‘ Egyptian Police Officer Killed in Explosion Near Presidential Palace in Heliopolis ‘

#AceWorldNews – EGYPT (Cairo) – June 30 – An Egyptian police officer was killed in a small explosion near the presidential palace in Cairo’s Heliopolis district on Monday, the Interior Ministry said.

Several others were wounded at a street intersection near the presidential palace, Reuters reported.

Security forces were defusing one makeshift bomb when a second device exploded.


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#AceWorldNews CAIRO May 02 A low ranking police…

#AceWorldNews – CAIRO – May 02 – A low ranking police officer was killed and four other security personnel – an officer and three conscripts – were injured during the explosion of a bomb early Friday in Heliopolis according to security sources.

MENA state owned news agency reported that a primitive bomb targeted a traffic checkpoint in front of Misr El-Gadida court.

Explosives experts are currently investigating the scene.

The injured were reportedly transferred to Heliopolis hospital.

Over the past several months several terrorist attacks have targeted traffic checkpoints, police headquarters, and security personnel in Cairo and Giza.



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` Bomb blast near `Presidential Palace’ in Cairo ‘

#AceWorldNews says a home made bomb went off near the presidential Al-Ittihadia Palace in the upper-class quarter of Heliopolis in north-eastern Cairo.

One person has been injured in the incident. Police also found and neutralized another explosive device.

The quarter is being searched for other bomb threats.

RT News


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