Obamacare: “Healthier People Signing Up for Obamacare According to Latest Survey”

#AceWorldNews says HEALTHIER PEOPLE SIGNING UP FOR OBAMACARE – Ipsos: “The biggest question that has surrounded the launch of the Affordable Care Act healthcare exchanges is whether they could attract enough ‘young invincible’s’ to make the enterprise financially sustainable. Or, would ‘adverse selection’ saddle the system with older, sicker customers whose healthcare costs would eventually drive the exchanges out of business?….[Our] data strongly suggests that the earliest adopters – the individuals who fought through the worst of the HealthCare.gov snafus – were disproportionately suffering from major health issues.
This makes sense because you would have to be very concerned with your health to deal with that challenges of the first month of the federal exchange website. However, every month since then, the health mix has become more balanced. In the first few weeks of January 2014, our data indicates that the exchanges are actually recruiting more healthy people than sick people.
If this trend continues, the exchanges might be sustainable after all” [Courtesy of and via HuffPollster]

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Manchester cave dwellers: Out of sight, out of mind – Comment – Voices – The Independent

Not virtual reality any more but real life!

Not virtual reality any more but real life!

When you read articles like this one you think you must be reading a story from the third world, maybe Bangladesh or similar! But NO this is about homeless men and women living close to Stockport, Greater Manchester, that’s right, here in the UK!

Yesterday l heard about Ipsos awards a 15% pay rise to people on salaries of £66,000 or more, as they cannot live on this amount!

Trying living on the streets of Greater Manchester for a while and see how that feels!

But of course we have a government and a Chancellor who says we are in in this together, well these two small comparisons, show that we are not and it is a lie! Of course well is it not this government that coined the word #austerity, well let them have their cake and eat it, and may it taste foul in their mouths, as the come to terms with what other people suffer!

Oh l know some that will read this post and this excellent article and say we cannot change these people they are oblivious to other peoples pain, but l say this that one man started a revolution and his name was Jesus and as the story goes he will return!

Or maybe just maybe he is watching all this and already preparing for his “Second Coming” when these people will be judged that judged others wanting!

Manchester cave dwellers: Out of sight, out of mind – Comment – Voices – The Independent.

The cost of just hiring a deputy to assist the GM’s Police Chief during these times of #austerity

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