Death at School:Parents Protest Dangerous Discipline Video

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I saw this video today on YouTube and just had to provide a post, about the discipline applied in certain schools in the US and before you watch ,it is very graphic and may upset certain people!

The fact that “Special Needs Children” are being locked up for hours on end to be able to teach them a lesson, defies all morality!

Something Sickening Is Happening To Some Of Our Schoolchildren.

I have a ginormous soapbox I wanna get up on right now. Watch this and then do some of your own research. What you’ll find will probably be appalling.

At 5:06, the kids themselves describe their own experiences. That should be all you need to hear to understand something is seriously wrong here.

WARNING: This video includes disturbing scenes involving children.

Alana Karsch

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Speaking Your Mind Has Consequences


Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember Carole Morison from the documentary “Food, Inc.“? She was the chicken farmer under contract with Perdue, the country’s third largest chicken processor, who offered a rare look at what an industrial chicken farm looks like. The chickens barely had room to move, and many died daily due to the conditions and their accelerated breeding. She was tired of it — by agreeing to take part in the film, Morison put her livelihood in jeopardy. Perdue terminated her contract in 2008 after she refused to entirely enclose her chicken houses.

Her eyes were opened to the truth and she now uses sustainable farming methods and has never been so happy and content!


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