(NEW YORK) Justice Dept Report: A man has pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support and resources to the #IslamicState of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and the al-Nusrah Front, both designated by the U.S. Department of State as foreign terrorist organizations #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.25: Redzepagic has admitted to travelling overseas to try to join and provide material support to ISIS and the al-Nusrah Front, two foreign terrorist organizations that were engaged in fighting in Syria,” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers for the Justice Department’s National Security Division. “The threat from these terrorist organizations has not ended, and we will continue to work to stem the flow of fighters and bring to justice those who provide material support to these groups.”

Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Provide Material Support to Foreign Terrorist Organizations: ‘According to court documents, Elvis Redzepagic, 30, of Commack, New York, began communicating in early 2015 with an individual he believed to be both the commander of a battalion in Syria and a member of ISIS or the al-Nusrah Front, and made attempts to join that individual’s battalion to engage in violent jihad. In July 2015, Redzepagic traveled to Turkey and made multiple unsuccessful attempts to cross the border into Syria. Unable to enter Syria from Turkey, Redzepagic traveled to Jordan in August 2016, but was stopped and deported by Jordanian authorities’

Defendant Planned to Travel to Syria to Wage Violent Jihad: Redzepagic, a Long Island resident, admitted that he attempted to travel to Syria on several occasions to wage jihad on behalf of ISIS and other organizations dedicated to violence and mass destruction,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Mark Lesko for the Eastern District of New York. “This Office is committed to preventing the spread of terrorism by stopping individuals like the defendant in their tracks and prosecuting them before they are able to harm the United States and its allies.” Acting U.S. Attorney Lesko praised the outstanding efforts of the FBI’s New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, which consists of investigators and analysts from the FBI, the NYPD, and over 50 other federal, state, and local agencies.

In Facebook messages from October 2015, Redzepagic explained that “jihad” is when “you fight for the sake of God” and “die for the sake of Allah.” Redzepagic stated that he traveled to Turkey to “perform Jihad and join Jabhat Al-Nusra.” He predicted, “there will come a time where people will only know to say Allahu Akbar.” In subsequent interviews with law enforcement, Redzepagic admitted that at the time he attempted to enter Syria, he was prepared to strap a bomb to himself:

Redzepagic pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

The FBI’s New York Field Office is investigating the case.

Trial Attorney Stephanie Sweeten of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section and Assistant U.S. Attorneys Saritha Komatireddy and Artie McConnell are prosecuting the case.

#AceNewsDesk report …………Published: Apr.25: 2021:

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(BEIRUT) Latest: After the controversial liberation of #Kirkuk on Tuesday its been announced by Brig. Gen. Talal Sillo that there are no longer clashes taking place in the city of #Raqqa adding the remaining militants are held up in the stadium used as a prison #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – Oct.17: US calls for calm between two allies after Iraqi forces seize the coveted oil-rich city of Kirkuk from the Kurds: NOW With 3,250 killed in Raqqa battle, including 1,130 civilians: A commander with the U.S.-backed Syrian forces battling #ISIS says the city of #Raqqa has been liberated as SDF leaders stated soon after that 99% of #Raqqa was clean from #IS and the cleaning operations around the Hospital were now started liberated from #ISIS militants and that combing operations are underway to clear the city of land mines and extremist sleeper cells #AceNewsDesk reports

Brig. Gen. Talal Sillo told the Associated Press on Tuesday that there are no longer clashes going on in the city……….Sillo says a formal declaration will follow befitting “the fall of the capital of terrorism.”………..Dozens of militants who refused to surrender had made their last stand in the city’s stadium, which had become notorious as a prison and dungeons for the group………..It wasn’t immediately clear if the #ISIS militants are still holed up inside the stadium……….The city of Raqqa fell to the #ISIS group in 2014 and became the de facto capital of their self-styled caliphate #AceNewsDesk reports are provided by Sterling Publishing & Media News

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#IRAQ Iraq Shiite paramilitaries close to cutting Mosul supply route on Monday as they seek to cut off main highway – TDS – @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – Nov.21: Iran-backed militias seek to cut off key highway, as US-trained forces advance on eastern frontline Tal Afar and battle worries Turkey’s government.

As Iraqi Shiite militias were massing troops Monday to cut remaining supply routes to Mosul, #ISIS’s last major stronghold in Iraq, closing in on the road that links the Syrian and Iraqi parts of its self-declared “Caliphate.”


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FEATURED: Assad Or Hollande| Who Is The Bigger Butcher Really?

