CHINA: ‘ Deadly Storms Kill 18-people and leaves thousands displaced ‘

#AceNewsReport – CHINA:June.20: Deadly storms have swept through China, killing 18 people and leaving four missing in several provinces, the Ministry of Civil Affairs reported on Friday.

More than eight inches of rain have fallen over the period of 48 hours in certain towns, while thousands of homes were ruined, displacing tens of thousands of residents.

Houses collapsing, mudslides, lightning and drowning have all contributed to the deaths. Hubei province had it worst, with 664,000 people affected.

Neighbouring Hunan province was next, with 527,000 people affected.


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CHINA: ‘ Total of 21,000 People Diagnosed with Dengue Fever As Cases Rise Alarmingly ‘

#AceNewsServices – CHINA (Beijing) – October 6. /TASS/. The number of people infected with dengue fever is rising alarmingly in South China with 1,431 new cases reported in Guangdong Province, Xinhua news agency said on Monday.

A total of 21,527 people have been diagnosed with dengue fever in 20 out of 21 prefecture-level cities in Guangdong so far, the agency quoted local health authorities as saying.

One new fatality case was reported by the provincial health and family planning commission on Sunday, bringing the death toll in the province to six, Xinhua said.

' Dengue Fever Symptoms'

Dengue Fever Symptoms’

Dengue is a mosquito-borne, potentially fatal disease that affects, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 100 million people in tropical and subtropical regions every year, causing fever combined with muscle and joint aches.

The outbreak of dengue this year is believed to be the worst in 20 years, Xinhua said, adding that health authorities attributed the outbreak to high temperatures and wet weather in Guangdong, where the mosquito population was five times the normal level.

Apart from Guangdong, some other southern provinces and regions, including Fujian, Hunan and Guangxi, also reported dengue cases lately, the agency said.


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` China’s Worst Rianfall and Mudslides have Claimed 21 Peoples Lives and Leaves 1.6 Million Affected ‘

#AceWorldNews – BEIJING – April 01 – A week of heavy rains and ensuing mudslides across seven provinces of China left a total of 21 people killed, while four more were reported missing, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday citing the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Since last Thursday, torrential rains swept across the Chinese provinces of Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing and Guizhou, leaving over 1.16 million people affected and forcing some 17,000 to abandon their houses.

According to the ministry, some 6,600 people still remain in the emergency areas and require rescue assistance.

The rainfall, which in some cases turned into hailstorms, destroyed a total of over 1,600 houses and damaged some 55,000 more.

The agency said citing weather forecasters that the rainfall was likely to continue by the end of this week.


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` Security Forces shot dead one person during knife attack in Chinese Hunan Province ‘

#AceWorldNews Security forces shot dead one person during a knife attack that saw at least people killed, following a row between a vendor and a customer in the western Chinese Hunan province, the city of Changsha, state media reported, as quoted by Reuters.

One suspect in the incident worked as a bread vendor and was involved in an argument with a customer, local police said.


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‘Please Release Him’ Plea for Detained Journalist

Editors Comment:  This story below is the extract that has been translated from Chinese {Simplified Han} that has been copied and pasted as Chen wrote! No  changes have been made and the link and my thanks for his provision of such is detailed at the bottom of this extract! I make no apologies for the grammar – as it was just translated as he wrote!  

It is a plea by a Chinese reporter to release this journalist from detention:  commented as follows:

English: New building of the city administrati...

English: New building of the city administration of Changsha, Hunan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Express has a message for China’s censors: We may be small, but we have backbone.  On Wednesday the Guangzhou-based newspaper published a front-page call for the release of its reporter Chen Yongzhou. Chen was detained by police in Hunan province while investigating a state-linked firm. The three-character headline, ‘Please Release Him’ was printed in a large, bold font above the fold.

Extract: Completely without any changes as follows:    

Our readers, our reporter Chen Yongzhou Zoomlion reported financial problems, and then he was captured provinces Changsha police on charges of alleged damage to business reputation.In this regard, we want to cry –   Please release   my newspaper, though small, poor bones, there are so two of the   newspaper commentator ■   If you are a reporter, wrote some criticism of a company report. One day, the police caught your uncle.   Please do not excited.People are justified – “alleged damage to business reputation crimes” – none of your days, dozens of days, look always be right?   Now, the New Express reporter Chen Yongzhou we, unfortunately, has become the hapless guy.   We would like to draw your own two ears.   Because we always thought that as long as done responsibly reported that there would be no problem; event of a problem, we advertised corrections, apologize; really serious, court, lost the case, how lose lose on how the close to close, that is deserved.   But the fact is, we are too naive.   Chen Yongzhou get through the three days and three nights, finally saw the lawyer, said that he could boil a thirty days, and more, can not say it.   Tears.   It should be said, our understanding of this sudden blow to keep a great deal of restraint – on Friday morning, the man was taken away, we did not say anything; On Saturday, we did not say anything; Sunday, we did not say anything; Monday we did not say anything; yesterday, we did not say anything.   Because we always want to, human security is the first one, if forbear under the table and effort can change back to a lively splash colleagues, is worth – the reader dwellers, especially peers forgive, we do without regard to justice, there is no sacrifice and devotion to the revolutionary courage, really weak, really selfish, really shameful. However, we do not regret it. Because the police although not a gun, very powerful, Zoomlion has given Changsha pay a lot of taxes, is very powerful, but after all, are still class brethren, there are contradictions also contradictions among the people thing.  If God can give us a chance, we would say: The policeman, in conjunction Brother, I beg you, put Chen Yongzhou it!   If God only gives us a chance to speak, we would say: We carefully checked Guo Chen Yongzhou right Zoomlion of all 15 critical reports, only the fallacy of “advertising and entertainment expenses 513 000 000” written in the wrong the “advertising costs 513 million.” If policeman discovered my newspaper, although power to do and not to explore the evidence, please publicity, we must take my hat off.Because we still believe – at least there are so few days – you, like us, with full respect for the law.  We want to thank the four Changsha police uncle, is that you shut one eye, last night, Chen Yongzhou shivering little wife to safety from their own home away from home.   We also thank you, there is no atmosphere on the use of high-grade secret weapon, you identified the suspect, the economic center director in one fell swoop. Incidentally, he was really not at home, afraid to go home a few days earlier on. Really.   Oh, and Gao Hui, beloved Zoomlion Assistant Chairman, we have a few months ago has sued you infringement, I hope you face to the point, what should a complaint, we will not suddenly take you down to – – Each year, we pay very little tax, the turnover is far from tens of billions.   Your fellow Hunan Zeng wrote a couplet, “meaning the spring to feed a regiment, propped two poor bones.” My newspaper, though small, poor bones, there are two of you.

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