` Lawmakers Blame `British Army Commanders Defences and Complacency ‘ for `Camp Bastion Attack’ by Taliban’

#AceNewsServices – LONDON – April 16 – British army commanders were partly to blame for the inadequate defences and complacency that allowed the Taliban to attack a base in Afghanistan, killing two US marines, a parliamentary committee said on Wednesday.

The September 2012 attack on Camp Bastion in Helmand province saw 15 heavily-armed Taliban fighters dressed in US army uniforms cut the perimeter wire before destroying six US harrier jets and damaging many other aircraft and vehicles.

Two US marines were killed during the attack and 16 US and British staff as well as a civilian contractor were injured.

The committee said the perimeter security measures in place at the time of the attack were inadequate, with less than half of the camp’s 24 guard-towers manned that night.

“Insufficient attention was given to the fundamental requirement of defending Camp Bastion from external assault. We believe that this was complacent,” the Defence Committee, which scrutinises government defence policy and expenditure, said in a report. “Given that the attack took place in the British sector of the camp, British commanders must bear a degree of responsibility for these systemic failures and associated reputational damage.”

Two US generals were forced to retire following a US review of the attack last year.

The committee said it was concerned that there had been a number of breaches of the perimeter fence in the two years before the attack, and that a tolerance of poppy cultivation immediately outside the fence had increased the risk of surveillance and intelligence gathering by Afghan nationals.

While it was satisfied that the camp’s vulnerabilities had now been addressed, the committee asked the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to explain how it intended to use lessons identified from the attack for future operations.


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` Two Suicide Bombers Disguised as Women were Arrested by Afghan Security Forces in Helmand ‘

#AceWorldNews – HELMAND – April 04 – (KP) – Two suicide bombers who had disguised themselves in women’s dress were arrested by Afghan security forces in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Deputy interior minister Gen. Ayub Salangi said the two suicide bombers were arrested in Gresh district.
Gen Salangi also added that four anti-government armed militants were blown up by their own explosives in northern Faryab province.

He said the incident took place in Shirin Tagab district while the militants were placing improvised explosive device (IED) on roadside.


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` Roadside Bomb in ` Helmand Province ‘ kills 6 Civilians including 2 Women and Children ‘

#AceWorldNews A roadside bomb in the southern Helmand province has killed six civilians, including two women and two children, a senior Afghan government official said on Friday.

The bomb ripped through a vehicle the previous night, killing everyone inside, AP quoted Mohammed Sharif, district chief of Musa Qala district in Helmand, as saying.

No one has immediately taken responsibility for the attack.


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UK’s Ministry of Defence hires `Kuwaiti’ firm `Blacklisted ‘ by the `US Government’ to sell off its Surplus Equipment in Afghanistan’

#AceWorldNews UK’s Ministry of Defence has hired a Kuwaiti firm blacklisted by the US government to sell off its leftover equipment in Afghanistan.

Agility Logistics landed an army contract to set up desert auctions for gear not valuable enough to take back.

Auctions are held in Camp Bastion in the south-eastern Helmand Province, and include Land Rovers, dumper trucks and more obscure items such as a portable laundry – but not weapons or live ammunition. By last October it emerged that some 85,000 items had already been sold.

The cost of the unsold equipment – bringing items back to the UK or renovating them, should they have not been sold – could have totalled as much as $3.3 billion, a cost deemed too high by the UK government.

The MoD issued the contracts to Agility in 2012 despite the fact that in 2009, the company was arraigned by a Grand Jury on suspicion of defrauding the US military. It was alleged that the sum to which they defrauded the government totalled some $60 million.

“As a result of this case, Agility and its subsidiaries have been placed on the US government’s Excluded Parties List.
That means they are temporarily suspended from pursuing and performing new US government contracts and task orders,” said a statement released by the company during the case.

More at RT on http://on.rt.com/q4ba3p


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#AceNewsDesk : ” World News – Headlines – 31 January 2014″

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Up to 17,000 smuggled into US annually to work in sex trade or as forced labor – report

Some 14,000 to 17,000 people are smuggled illegally into the US every year to work in the sex trade or in factories, farms and bars as forced labour, according to the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking. The group is calling for greater government controls on the recruiters who lure vulnerable people to the US, AFP reported. The House of Representatives is preparing to consider legislation seeking to require foreign hirers to be registered with the Labor Department. Foreign labor contractors will also have to provide the names of the employers and recruiters and a signed contract.


3 wounded in northern Lebanon by rocket fire from Syria

Three people were wounded in the northern Lebanese border town of Mashta Hammoud by rocket fire from Syria on Friday, according to security sources. At least four rockets launched from across the border struck the outskirts of Mashta Hammoud in the northern province of Akkar at 6am, the Daily Star newspaper reported. The spillover from Syria’s war has raised tensions in Lebanon.

English: HELMAND PROVINCE, Islamic Republic of...

English: HELMAND PROVINCE, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – Soldiers from the Afghan National Army relax after a patrol in Marjah, Helmand province, Afghanistan, Feb. 14, 2010.The ANA soldiers and Marines from 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, have been conducting Operation Moshtarak to eliminate Taliban presence and intimidation from the city of Marjah. (Official Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Tommy Bellegarde) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Afghan policeman killed as Taliban attack 3 checkpoints

The Taliban have attacked three police checkpoints overnight in the southern province of Helmand, killing one officer, AP reported. At least 13 insurgent fighters were killed in the gun battles that followed the checkpoint attacks, police chief of Marjah district, Zamaria Zarak, said on Friday.


US cancels funds for Afghan opinion polls as election nears

The US has cancelled funding for opinion polls in the run-up to Afghanistan’s presidential election, Reuters reported. In December, initial poll triggered accusations of US attempts to manipulate the outcome. The US-funded group Democracy International said it and other similar organizations had planned to carry out opinion polls as Afghanistan prepares for the April 5 election. Some electoral authorities and candidates’ camps “suggested that there was… a perception that the polling results were somehow biased,” a US embassy spokesman in Kabul said. In order to avoid any “baseless perception” of US interference, a decision was taken to forgo additional US-funded polling.

English: Logo of the United Nations Educationa...

English: Logo of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


​Over a third of world’s school-age children cannot read – UN report

At least 250 million of the world’s 650 million primary-school-age children cannot read, write or perform basic mathematics, according to a new UN report released Wednesday. The report found about 130 million in primary school have not reached basic learning levels, and around 120 million have spent little or no time in a classroom, including 57 million children who do not attend school at all. The cost of a lack of learning for 250 million children around the world costs governments around US$129 billion per year. The report was conducted by an independent research team for the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


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