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#AceNewsservices says Huffpost and Mehdi’s Morning asked this question today? Well leave a comment and let me know your views and l will create a post and promote your news and views?


From the FT’s splash:

“The Environment Agency has endured ‘massive’ cuts to its budget since the Cameron government came to power despite warning this would affect its ability to defend the country against flooding, the agency’s chairman said yesterday. As flood misery spread from the south-west to more densely populated London commuter towns, Lord Smith said he had told ministers there would be consequences when the agency’s funding was cut soon after the coalition came to power in 2010… ‘Our funding for capital work went down massively and has been creeping back up again but it’s in my view still not enough,’ he said, adding that the agency’s funding for maintenance and other measures has ‘been going down and is still going down’.”

Yesterday, David Cameron refused to rule out sacking Smith once the crisis is over, while Smith himself says he plans to step down in July once his term expires. The Telegraph adds to the pressure on the beleaguered Environment Agency boss, reporting on its front page:

“The chairman of the Environment Agency risked further criticism last night when he suggested that flooded residents were partly to blame for their problems by choosing to live in high–risk regions. Lord Smith said people who bought homes in flood plains needed to think about the ‘risk that that property faces’. The remarks stoked the mounting anger towards Lord Smith’s agency, which has been criticised for its response to the floods… Flood–hit residents and MPs last night demanded that he resign. They described his comments as ‘out of touch arrogance’ and accused him of trying to deflect the blame from his embattled agency.”

The Guardian splashes on “PM: stop flooding blame game.” Yeah, good luck with that…

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US: “Press Release `Meals on Wheels’ Get Their Funding Replaced that was Lost During Sequestration”

#AceWorldNews says the HuffPost Hill today UPSIDE DOWNER – The budget Congress just passed restores funding that was cut away last year from nutrition assistance for poor senior citizens.

The Meals On Wheels Association of America praised Congress Friday for replacing $46 million in funding that was lost in the big budget cut known as sequestration, which had hamstrung some of the local agencies that provide group meals and home-delivered food for poor seniors across the country.
"Today we congratulate and commend the leaders of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees for producing a bipartisan bill that restores critical funding for vulnerable seniors," association president Ellie Hollander said in a press release…. Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa) had led a group of mostly Democrats last fall in calling on budget negotiators to restore the funding.

Not all programs hit by sequestration got their money back. [HuffPost]

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New Jersey: “Christie Under Investigation for Misuse of Hurricane Sandy Funds”

#AceWorldNews says according to “HuffPost Hill” – CHRISTIE UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR MISUSE OF SANDY FUNDS – When it rains… Luke Johnson: “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is facing a federal investigation into whether the governor used Hurricane Sandy relief money to produce tourism ads starring himself and his family, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) told CNN Sunday. The New Jersey lawmaker said the inspector general for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development conducted a preliminary investigation, and concluded that a full investigation is warranted. The investigation comes as the New Jersey governor is facing a separate federal probe into revelations that his top aides engineered the temporary shut-down of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge as political retribution. Pallone wrote a letter to the inspector general of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in August, asking why a firm with a more expensive pitch won the project to make a New Jersey tourism campaign with Hurricane Sandy relief funds. The winning firm’s bid was $4.7 million, while a comparable firm cost $2.5 million. The more expensive idea included the Christie’s, while the cheaper pitch did not.” [HuffPost]

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#AceWorldNews says HuffPost and the Hill says FBI…

#AceWorldNews says HuffPost and the Hill says FBI TO RELEASE REPORT ON KILLING OF BOSTON BOMBING PERSON OF INTEREST – Ryan Reilly: “The internal FBI probe into the deadly shooting of a Russian immigrant who was being interviewed in Florida in May about his links to the Boston Marathon bombing suspect is “definitely” something the bureau will release down the line, FBI Director James Comey told reporters Thursday. Ibragim Todashev, a friend of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was killed by an FBI agent while being questioned about his relationship with Tsarnaev. There were conflicting accounts about whether Todashev was armed when he allegedly attacked an agent. News reports quoted sources who said that Todashev was going to sign a statement confessing his involvement in a 2011 murder when he allegedly lunged at an agent, who was accompanied by other law enforcement officials. The Boston Globe’s editorial board recently called on Comey to release the report, saying the lack of information raises serious questions. “Was Todashev armed? Could not the trained law enforcement officials on the scene, including two Massachusetts state troopers, have subdued a potentially crucial witness in a non-lethal way?” the board asked.” [HuffPost]

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#AceSecurityNews according to AP OBAMA CONSIDERS REINING…

#AceSecurityNews according to AP “OBAMA CONSIDERS REINING IN #NSA” – All of that clicking on the phone is giving Angela Merkel headaches. AP: ” President Barack Obama is expected to rein in spying on foreign leaders and is considering restricting National Security Agency access to Americans’ phone records, according to people familiar with a White House review of the government’s surveillance programs. Obama could unveil his highly anticipated decisions as early as next week. On Thursday, the president met with congressional leaders at the White House to discuss the review, while White House staff planned to meet with privacy advocates. Representatives from technology companies are meeting with White House staff on Friday. The White House says Obama is still collecting information before making final decisions. Among the changes Obama is expected to announce is more oversight of the National Intelligence Priorities Framework, a classified document that ranks U.S. intelligence-gathering priorities and is used to make decisions on scrutiny of foreign leaders. A presidential review board has recommended increasing the number of policy officials who help establish those priorities, and that could result in limits on surveillance of allies.” [AP]

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#AceNewsServices says according to Huffposts Matt Sledge he…

#AceNewsServices says according to {Huffposts Matt Sledge} he says ::Tugs on shirt collar with finger:: Yeeeeeeeeesh: “The latest revelation from #Edward- Snowden that British spies targeted a European Commission official could create another headache for negotiators in ongoing talks over a United States-E.U. trade agreement. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement would ease regulatory barriers across the Atlantic — but tech companies worry Europe will push for ‘digital protectionism,’ such as a requirement to store European citizens’ data on servers in Europe.” [HuffPost’s Matt Sledge]

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