#AceGuestNews – Sept.29: Western Propaganda Machine Kicked Into Action as France Commenced Bombing in Syria Apparently in “Self Defense.” France’s president and prime minister think Syria’s Mr. Assad is a”butcher” and “dictator.” Agreed and no one in any part of the world is arguing that Mr. Bashar al-Assad is the most benevolent leader in the history of statecraft, but […]

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#AceNewsRoom – Feb.20: My second featured writers post today and another well written and researched. Well worth a read more research is presently being carried out and a follow up joint post will follow ……. Ian   

Last month, Pakistan shared crucial information with top US officials, including Mr. John Kerry on the matter of international funding for ISIS, Pakistan group on what is actually my home soil. The Washington financing of terrorism is nothing new, but these startling revelations come at point in time, when Obama and most of the first world are actually contemplating a full-scale global war against Islam.

Among the details shared with US include the mandate of a Pakistani-Syrian, Yousaf al Salafi, an IS operative and highly dangerous suspect.  Al- Salafi is alleged to have been arrested last year in Lahore, Pakistan, but this information was kept confidential throughout this time. And during the investigations, “Yousaf al Salafi revealed that he was getting funding – routed through America – to run the organization in Pakistan and recruit young people to fight in Syria.” 

Al Salafi also allegedly confessed to recruiting jihadists for the Syrian jihad and has received about $600 per person. It wad further revealed that he had operated inside Pakistan with the help of a local accomplice, who was reportedly the Imam of a mosque. It also emerged that Al Salafi entered Pakistan through Turkey five months ago. Earlier, it was reported that he crossed into Turkey from Syria and was caught there. However, he managed to escape from Turkey and reached Pakistan to establish IS in the region.

Read More ……. Here: 


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#AceNewsRoom – Feb.20: This is another of my featured writers posts and again as always with these great writers well worth a read.

Do you listen or watch the news?  If so then the war on ISIS is going as planned and the Coalition is having great successes and few misses……if you are one of those people then you are sadly mistaken and maybe you should pull your head out of your butt and face reality.

There is NO one in the global community that believes a word of what Kerry and Obama has to say….the only ones that will play along are the ones that are getting their fair share of the goodies to fight ISIS.

I know that the Coalition has won the battle for Kobane…..and I know the media wants the world to believe that ISIS is bleeding from all the air-strikes….if all that is true then someone show me where ISIS is reeling……pick a spot and let it fly!

Now if the US is unwilling to do what is necessary…..then who? 

Read More ……………….Here:




#AceNewsServices – Featured Post:MOSUL:Jan.05: The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group has released an eighth video of captured British journalist John Cantlie, this time reporting from the streets of Mosul in Iraq.

In the eight-minute video, uploaded to the internet on January 3rd, Cantlie claims “life in Mosul is business as usual”, despite media reports of power outages, food and medical shortages, and oppression by ISIS authorities.

As in his previous video, in which he claimed to be reporting from inside the contested city of Kobane along the Turkish border with Syria, Cantlie appears in regular civilian clothes in place of the orange jumpsuit he wore in previous videos.

At times, he is even seen behind the wheel of a car and riding a police motorbike – although it is unclear whether he is actually doing so or simply taking part in a staged simulation. In one scene he even drives up to the camera in a police car, and claims that ISIS’s police force has succeeded in stopping crime altogether, contrasting them with the Iraqi government police.

Prior to ISIS’s arrival, “all the police in Mosul really learned is how to drop their weapons and run,” he says.

Both Cantlie’s relaxed and generally healthy appearance, as well as the content of the heavily-staged, documentary-style report, are a change of track in ISIS’s use and portrayal of its western hostages. The latest video is a clear attempt by ISIS to counter media reports of an oppressive, brutal regime struggling to maintain basic services, and project instead an image of a fully-functioning state.

“The media likes to paint a picture of life in the Islamic State as depressed, people walking around as subjugated citizens in chains and beaten down by strict totalitarian rules,” he says. “But really apart from the rather chilly, very sunny December weather, life here in Mosul is business as usual.”

He compares the supposedly stable rule of ISIS to the “oppression of Saddam” and “descent of chaos” following the 2003 US-led invasion.

During his “report” Cantlie visits a number of locations, including a busy local souk and a hospital, claiming to show how ISIS is withstanding the aerial assault against it.

“The Islamic State is prevailing, they can take it,” he says at one point.

In one bizarre, and somewhat cruel clip the camera pans up to show a coalition aircraft flying ahead, at which point Cantlie can be heard shouting, “Down here! Over here…! Try to rescue me again! Do something! Useless, absolutely useless!”

That scene may be as much a dig at two recent failed attempts by US-led forces to rescue a Jordanian air force pilot held by ISIS, as the fact that the jihadi group has been holding Cantlie himself for over two years.

