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I’ve just be looking through all the wonderful awards I received in 2014 and thought it was time I gave some back… so here you go folks!

I’ve also included the Community Heart Award I made earlier this year for anyone who is part of my wonderful blogging community. 🙂

I’m not nominating any one person for just any one of these awards folks… it’s the Christmas Season! I’m nominating my whole community of which there are too many to list individually. 😀  So, Pick an award or two… Jeez, pick three if you like!

What do you have to do? 

It’s simple folks:

  • Pick your award (s)

  • Share it/them and this post with you blogging community

  • Promote one blogger by sharing a link to their website and at least one way in which they have been an inspiration to you this year.

The Person I’m promoting for this year

The blogger who has been the most inspirational to me this year has been my editor and friend, Kate. With her hard work, dedication and aspiration for perfection, I have been able to bring my books up to a very high standard for publishing that I am truly proud of. Let me add that I have had no negative reviews or nasty comments on those works since she edited them and their very successful, second editions were published. Kate’s editing skills are second to none. The books she has edited for me are:

  • Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear

  • The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn

  • The Devil’s Apology

The focus of Kate’s main blog is about her life in Gibraltar. (She’s still very much a Yorkshire lass, though.) 😉 She’s not afraid to tackle tough subjects that arise there, such as human rights, animal rights and other such causes. She has two beautiful doggies: Pippa and Snowy. (The real reasons I visit her blog at all, but, shush, don’t tell her I told you that.) She has a couple of other blogs as well, each have a specific focus. Anyway, I won’t say anymore because I’m always afraid that she’ll be spotting my errors! ( Sh.s’ Don’t tell her I said that!) Jeez you folks deserve these awards just for keeping my secrets! 😀

Kate’s main blog is: http://roughseasinthemed.wordpress.com/

The Awards!

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