TUNISIA: ‘ Security forces Kill 1-Jihadist & Arrest 16-others in crackdown operations ‘

SAUDI ARABIA: ‘ Policeman killed during arrest of suspected Islamic State Jihadist Group ‘

UKRAINE: ‘ VIDEOS: Oil fires still burning at Kiev depot – officials ‘

` Balkans Flood Victims Numbers Are Difficult to Count with Truths and Half-Truths the Order of the Day ‘

` French Police Arrest Six People in France of Being Suspected Jihadists’ ‘

&nbsp #AceWorldNews TRIPOLI may 11 At least 40…

` Egypt’s Crackdown on `Islamist’s ‘ has Jailed 16,000 people with ` Rights Activist’s ‘ reporting Abuses in Prison’

#AceNewsDesk says so far in this bloody conflict…

"Tunisian Police Arrest Suspect Wanted in Connection with the Murder of Mohammed Brahmi"

#Cairo :” Egyptian `Interior Ministry Official’ `Assassinated’ by `Gunmen’ on Motorcycle”

#Cairo : “Third blast `Ring’s Out’ after `Bomb’s’ Hit Police HQ”