#AceNewsServices – DARFUR:Dec.14 – The president of Sudan has claimed victory over the International Criminal Court after it ended its probe into allegations of war crimes in Darfur BBC Africa reported. 

'Sudan President Bashir hails victory over ICC charges -Screenshot from 2014-12-14 16:44:27 '

‘Sudan President Bashir hails victory over ICC charges -Screenshot from 2014-12-14 16:44:27 ‘

The ICC charged Omar al-Bashir in 2009 for crimes in the region dating back to 2003, but he refused to recognise the authority of the court in The Hague.

He said the court had failed in its attempts to “humiliate” Sudan.

Announcing the suspension on Friday, ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda blamed it on lack of action by the UN.

She called for a “dramatic shift” in the UN Security Council’s approach, saying inaction was emboldening the perpetrators of war crimes in Darfur to continue their brutality, particularly against women and girls.

Other Sudanese officials have also been charged by the ICC – but none have been arrested.

Darfur has been riven by conflict since rebels took up arms in 2003. The UN says more than 300,000 lives have been lost, mostly from disease.

The suspension of the Darfur investigation came just over a week after the ICC dropped charges against another head of state, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He faced prosecution over ethnic violence in 2007-08 in the aftermath of Kenya’s election.

That was the court’s most high-profile case.


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` Student dies after police fired ` Tear Gas ‘ at a Demonstration taking place at ` Khartoum University ‘

#AceWorldNews A student in Sudan died on Tuesday after police fired tear gas at a demonstration taking place at Khartoum University, in the country’s centre, according to a statement emailed to Reuters by police.

The protesters reportedly had ties with the Darfur region, where dozens have been killed in recent weeks during clashes with the forces of Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

The police deployed tear gas and used batons on the 200 students who had comprised the march against violence in Darfur, for which they hold the government responsible.

Bashir has remained in power, despite an indictment from the International Criminal Court accusing him of instigating war crimes in Darfur.


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#AceGuestNews and Views Brendan Cole VOR Two centuries…

#AceGuestNews and Views – Brendan Cole – VOR

Two centuries on from the abolition of slavery, the slave trade continues to make headlines. A coalition of 14 Caribbean heads of state is considering endorsing a proposal to seek financial reparation for 400 years of slavery. Martyn Day is a senior UK lawyer, who is one of those who have drawn up an action plan to try and bring a claim to the International Criminal Court next year.

The nations involved argue that a legacy of illiteracy, poor health and limited social opportunities in the region is a direct consequence of the centuries of Human trafficking.

Day explained that they were approached by the prime minister of St Vincent about helping them with the issue after they achieved compensation for the Mau Mau tortured by the British in Kenya in the 1950’s.

They agreed there was no prospect of a case for injuries suffered in the same way as with the Mau Mau, so the case is about the damage being suffered today.

“Even now in 2014, the Caribbean suffers a lot from what happened during the slave era,” he says. “Issues such as health, education, social welfare. The Caribbean nations have been hamstrung by their past. We would be saying to countries like Britain, France, Netherlands and other countries that they should play a role in trying to recompense and assist the Caribbean nations in trying to come into the 21st century.”
We pointed out that some of them may not agree.

“Of course, but we benefited massively from the money that was being made out of slaves back in the 16th, 17th, 18th century and at the same time we were handicapping both the African and Caribbean states.

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Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/uk/news/2014_03_10/Slavery-UK-lawyers-assist-14-Caribbean-nations-in-push-for-ICC-claim-5832/

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#UN : ` Western Democracies who wield the most `Economic Power ‘ must bear responsibility for allowing War Crimes’

#AceWorldNews says that the countries that wield the greatest power must bear responsibility for allowing war crimes to persist in Syria, UN human-rights investigators said on Wednesday.

All sides in Syria’s civil war are using shelling and siege tactics to punish civilians, said the latest report documenting atrocities in Syria, Reuters said.

The investigators called again on the UN Security Council to refer grave violations of the rules of war to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for prosecution.

The 75-page report, covering July 15-January 20, is the seventh by the UN since the inquiry was set up in September 2011.


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`Ukraine parliament votes to try ousted President Yanukovich & others in ICC’

#AceWorldNews says that `Ex-Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko and former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka are among those whom the Rada wants to be tried in the ICC.

All are accused of “crimes against humanity during the peaceful protests in the period of November 30, 2013, and February 22, 2014.”

“During the period of three months the law enforcement agencies have been following the orders of the highest Ukrainian authorities.

They used violence against the peaceful activists in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities,” said a Rada statement.

“Over 100 Ukrainian citizens have been killed and 2,000 injured as a result of such actions,” it added.

Three hundred and twenty-four MPs voted in favour of the resolution.

During the discussions the MPs also proposed to add the names of ex-deputy prime minister, ex-PM and ex-security council secretary.

However the names were not approved by all the members of the Rada.

“The list will be extended with the names of those whose guilt is proven,” added Turchinov.

The Hague war crimes court did not confirm the information that Ukraine asked it to investigate the case of Yanukovich and other Ukrainian ex-ministers.

“A government can make a declaration accepting the court’s jurisdiction for past events,” said ICC spokesman Fadi El Abdallah, adding that the court’s prosecutor would decide whether or not to open an investigation.

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” North Korea and even `Kim Jong-un’ should face `International Justice’ for `Human Rights’ Abuses”

#AceWorldNews says that `North Korean’ security chiefs and possibly even the countries supreme leader, Kim Jong-un himself, should face international justice for ordering systematic torture, starvation and mass killings bordering on genocide, UN investigators said Monday.

The UN Commission of Inquiry told Kim in a letter they were advising the UN to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court (ICC), to ensure any culprits “including possibly yourself” were held accountable,

Reuters reported. North Korea said it “categorically and totally” rejected the investigators’ report.

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