#AceNewsServices – MILAN – October 29 – The prosecutor of the Italian city of Milan has demanded a 30-year prison sentence for the Indian suspects in the murder case of an Iranian woman.


Rajeshwar Singh and Gagandeep Kaur, who shared a Milan apartment with 29-year-old Iranian Mahtab Savoji back when they murdered her in January.

According to reports, the prosecutor asked the court for the jail sentence to be handed down to the Indian couple, Rajeshwar Singh and Gagandeep Kaur, who shared a Milan apartment with 29-year-old Iranian Mahtab Savoji back when they murdered her in January.

The presiding judge has reportedly set the next hearing session for December 11.

Police say the murder was the result of Savoji’s refusal to accept sexual propositions from the couple.

Savoji’s body was found stuffed in a suitcase in a canal in Venice on January 28.

The two Indians were caught on Venice train station cameras acting suspiciously and were arrested on February 3 by the Italian police as potential suspects in the murder case.

Italian police said the Indian couple initially denied any involvement in the murder of Savoji, but the evidence provided by the security camera footage was later used against them and led to their confessions.

A postmortem examination revealed that Savoji died of asphyxiation. No water was found in her lungs, which indicated to investigators that the Iranian woman must have been killed before she was dumped in the canal.

Savoji had been living in Milan to pursue a two-month course in costume designing at the renowned Italian Academy.

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INDIA: ' We Live in a Sick Society As Indian Fashion Shoot Offends Parents With Photograph's Depicting Woman Being Sexually Assaulted on a Bus '

#AceWorldNews – INDIA (Mumbai) – August 08 – An Indian fashion shoot depicting a woman being sexually assaulted on a bus outraged the parents of a young woman who died after a gang rape in December 2012.

​The pictures showing a woman in different outfits, fending off a group of young men on a bus were taken by Mumbai photographer Raj Shetye and posted this week on a photography site, Reuters said.

The mother of the woman killed in 2012 said the photographer was mocking her daughter and trying to hurt her parents.

The father will appeal to the courts to take action against Shetye.

Of the six accused of the woman’s rape and murder, one committed suicide in jail, four were sentenced to death, and the teenager was remanded in a juvenile reform centre.


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` Pakistan Summons Indian Diplomat to Lodge a Protest over Denial of Visa’s to its Pilgrims’

#AceNewsServices – ISLAMABAD – May 02 – Pakistan on Friday summoned a senior Indian diplomat to lodge a protest over the denial of visas to its nationals intending to travel to the neighbouring country for the annual Urs of Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti at Ajmer Sharif.

According to the foreign ministry statement, the Indian Deputy High Commissioner Gopal Bag was summoned to the foreign office and a strong protest was lodged over denial of visas to 500 pilgrims.

“The visits to religious shrines in Pakistan and India are governed under the Bilateral Protocol on Visits to the Religious Shrines, 1974,” said the statement.

The foreign office spokesperson said Pakistan conveyed its deep disappointment and concern over the denial of visas by the Indian government.

“This is the fourth time that visas have been denied to Pakistani pilgrims in the last one year.

This is not only against the bilateral agreement, but also runs contrary to the efforts towards normalizing ties between the two countries and the spirit of people-to-people contacts,” spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said.

Indian Deputy High Commissioner Gopal Baghlay summoned by Pakistan over denial of visas to 500 pilgrims to visit Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan.

Press Trust of India (
May 2, 2014


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` India’s Supreme Court Creates Third Gender on Official Documents So Transgendered are Neither Male or Female ‘

#AceWorldNews – MUMBAI – April 15 – India’s top court on Tuesday issued a verdict creating a third gender category, AP reported.

Transgendered people can now identify themselves that way on official documents after the Supreme Court directed the federal and state governments to include them in all welfare programs for the poor.

Before the judgement, transgendered Indians had to identify themselves as male or female in all official documents.


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` India’s Armed Forces Carried-Out Another Successful Missile Test at ` Pokhran Range ‘ in Rajasthan ‘

#AceWorldNews – NEW DELHI – April 07 – India’s armed forces on Monday carried out another successful, missile test. They fired the Russia produced BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, a source close to the Indian Defence Ministry told ITAR-TASS.

“The launch was carried out at the Pokhran range in the State of Rajasthan in the north-west of India at 13:00, local time (11:30 MSK) to the maximum range of 290 kilometres,” he said.

The missile that had been adopted by the country’s armed forces in 2007 was launched from a mobile launcher, in service in two Indian regiments. One more launcher of this type is to be delivered soon to another regiment of the Indian army.


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` New Delhi Rape Case leaves People wondering WHY in `India’ are `Women Treated So Badly ‘ starts in Womb ‘

#AceNewsServices – DELHI – (CNN) — The New Delhi rape case left the whole world wondering why India is treating its women so badly. In fact, discrimination against women already starts in the womb: India has some of the most distorted sex-ratios in the world. There are regions where fewer than 800 girls are born for every 1,000 boys.

For many reasons Indian culture prefers sons. An expensive bride-price, or dowry, is only one of them.

