` Fights Broke Out Between ` Maidan Self-Defence ‘ and ` Activists of Patrioty Ukrainy ‘ in Independence Square ‘

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 29 – A mass brawl between members of the so-called ‘Maidan self-defence’ and activists of the Patrioty Ukrainy right-wing organization broke out late night Tuesday on the Maidan (notorious Independence Square) in down-town Kiev, as follows from the footage aired by Ukrainian television.

Eyewitnesses said the nationalists with flaring torches gathered by the building of the Kiev town hall and then started moving in a column towards the Maidan. The column was stopped by the self-defence force near the barricades in front of the Central Post Office.

Several automobile tires were put on fire and passage along Kreshchatik Avenue towards the Maidan turned out blocked for some time.

The passers-by were asked to use a pedestrian under-walkway.

At the time of reporting, there was no information about any injuries.


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` Kyiv Appeals Court Arrests Task Force Commander Suspected of Shooting People During Protests '

#AceNewsServices – KYIV – April 22 (Interfax) – The Kyiv Appeals Court has changed the pretrial restrictive measure for Dmytro Sadovnyk, the commander of a special company of the Berkut task force, suspected of massive shootings on Independence Square in Kyiv in early February and ordered that he be arrested.

The request on changing Sadovnyk’s restrictive measure from house arrest to custody was filed by the prosecution service, and the court granted it, a court spokesperson told Interfax on Friday.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office is probing the shootings of people in Kyiv on February 18 and 20.

Three Berkut members including a company commander, had earlier been detained and brought to court, which sanctioned the arrest of the two regular Berkut members and placed the company leader under house arrest.

It was Ukrainian police snipers that shot dead protesters at Kiev’s Maidan square, according to a government inquiry.

(Novinite.com) – Ukraine’s agency UNIAN, quoting cabinet officials, suggests former Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko coordinated the crackdown of February’s protesters.

Reports reveal he used the so-call “titushki”, wrestlers usually hired by different factions (regardless opposition or government) to mar the unrest using provocation.

Later information by the inquiry confirms that Viktor Zubritskiy, who is described as having close ties with Zakharchenko, was the one exerting control over actions by the “titushki”.

Earlier on Thursday Ukrainian authorities detained several members of the Berkut police unit, which was disbanded short after ousted President Yanukovych was replaced by an interim leadership.

The arrests were ordered over suspicions that the members took part in the shooting of protesters which left more than 100 people dead in a few days.

The current inquiry, which looks into 76 deaths at Institutska street, has also revealed that 17 of the victims died “in clashes between protesters and police”, UNIAN has reported.

Ukraine’s Security Service Chief Valentyn Nalyvaychenko even said Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) had been involved in the crackdown, claiming that 26 of its members took part in the operation.

Russia’s intelligence services did not immediately comment on the issue.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov was quoted by the BBC as saying the detained Berkut men are three, with nine more already identified, while UNIAN puts the number of arrested at 12.

Avakov named Berkut’s Maj Dmytro Sadovnyk as a commander of a unit which purportedly shot dead at least 17 protesters.

A government report on the issue is expected to be released later on Thursday.

UNIAN – Interfax – Novonite – Ria Novorsti – BBC News – Contributions from: va mk


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#AceWorldNews MOSCOW April 04 #ANS2014

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 04


Moscow does not and cannot have anything to do with case over the snipers who spotted and killed people on Kiev’s Independence Square in February, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Friday.

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` Secret Service of Ukraine finds cache of ` Weapons and Explosives ‘ in centre of Kiev ‘

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – March 25 – The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) revealed caches of weapons and explosives in the centre of Kiev and its suburbs, press service of the SSU reports.

“Two TNT blocks weighing 400 grams were revealed near Independence Square in Kiev. They were hidden in a ventilation stack near one of the entrances of an apartment house on Hrinchenko street,” the statement ran.

In addition, investigators found a cache with 13 TNT blocks weighing 2.6 kilos, three pistols, sawn-off hunting shotgun, ammo for Kalashnikov rifle, Makarov, TT and Colt pistols.

Editor : This was a Russian News site and Translation maybe unclear in places.


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#AceWorldNews says KIEV the Protesters who demonstrated in…

#AceWorldNews says KIEV,the Protesters who demonstrated in Kiev’s Independence Square, known as Maidan, should be invited to a coalition government and get ministerial positions in it, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, head of the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party’s faction in the national parliament, said on Monda.