ISIS has executed five western hostages in total since August last year: aid workers Alan Henning, David Haines and Peter Kassig, as well as American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. All of them were beheaded on camera in gruesome videos published online.

But while Cantlie has previously appealed for help, warning the terrorists would kill him next, the fact that the string of successive executions did nothing to halt anti-ISIS operations appears to have caused ISIS to rethink its propaganda strategy.

Commenting on the November execution of Peter Kassig, Professor Peter Neumann of King’s College Centre for Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence suggested that the fact that ISIS is running out of western hostages to kill was also significant..

“I don’t think they have decided yet what to do with Cantlie, he must be still quite useful for them.”



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#AceNewsServices – Featured Post: Jan.03: Yazidi women and girls held by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and forced into sexual slavery have committed suicide or attempted to, according to rights group Amnesty International.

' Members of the minority Yazidi sect in Iraq are demanding protection from the ISIS militants. (Reuters) '

‘ Members of the minority Yazidi sect in Iraq are demanding protection from the ISIS militants. (Reuters) ‘

Since June, ISIS militants have controlled swathes of Iraq and Syria declaring a cross-border “caliphate.”

Minority groups such as the Yazidis have been systematically targeted by ISIS in a campaign that Amnesty said has amounted to ethnic cleansing, murdering civilians and enslaving others for a fate that some captives consider even worse than death.

“Many of those held as sexual slaves are children — girls aged 14, 15 or even younger,” Donatella Rovera, Amnesty’s senior crisis response adviser, said in a statement.

Amnesty said that many of the perpetrators are ISIS fighters, but may also include supporters of the group.

A 19-year-old named Jilan committed suicide out of fear she would be raped, Amnesty quoted her brother as saying.

A girl who was held with her but later escaped confirmed the account, saying: “One day we were given clothes that looked like dance costumes and were told to bathe and wear those clothes. Jilan killed herself in the bathroom.”

“She cut her wrists and hanged herself. She was very beautiful; I think she knew she was going to be taken away by a man and that is why she killed herself.”

Another former captive told the rights group that she and her sister tried to kill themselves to escape forced marriage, but were stopped from doing so.

“We tied… scarves around our necks and pulled away from each other as hard as we could, until I fainted… I could not speak for several days after that,” Wafa, 27, told the rights group.

Amnesty also recounted the story of 16-year-old Randa, who was abducted with her family and raped by a man twice her age.

“It is so painful what they did to me and to my family,” Randa said.

Rovera said: “The physical and psychological toll of the horrifying sexual violence these women have endured is catastrophic.

“Many of them have been tortured and treated as chattel. Even those who have managed to escape remain deeply traumatized.”

A U.S.-led coalition has been carrying out a campaign of air strikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria in an attempt to halt the group’s advance.


[With AFP]

Last Update: Tuesday, 23 December 2014 KSA 13:45 – GMT 10:45


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#AceWorldNews – IRAQ:Jan.02: The US-led anti-ISIS coalition carried out multiple air-strikes Thursday evening targeting groups of ISIS militants in southern Iraq.

The action resulted in the killing of at least 15 militants, including leaders of groups, Al Arabiya reports.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the coalition carried out 17 strikes in Syria and 12 in Iraq.

The coalition started its actions against ISIS since August in Iraq and since September in Syria.

Thousands of people died, and hundreds of thousands became refugees due to the conflict in the region and thousands are kept as hostages by ISIS.


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#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON:Dec.20 – President Barack Obama has signed the $585 billion defense policy bill that endorses US efforts to fight Islamic State militants and allocates military spending for fiscal year 2015.

It also authorizes the training and sending of aid to Syrian rebels for two years, and provides $5 billion to train Iraqis battling ISIS.

The bill offers the core funding of $521.3 billion for the military and $63.7 billion for overseas operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When announcing the signing of the bill, Obama called on the Congress to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba.


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#AceNewsServices – Featured Update: MOSUL:Dec.13- Back in August Islamic State took control of Mosul and by September a number of Yazdi Women were captured and sold by ISIS.

ISIS: Enslaving, having sex with 'unbelieving' women, girls is OKScreenshot from 2014-12-13 15:28:21

ISIS: Enslaving, having sex with ‘unbelieving’ women, girls is OKScreenshot from 2014-12-13 15:28:21

The intention being to destroy the Aryan bloodline. Since then ISIS has bought and sold these same women multiple times and say having sex with unbelieving women and young girls is OK. At Friday prayers Islamic State handed out a pamphlet with the following questions and answers.

