` Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission Announces Official Final Result’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – KABUL – (UNAMA) – May 15 – STATEMENT – 15 May 2014 – Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC) today announced the final results of the country’s 5 April Presidential poll, declaring a second round run-off between the two leading candidates after none of those seeking the position achieved the 50 per cent plus one result needed to win in the first round.

“The second round of Presidential elections will be conducted on 14 June, 2014,” the IEC’s Chairman, Dr. Ahmed Yusuf Nuristani, told a news conference in the capital, Kabul.

According to the final results, which were compiled after the adjudication of complaints by the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC), candidate Abdullah Abdullah won 45 per cent of the total votes cast in the first round of the poll, followed by candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmedzai, who won 31.6 per cent of the votes cast – leaving both men to compete in the second round run-off.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has welcomed the announcement of the final results.

In a press statement, the UN Mission congratulated the Afghan people, candidates, and the country’s electoral and security institutions on the conduct of the first round of the election, describing it as a “democratic milestone.”

Read More: Statement on 15/05/14 – (UNAMA) http://tinyurl.com/qy86p5r


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` African National Congress Party is set to Win the South Africa Election by a Massive Majority ‘

#AceWorldNews – PRETORIA – SOUTH AFRICA – May 09 – The ruling African National Congress (ANC) is set to win South Africa’s fifth democratic election by a significant majority, debunking speculation that the party would be severely tested this week.

At midday on Friday, after an estimated 97.96 percent of votes had been tallied, the ANC was the outright leader with 62.2 percent of the count.

The official opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA), was sitting on 22.19 percent in second place.

Addressing the media on Friday, Pansy Tlakula, chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) announced that counting in the country’s fifth democratic election was nearly complete.

“We are nearly home,” Tlakula said.

In three of the country’s nine provinces, results have been finalised. Officials say the counting in the other six provinces is at an advanced stage.

The IEC is expected to announce the results on Saturday.

“With 97,96 percent of results captured, we are confident of being able to announce the official results tomorrow,” Tlakula said.

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` Afghanistan Election Total Voters Eligible 12 Million of which 58 Percent Voted around 7 Million – Estimates ‘

#AceWorldNews – KABUL – April 05 – The turnout in Afghanistan’s presidential and municipal elections on Saturday, April 5, was 58%, Independent Electoral Commission(IEC) – Chairman Yusuf Nuristani said.

“According to preliminary estimates, about seven million citizens of Afghanistan voted today. The overall number of voters is 12 million,” he said.

Polling stations officially closed at 17:00 local time, but Afghan media reported that some of them continued working for more than an hour to allow all those wishing to vote to do so.

And some commissions were said to have started counting votes even though initially this procedure was scheduled for April 6.


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#AceWorldNews AFGHANISTAN ELECTION April 05 Update

#AceWorldNews – AFGHANISTAN – ELECTION – April 05 Update :

Independent Election Commission (IEC) says 65% of all voters were male, 35% female.

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` Five people including an ` Employee of the Election Commission ‘ were Arrested for Attempting to Sell Voting Cards’

#AceWorldNews – KABUL – April 05 – (MoIA) – The Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA) on Friday reported that at least five people, including an employee of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), were arrested in Kabul for reportedly attempting to sell nearly 4,000 voting cards.

“One of the five men arrested was serving as a DFC of the Election Commission and the head of a polling site in Kabul city, he abused his position and was selling voting cards,” MoIA spokesman Sediq Sediqi said on Friday.

Although the IEC employee went unnamed, his title as a District Field Coordinator would place him in the middle-to-upper range of Commission personnel (Tolo)


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` Independent Electoral Commission of `Afghanistan ‘ Extends Voting Time Due to Numbers of Voters ‘

#AceWorldNews – AFGHANISTAN – April 05 – (KP) – The independent election commission of Afghanistan (IEC) extended the voting time by another one hour due to bad weather conditions and more participation of voters.

IEC chief Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani said only 211 polling stations remained close due to security threats while 6,212 polling stations were open across the country.

Nuristani further added that more contingency ballots will be mobilized in the polling stations which are out of ballots.

He said the voting time will possibly be further extended if the voters could not cast their votes by 5:00 pm.
Nuristani also praised the Afghan national security forces for ensuring better security for the polling stations across the country.

The majority of the polling stations opened at 7 am amid tight security precautions with long lines of voters seen on the streets queued in cool damp weather before the start of the ballot in Kabul.


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` IEC has warned of ` Serious Threats ‘ to ` Due Process ‘ of Voting and ` Major Insecurity Problems ‘ Arising ‘

#AceWorldNews – KABUL – March 30 – According to (Afghanistan News) with only one week before the April 5 vote, the independent election commission (IEC) on Saturday warned of serious threats to the process.

In their latest comments the IEC Chairman Abdul Sattar Sadat told a news conference in Kabul that insecurity posed a major threat to the presidential and provincial elections, slated for April 5.

He added election observers found it hard overseeing the process in insecure areas, where there were chances of fraud and irregularities.

“Some warlords, a product of decades of war, are trying to maintain their sway by victimising the people, grabbing important positions and abusing democracy.”


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