“Each ministry should create a position at the level of deputy minister for fighting corruption,” Yatsenyuk said, according to /ITAR-TASS/

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#Ukraine : "Kiev's `Independence Square' Quiet, though `Tension, Barricades and Tents remain as `Smoke' rises above the Scene"

#AceWorldNews says the anti-government protests in Kiev’s central Independence Square are continuing with barricades and tents still in place following the agreement signed by President Viktor Yanukovich and the opposition, which is aimed at resolving the political crisis.

RT: Live link as it happens at: http://rt.com/on-air/ukraine-central-kiev-protest/

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#AceWorldNews latest #kiev At least 64 people have…

#AceWorldNews latest – #kiev – At least 64 people have been killed in violent riots in Kiev, the Ukrainian Health Department has stated.

Doctors working on Kiev’s Independence Square, however, claim that as many as 70 people were killed on the rioters’ side alone on Thursday.


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`Ukraine’s Opposition initiates Parliament Session’

#AceBreakingNews says that according to itar-tass the opposition initiates to hold a plenary session of the Ukrainian parliament at 17:00 Moscow time, one of the leaders of the Batkivshchina party Alexander Turchinov said on Independence Square.

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#AceNewsDesk says meanwhile the fire raging in the…

#AceNewsDesk says meanwhile, the fire raging in the House of Trade Unions has apparently gone out, but the smoke keeps issuing from several charred floors.

Latest updates on front page at:http://wp.me/p165ui-3JN

16:06 GMT:
The United States and the European Union are discussing the possibility of imposing sanctions on Ukraine “to try create conditions for compromise,” Reuters reports citing US Secretary of State John Kerry.

15:45 GMT:
Nearly 800 people have been injured in violent clashes in Kiev, including 392 law enforcement officers, the deputy chief investigator of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, Oleg Tatarov, told foreign ambassadors at a Wednesday meeting. He added that 83 of the injured officers have been hospitalized with serious gunshot wounds.

15:29 GMT:
The US imposed sanctions on Ukraine on Wednesday, having canceled visas for several officials, who supposedly were connected with the use of force in central Kiev, according to the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt.

15:29 GMT:
Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski says he is heading to Ukraine on Wednesday on behalf of the European Union.

14:33 GMT:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the imminent threat of sanctions against the Ukrainian government was meant to show Kiev that the European Union is serious about the need for a return to political dialogue.

“When (EU) foreign ministers meet tomorrow in Brussels they must talk about which specific sanctions should be imposed to show we are serious that the political process must resume…,” she told a news conference with French leader Francois Hollande, adding that it was necessary to talk to both the opposition and Viktor Yanukovich’s government to help bring peace to Ukraine. (Reuters)

14:23 GMT:

The responsibility for the deadly riots in Ukraine lies not with extremists alone, but also with the leaders of the Ukrainian opposition and some Western politicians, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

14:12 GMT:

Rioters have captured and beaten the governor of the western Volyn Oblast, Aleksandr Bashkalenko, and are demanding that he resigns. According to reports in Ukrainian media, Bashkalenko was handcuffed to a stage in front of a crowd of about 10,000 people and was doused with cold water but refused to sign his resignation. Earlier, he was beaten for refusing to kneel before the people, but a group of organized rioters averted a lynching by the angry mob by taking the governor into a police station.

14:04 GMT:

Ukraine’s security service has announced it is launching a counter-terror operation, RIA Novosti reports. The service that said radicals have seized over 1,500 firing arms and 100,000 bullets in the last 24 hours.

13:56 GMT:
In the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, people are lighting candles to commemorate the victims of the deadly clashes in Kiev.

13:45 GMT:

Smoke is covering no man’s land between the crowd of protesters on Independence Square (Maidan) and the police cordons. Protesters are burning tires as riot police constantly regroup behind the lines of interior troops surrounding the square. A spurt of water can be seen firing in the direction of the barricades.

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#AceNewsDesk says `Embattled Ukraine Kiev’s vicious Cycle of…

#AceNewsDesk says Embattled Ukraine: Kiev’s vicious Cycle of Violence Rages, as one protester says -You want to see Hell On Earth' wellIndependence Square’ is where it is Happening”

Latest updates on front page at:http://wp.me/p165ui-3JN
12:00 GMT:
Up the hill from the Kiev’s Independence Square, the protesters receive medical treatment and are given shelter at St. Michael’s Cathedral, which has been turned into a makeshift hospital and refuge.

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#Kiev : “Ukrainian Opposition says `Government In No Mood to Talk as `Terms Still Not Acceptable’ Continues”

#AceNewsServices says `Ukrainian Opposition’ rejects govt proposal, talks to continue

Published time: January 23, 2014 22:05
Edited time: January 24, 2014 08:51
January 24, 2014.(Reuters / Gleb Garanich)January 24, 2014.(Reuters / Gleb Garanich)
After consulting protesters on Independence Square, leaders of the opposition rejected the government’s terms that evolved from the Thursday negotiations. They promised to continue talks and keep violence in check.

