#AceNewsServices – Featured Post: Dec.07 – Report: Jewish Home Strife on the Brink of Resolution

by Hezki Ezra

Internal strife within the Jewish Home party may finally be coming to an amiable close, sources within the party told Arutz Sheva exclusively on Sunday.

A weeks-long spat between Jewish Home’s two factions, Jewish Home proper and National Union/Tekuma, will be resolved in a final agreement which involves representatives from both factions being represented on the Jewish Home primaries list, sources said. 

However, the agreement between the parties has not yet been formally signed, and the exact model for its execution has yet to be finalized until the deal is signed. 

National Union-Tekuma representatives denied the existence of a deal to Arutz Sheva, however. 

“We will not address rumours and speculation,” sources stated. “No negotiations are being conducted in the media’s presence and they will not continue until [Economics Minister and Jewish Home chairman] Naftali Bennett returns from the US.” 

“Unfortunately there are still gaps on negotiations regarding the party’s values, and the issues clearly involve further clarification,” they added. 

Sources from within Jewish Home responded by noting that Bennett is busy addressing Washington’s pivotal Saban Forum conference on Middle Eastern affairs, and that he would answer all questions upon his return to Israel. 

Jewish Home: party at risk? 

Talk of a possible split between Jewish Home and National Union/Tekuma began surfacing several weeks ago, after rumours of a new deal with Tekuma consisting of a full combination between the parties caused considerable controversy within Jewish Home.  

The parties united prior to the previous elections, in a move hailed by most of the religious-Zionist public as an end to factionalism and which saw their joint Knesset showing rise from 7 to 12 seats. However, they did not formally merge, and talks to achieve such a merger have been a source of contention between the two camps.

The deal proposed by Bennett would consist of a full combination of the two parties in their legal, financial and political aspects, as well as a number two spot on the party’s Knesset list reserved for the Tekuma chairman.

It would essentially make Housing and Construction Minister and Tekuma Chairman Uri Ariel the only MK other than party chairpersons not required to take part in campaigning; it would also ensure Tekuma 120 members on the party central committee, which will be expanded to a total of 1,300 members, as well as spots in Jewish Home institutions in the next term.

Ariel, however, is insisting on a larger number of spots reserved for National Union MKs.

Then, last week, a tense exchange reportedly erupted between Bennett and Ariel in a party faction meeting.

The public spat led to rumors of not only a split, but to discord within the party as a whole, with several MKs trading barbs in full view of the media.

Rumors also surfaced of a new party entirely to be formed for the upcoming 2015 elections, which could consist of Ariel and former Shas Chairman, MK Eli Yishai.



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