What Care In The Community – Part One

person we should be caring for and not all the rest! The sad fact is we have all the paperwork, departments and training but we just miss one very important fact!

WeSorry folks have been away on a personal crusade to sort out this – so-called ” Care In The Community” and what really happens, when we as relatives leave it  to the so-called professionals!

Well it all started about a month ago when my mother who is 89 years young, was submitted to the hospital, suffering from projectile vomiting! It came as a shock when l received the phone call as she had already been picked up and transferred to a hospital, somewhere!

Now the person who rang me was the now ex-regional manager and l will explain more on her later, but safe to say, supposed to be in charge! Anyway l thanked her for the call and waited about an hour and contacted the local hospital and was told, nobody by that name had been admitted to here! So immediately l rang back my mother’s care services and spoke to the same person and was told well the paramedics picked her up, and took her to hospital, but she knew not where! Now as a relative and her carer, son and main contact l was to say the least some what distraught and when questioned, she said nobody asked we just imagined it would be local!

So it was left as so often to me to find out where she was and eventually l found her so miles away at another hospital and was told not to worry, as she was alright and having a meal! The nursing sister said we will contact you later after the “react team” have seen her and recommend further. So l asked about visiting and was told could l refrain from visiting, as she maybe out before the weekend, now today was Friday! So l was being told my mother of 89 years of age, housebound and unable to walk without a hoist,  macular degeneration, chronic heat failure and thyroid problems, maybe taken home before the weekend, without even knowing what was wrong with her! In fact after a second visit to another hospital one week later, no body has had the courtesy of advising what was wrong with her, other than to say she had chronic constipation, this was when she was admitted the second time!

In fact she was released one week later from the first hospital, with even more tablets than before, and still no report of the reason for the vomiting, unless you count the words “well we can find nothing wrong” in fact when l questioned the doctor she said the extra tablets, where in fact anti-sickness! The fact that upon her release the first time no body advised me she had to take extra tablets, and in fact they were found by me two days later thrown on the floor and nobody, even the “care service providers” where aware she had to take them! It was only when l happened to visit on that day a doctor turned up as she had been unwell and they thought it was a UTI {Urinary Tract Infection}, which the doctor flatly denied, but l advised that her lips where so dry up on my arrival as she had not in my opinion, drank enough fluid! Thus the carer’s  had in their intimate wisdom decided it must be a UTI and not lack of looking at the person for any symptoms related to how people get UTI’s, namely lack of fluid!

Anyway l showed the doctor the tablets and she said, l will check this out and let you know, but stated they are anti-sickness, as one of the other tablets have side effects, that cause sickness! Also as my mother was not a good eater or drank enough fluids without coaxing, then maybe this could the reason, she was sick!!!

So l waited until l was in town and visited the pharmacy and asked about the tablets, they knew nothing and had no records, so l visited the doctor’s surgery and was told they had sent details to the pharmacy! I stated they had not received these details and upon checking the computer, l was told must be an error. So once again it was up to me to hand deliver the instructions for these tablets, as everyone involved one again had failed to deliver this service.

My conclusion on just part one of these post, is that we are all to busy getting our health services more money, and miss one vital and most important point, that all that should matter is the  do not have people who care enough about the person that they are caring about, and until we do, more situations like this one will occur, over and over again, l am sorry to say!

IMPORTANT: You may have noticed that l mentioned no persons, hospitals and services names, as l have an ongoing enquiry underway, which involves every service provider mentioned. This is and will be very involved as l have to wait for their report’s and then follow-up, so until l have more information l cannot disclose names! Just would like to know if anyone else has encountered similar situations? If so please let me know so l can print your findings, or investigate for and on your behalf?  

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