So day-by-day, thousands of parents circumvent rarely enforced laws and have their baby daughters aborted after an ultrasound scan has revealed the sex of the fetus. It is estimated that India has been losing up to 12 million baby girls over the last three decades.

I wanted to find out what it means for a society if such a significant number of women are missing says Carl Gierstorfer.

Editor’s note: Carl Gierstorfer is a journalist and film-maker with a background in biology. He has produced and directed documentaries for German public broadcaster ZDF, Discovery Channel and the BBC. His work on violence against women in India was supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.
His website is

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` Modism or Thatcherism that will be the Question when the Indian Electorate decide by their Vote ‘

#AceNewsServices – INDIA – April 06 – With the elections in India about to commence on Monday, the man tipped to become the electorates favourite is Narendra Modi, who some have called a `Thatcherite ‘ as his economic policies border on the same ideals (ANS).

New Delhi (CNN) — National elections in the world’s largest democracy are always a mind-boggling spectacle. The Election Commission of India estimates some 788 million people are eligible to vote in 2014 — an electorate that’s more than double the population of the United States. How the country conducts this mammoth exercise every five years never ceases to amaze observers.

(Reuters) stated that when Indian opposition leader Narendra Modi gave a speech on the virtues of smaller government and privatization on April 8 last year, supporters called him an ideological heir to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who died that day.

These supporters dismiss criticism of Modi for religious riots that killed some 1,000 people in his home state of Gujarat 12 years ago. For them, Modi stands for economic freedom (Reuters)

“If you define Thatcherism as less government, free enterprise, then there is no difference between Modi-nomics and Thatcherism,” said Deepak Kanth, a London-based banker now collecting funds as a volunteer for Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Either way he has his worked cut-out to bring such a idealistic country into the twenty first century.

Reuters – CNN – ANS2014


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` Jihad Chairman Salahuddin vows to ` Continue Struggle ‘ until ` Freedom’ from Indian illegal Occupation ‘

#AceWorldNews – ISLAMABAD – (SANA): United Jihad Council Chairman and Hizbual Mujahideen Supreme Commander Syed Salahuddin has vowed to continue struggle on all fronts till the achievement of freedom from Indian illegal occupation.

He said that in the resolution of Kashmir dispute Indian ego, stubbornness, unrealistic approach, military power are main hurdles in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. Ha said that India shows zero change in its s 60 year old stance over the Kashmir issue.

He added that Parvez Musharaf changed the 60 years old stance of Pakistan over the issues and introduced a new formula. He said that what is the logic behind the regular change in policy from Pakistani side while the India has shown no change in its polices.


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` Five Crew Members have died in newly acquired `Super Hercules ‘ shortly after take-off from for Training ‘

#AceWorldNews – NEW DELHI – March 28 – Five crew members of a newly acquired Indian Air Force C-130J transport aircraft died when it crashed on Friday morning in the country’s central state of Madhya Pradesh, local NDTV television reported.

The US-made C-130J is also known as the Super Hercules and is the largest in the Indian military.

The aircraft crashed some 70 miles west of Gwalior air base shortly after taking off on a regular training flight.

There were no immediate reports of any suspected cause.


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` India will cut its oil ` Imports ‘ from `Iran ‘ the in keeping with the `Nuclear Deal ‘ easing sanctions on Tehran’

#AceWorldNews India will cut its oil imports from Iran by nearly two-thirds from the first quarter after the US asked it to hold the shipments at end-2013 levels, Reuters reported.

The move is in keeping with the nuclear deal easing sanctions on Tehran, Indian government sources said. India, with the increases already made in the January-March loading plans from Iran, has to cut its purchases of the crude to about 110,000 barrels per day to drop its intake average to 195,000 barrels per day for the six months to July 20.


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` Indian Airbus Jet-Liner with 170 people on-board catches fire as it is landing at Nepal ‘

#AceWorldNews says that an Indian Airbus 320 jet- catches fire as it is landing liner with 170 people on as it was landing in Nepal’s capital, Katmandu, on Saturday, AP reports.

The right wheels of the plane ignited reportedly before it touched the runway, as the passengers complained of a “rubber burning-like smell.

Emergency workers quickly responded to the incident to control the fire and evacuate the passengers. No casualties were immediately reported.

The jet belongs to Indigo budget airline and was flying from New Delhi.


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" Two `Indian Navy' sailors missing and Seven others are `Hospitalized' after `Submarine Incident' on-board Submarine"

#AceWorldNews says that two Indian navy sailors were missing and seven others hospitalized Wednesday after being overcome by smoke on board a diesel-powered submarine, AP reported.

The sailors were overcome by the smoke during a `fire-fighting’ exercise off Mumbai’s coast, according to Captain DK Sharma, a navy spokesman.

A naval helicopter took seven of the sailors to a navy hospital in Mumbai, but two others were unaccounted for.

The submarine did not suffer any damage and was heading back to the Mumbai dockyard.


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Indian media failed Sunanda Pushkar, and now she’s dead

#AceWorldNews ” India Media Fails Sunanda Pushkar and Now She is Dead” #socialmedia

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