Leader of the nationalist  Svoboda opposition party, Oleg Tyagnibok, explained the terms proposed by the government during more than four-hour negotiations and asked the protesters whether they were ready to accept.

During the negotiations, Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich proposed to stop the use of force, release all those detained during mass riots on Grushevskogo Street, and work out reduced penalties for those who were already arrested in exchange for the rioters leaving the area in central Kiev.

After a public vote at the square, the majority of the protesters refused to accept the government’s conditions, according to the Svoboda party website. Opposition leaders agreed with decision of the demonstrators, urging them to maintain discipline and order.

“Solely a peaceful protest. Keeping our defense and not a step back. I am asking everyone – keep the discipline, order and responsibility,” Batkivshchyna opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk told the crowd. Yatsenyuk also proposed to expand the Independence Square protest area by a few blocks, to Olginskaya Street.

The opposition is set to continue talks with the government tomorrow. A ceasefire is in place until Friday morning.

After consultations with the opposition leaders, protesters began building new barricades by the “Khreschatyk” metro exit on Independence Square. Yatsenyuk and Tyagnibok are taking part in the process.

Earlier, Udar Party leader Vitaly Klitschko told demonstrators in central Kiev that Yanukovich and head of the Interior Affairs Ministry Vitaly Zaharchenko are ending all use of force and preparing to announce the release of all those detained on Grushevskogo Street.

People are chanting REVOLUTION as opposition leaders speak

— Alexey Yaroshevsky (@Yaro_RT) January 23, 2014

The statement was followed by Zaharchenko saying that police will not take any action against the rioters on Grushevskogo Street if they leave the area.

He also added that there will be no forceful action against protesters on Independence Square. “We have always advocated a peaceful settlement of the situation. Ukrainian people can solve complex conflicts and have shown that before. I hope reason will preside over the emotions on both sides and the standoff will finally be over,” Zaharchenko said.

When speaking to protesters Klitschko said: “The whole process is prolonging, this is only the first round of negotiations. We won’t stop until president steps down.”

January 24, 2014.(Reuters / Gleb Garanich)January 24, 2014.(Reuters / Gleb Garanich)

Rioters chanted “Liars!” at opposition leaders as they were being told the results of the talks at Independence Square in Kiev and booed the message.

Protesters began lining up behind barricades and burning tires as soon as the talks were over.

Yatsenyuk said the likelihood of the bloodshed ending is very high, local media reported.

January 24, 2014.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili)January 24, 2014.(Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili)

Following the negotiations, justice minister Elena Lukash stated that the opposition has refused for the second time to criticize the rioters’ violent behavior in central Kiev.

She added that opposition leaders have also remained quiet on violent attacks against local administration buildings in several other western cities that took place on Thursday, Unian news agency reported.

“It is not important what you lived for, it is important what you die for,” famous Russian blogger Ilya Varlamov, who is currently in Kiev, quoted rioters as saying.

On Thursday, Kiev authorities said that 71 people were detained following mass riots on the Grushevskogo Street.

Clashes spill beyond Kiev

Anti-government unrest in Ukraine spilled beyond the capital of Kiev on Thursday as the government held talks with opposition leaders.

Rioters began violently attacking local administration buildings in other regions of the country, mostly in the west, attempting to force local governments out of office.

Around 2,000 protesters took over the local administration building in the western city of Lvov, telling the region’s governor that they are taking power into their own hands.

Video of protesters storming Lvov governor’s office:

Governor Oleg Salo was forced to sign a resignation letter which stated: “I ask to be freed of my duties.”He later retracted his statement, saying it is invalid since signed under pressure.

He’s a letter of resignation from Lviv governor that he was forced 2 sign in office occupied by#Euromaidan@ZaxidNetpic.twitter.com/mEg3pzkMry

— Maxim Eristavi (@MaximEristavi) January 23, 2014

Rioters also stormed governors’ offices in other western cities, including Zhytomer and Rovno. Another administration office was violently taken over by rioters in the western town of Ternopol.

Ukraine’s Internal Affairs Ministry has opened a criminal investigation into the attack in Ternopol.

Video of protesters stormingZhytomer’sadministration building:

Police were only able to fight off rioters in the town of Cherkassy, located southeast of Kiev. A group of several hundred anti-government demonstrators tried to break a police cordon outside the administration building, managing to break the glass on the front door.

Video of protesters storming Cherkassy’s administration building:

Other Videos: Download video (7.08 MB)


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