the void was a holdall containing cache of automatic weapons and ammunition. Officers also discovered a compatible silencer.

The firearms were made safe and were sent off for testing. Forensic analysis confirmed the weapons seized were a fully functioning 9mm Uzi sub machine gun and a .32 auto Skorpion sub-machine gun.

Both were accompanied by compatible magazines and were compatible with the silencer. In addition, 332 rounds of compatible ammunition were recovered, which included additional rounds of .38 calibre ammunition.

O’Connor answered no comment to all the questions he was asked during his police interview.

He was charged on 1 May 2020 with two counts of possession of a Class A drug (cocaine) with intent to supply, being concerned in the supply of a Class A drug (cocaine), two counts of possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, possession of a component part (silencer) and possession of criminal property. 

Following the forensic analysis of the firearms, he was later additionally charged with two counts of possessing firearms with intent to endanger life

Detective Constable Kevin Davies, the investigating officer from the Met’s Proactive Money Laundering Team, said: “This sentence reflects the seriousness of the matters under investigation and will serve as a deterrent to those involved in serious and organised crime: “ O’Connor was involved in large scale drug trafficking and was also instrumental in the laundering of the proceeds of this crime. He had possession of dangerous automatic weapons, ammunition and a silencer, which would have been capable of causing death and serious injury on the streets of London: “ This investigation shows the close link between money laundering and those committing the most harm within London’s communities. It is also another example of the inextricable link between money, drugs and violence. We remain committed to putting people like O’Connor behind bars to ensure London is a safer place for everyone.”

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: May.12: 2021:

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