' The document was first printed in October or November, then later posted on an ISIS website '

‘ The document was first printed in October or November, then later posted on an ISIS website  

This is just a small extract of the questions asked:

Can you take non-Muslim women and children captive? Yes, says ISIS.

Can you have sex with them, even prepubescent girls? Yes, according to the Islamist extremist group.

Can you sell them or give them as gifts to others? The answer is yes, once again.

People in Mosul — the Iraqi city now under control of the group calling itself the Islamic State — got these and other messages loud and clear after sunset prayers Friday, when armed men handed out a color-printed pamphlet “Question and Answers on Female Slaves and their Freedom,” three residents told CNN.

The document was first printed in October or November, then later posted on an ISIS website. It has gotten more publicity recently because of the Middle East Media Research Institute, an independent Washington-based nonprofit whose advisory board includes former National Security Agency Director Michael V. Hayden, onetime CIA Director James Woolsey and ex-U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

' Rape of Yazdi Women '

‘ Rape of Yazdi Women ‘

The idea that ISIS is kidnapping, selling and raping women and children is hardly surprising. Many such accounts have surfaced since the group began its often brutal run through Syria and Iraq, including chilling stories from members of the Yazidi religious minority.

And these are on top of other horrific allegations, such as the killings and mistreatment of innocent civilians simply because they didn’t subscribe to ISIS’ extreme take on Sharia law.

Source & Video Link:


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#AceNewsServices – Dec.01 – The status of Gill Rosenberg, a dual Canadian-Israeli citizen who volunteered to join the Kurdish militia, and was reportedly stationed in Kobani, Syria, remains unknown. 


‘ Gill Rosenberg ‘

Reports surfaced on jihadist websites Sunday, that ISIS had captured Rosenberg, 31, a former IDF soldier who immigrated to Israel in 2006. She had traveled to Iraq to fight with the Kurds in early November. 

But sources in the Kurdish underground in Syria denied Sunday night that Rosenberg had been in the Kobani region, as claimed by the websites. 

An American who is fighting in the ranks of the Kurds also told Voice of Israel that Rosenberg was not in the Kobani region. “She was never in Kobani, that’s not reasonable that she was captured,” he said.

And no official confirmation from either Israel or Canada has been issued to verify reports that Rosenberg was captured by Islamic State terrorists. 

Yet speculation continues about the whereabouts of Rosenberg, and in an internet forum affiliated with Islamic State, many commenters are already gruesomely debating what ISIS should do with its Israeli prisoner. 

The first report – written by well-known forum member, who styles himself as an ISIS reporter and has previously posted many battlefield updates – stated that ISIS abducted Rosenberg, a “female Zionist soldier”, after carrying out three suicide attacks on rebel-held positions. 

Forum opinions are now divided as to what Islamic State’s next step should be.

Some call for the terrorist organization to execute Rosenberg, in their traditional beheading manner, because she is both a female fighter and Jewish.

Moreover, they accuse her of degrading Islam by stamping her feet on an Islamic State banner.  

Others call for ISIS to consider a prisoner exchange with Israel.

In exchange for the return of Rosenberg, the Israelis will be expected to release Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. 

One forum participant argued back that an exchange deal with Israel would be problematic for ISIS’s image, and therefore it would be better for ISIS to just kill her. 

Original Source:


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#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – Nov.30 – US forces unleashed at least 30 air strikes against Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] forces in the northern Syrian province of Raqqa on Saturday, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Reuters reported.

The air strikes targeted militant positions in the northern suburbs of Raqqa city, a strategic stronghold of the Islamist group. 

At least 50 extremists from the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) have been killed in US-led airstrikes in the past 24 hours in the town of Kobane, Syria, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The monitor added that the number of deaths was one of the highest daily tolls since the extremists started their assault on Kobani in September.

US-led strikes also hit the 17th Division, a Syrian army base the Islamic State seized in July, the monitoring group reported.


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#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON – Nov.29 – Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Friday slammed the White House for relying on “absurd” arguments in justifying the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) The Hill reported. 

Paul told Fox News that right now Obama has “no statutory authority and no constitutional authority” for fighting the Islamic extremists.

“The Constitution, I think, would allow, and most people say, for the repelling of an imminent attack. But once an attack goes on for months and months and you are actually not defending anything, you are actually going out and offensively trying to either conquer territory or conquer an opponent, I don’t think that’s a defensive maneuver, nor is that temporary or an imminent attack,” he said.


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#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – Nov.22 – Yemen’s Al-Qaeda branch on Friday denounced the Islamic State group (also known as ISIS or ISIL) for declaring a caliphate on territory it seized in Syria and Iraq, and for its expansionist plans.

