SCOTLAND: ‘ Day After YES Vote Says Nicola Sturgeon ‘

#AceNewsServices (Opinion) – SCOTLAND – September 16 – ‘The day we wake up after a yes vote the streets would not be paved on gold,’ noted Nicola Sturgeon, deputy first minister, this morning.

This expectation management is reasonable.

If Scotland votes for independence it will not suddenly become a disaster nor a Norwegian-model triumph.

For the next few years Scotland will simply be fine.

Certainly the extremes of ‘project fear’ are overwrought. Scotland might not have an impressive military, but UK and Ireland could not seriously let their neighbour be threatened or invaded.

Alex Salmond is very unlikely to default on his country’s national debt share, so he won’t enter the world stage as a fiscal pariah.

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` Irish Government has set-up an Investigation into Allegations of Widespread `Wire-Tapping ‘ by its Garda-Police ‘

#AceWorldNews – IRELAND – March 25 – The Irish government has set up an investigation into allegations of widespread phone wire-tapping by its police force.

The government said that they had received new information Tuesday that was so serious that a commission had to be set up.

“A system was in place in a large number of Garda (police) stations whereby incoming and outgoing telephone calls were taped,” it said.

The statement said that the practice had been in place for many years and was discontinued in November 2013.

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` While Americans pay their `Taxes ' Corporations like `Apple ' avoid theirs by moving billions to `Tax Havens '

#AceFinanceNews says Apple has shifted billions in untaxed profits from its Australian operations to Ireland over the past decade, a report said on Thursday.

The Australian Financial Review obtained 10 years’ worth of financial accounts for Apple Sales International – an arm of the organization it described as the “secretive” Irish company at the heart of the group’s global tax arrangements, AFP reported.

The newspaper said the US tech giant moved an estimated US$8.1 billion in untaxed profits from Australia to a tax haven structure in Ireland, paying just 0.7 percent of its turnover in tax.

Apple in Australia has previously said it has done everything required by the tax office.


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#UN : `Demands that the `Vatican Immediately Removes’ all `Clergy’ under `Rights of the Child’

#AceNewsServices says time for `Rights of the Child ‘ to be Heard’  

UN Rights of ChildThe United Nations demanded on Wednesday that the Vatican “immediately remove” all clergy who are known or suspected child abusers and turn them over to civil authorities, in an unprecedented and scathing report.

The UN watchdog for children’s rights said the Holy See should also hand over its archives on sexual abuse of tens of thousands of children so that culprits, as well as “those who concealed their crimes”, could be held accountable.

The watchdog’s exceptionally blunt paper – the most far-reaching critique of the Church hierarchy by the world body – followed its public grilling of Vatican officials last month.

“The Committee is gravely concerned that the Holy See has not acknowledged the extent of the crimes committed, has not taken the necessary measures to address cases of child sexual abuse and to protect children, and has adopted policies and practices which have led to the continuation of the abuse by and the impunity of the perpetrators,” the report said.

The Vatican was expected to issue a statement on the report later on Wednesday.

Rights of a ChildThe UN committee on the Rights of the Child said the Catholic Church had not yet taken measures to prevent a repeat of cases such as Ireland’s Magdalene laundries scandal, where girls were arbitrarily placed in conditions of forced labour.

It called for an internal investigation of the laundries and similar institutions so that whose who were responsible could be prosecuted and that “full compensation be paid to the victims and their families”.

A commission created by Pope Francis in December should investigate all cases of child sexual abuse “as well as the conduct of the Catholic hierarchy in dealing with them,” the report said.

Abusers had been moved from parish to parish or other countries “in an attempt to cover-up such crimes,” it added.

“Due to a code of silence imposed on all members of the clergy under penalty of excommunication, cases of child sexual abuse have hardly ever been reported to the law enforcement authorities in the countries where such crimes occurred,” the UN body said.

At a public session last month, the committee pushed Vatican delegates to reveal the scope of the decades-long sexual abuse of minors by Roman Catholic priests that Pope Francis called “the shame of the Church”.

The Holy See’s delegation, answering questions from an international rights panel for the first time since the scandals broke more than two decades ago, denied allegations of a Vatican cover-up and said it had set clear guidelines to protect children from predator priests.

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