The Al-Qaeda Yemeni offshoot’s purported spiritual guide, Sheikh Harith al-Nadhari, said efforts to expand IS’s area of influence are “driving a wedge” among jihadist groups, AP reported.

The IS “forced the nation, all the nation, to pledge allegiance” in the absence of consultation with other jihadist leaders, Al-Nadhari said in a message posted on one of Yemeni Al-Qaeda’s Twitter pages.


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#AceNewsServices – MOSUL – Nov.18 – An Iraqi military operation to liberate Mosul from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will be launched at the start of the new year, Iraq’s Nineveh governorate council has announced.

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, council member Ghazwan Hamid said around 80,000 troops will be involved in the offensive, and that preparations for the operation were already under-way.

Iraqi soldiers who fled their posts in Mosul upon the city’s capture by ISIS back in June will be reintroduced into the Iraqi Army as part of the operation, Hamid said.

Members of the Nineveh police force will also be involved, as will fighters from the Kurdish Peshmerga, “who will be contributing to the operation by capturing the Nineveh plains area [which borders the northern and eastern regions of Mosul], and then surrounding the city from every direction.”

Training camps for the operation have now been set up in the Kurdistan region, Hamid said, adding that many of those currently being trained were previously members of the Iraqi armed forces.

“As for the rest, they comprise volunteers and members of Nineveh’s police force, all of whom need intense training in order to ready them for the upcoming battle,” he said.

Mosul is the Nineveh governorate’s capital city.


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#AceWorldNews – CANADA – November 03 – Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets have dropped their first laser guided bombs on Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS) targets since joining the US-led coalition against the extremist group, the country’s defence minister said on Sunday RT reported. 

' Canada's CF-18 fighter jets '

‘ Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets ‘

“Coordinated with our coalition partners, two CF-18s attacked ISIL targets with GBU12 500 lb laser-guided-bombs in the vicinity of Fallujah, Iraq,” Defence Minister Rob Nicholson said in a statement.

' Canada's CF-18 fighter jets  bomb Fallujah in two hourly strikes '

‘ Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets bomb Fallujah in two hourly strikes ‘

“The approximately four hour mission included air-to-air refuelling from Canada’s Polaris aircraft.

All aircraft returned safely to their base.” Canada’s Parliament approved a six-month mission against IS in October, with the mission mandate also approving.

Six CF-18 Hornet fighter jets, two CP-140 Aurora surveillance aircraft, and one C-150 refuelling aircraft have joined the US-led coalition and stationed in Kuwait City since October 30.

Around 600 Canadian soldiers have also been stationed at the base.


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#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON – October 28 – President Obama’s former ambassador to Iraq says in a new interview that his administration “did almost nothing” in response to intelligence warnings earlier this year that Islamic State radicals were gaining ground in Iraq and threatening the country’s stability.

' Obama White House 'The Rise of ISIS,' says 'Frontline' documentary '

‘ Obama White House ‘The Rise of ISIS,’ says ‘Frontline’ documentary ‘

“The administration not only was warned by everybody back in January, it actually announced that it was going to intensify support against ISIS with the Iraqi armed forces.

And it did almost nothing,” says James Jeffrey, who served as U.S. ambassador to Iraq between 2010 and 2012, in “Frontline’s” “The Rise of ISIS,” which airs on PBS Tuesday night (check local listings) and is previewed here exclusively on Yahoo News.

Jeffrey is one of a number of ex-administration officials who appear in the film and sharply criticize the decisions of the president they once served. Former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta both take issue with Obama’s refusal to arm moderate rebels in Syria who — it is now argued — could have acted as a counterweight to the Islamic State (also called ISIS or ISIL).

“I think we made the wrong decision in not providing assistance to the rebels,” Panetta bluntly says at one point.

The film, reported by correspondent Martin Smith, offers a richly detailed account of how the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki alienated the country’s disenfranchised Sunni population, making reckless accusations of terrorism against Sunni leaders — including the country’s Vice Prime Minister Tariq al-Hashimi. Those allegations flatly denied by al-Hashimi on camera — were based on the testimony of bodyguards who, it is strongly suggested, were tortured.

With little pressure or engagement from Washington, al-Maliki’s anti-Sunni agenda driven by his  “paranoia,” as one of Smith’s interlocutors says — paved the way for ISIS radicals to march through huge swaths of Iraqi territory this spring, seizing arsenals of U.S.-made weapons from a collapsing Iraqi army. This, of course, was the same army that the U.S. spent billions arming and training. In fact, terrorism expert Ken Katzman suggests in the film, they were a phantom led by do-nothing officers.

“They were people who were they were fat cats, I call them,” Katzman, a Congressional Research Service terrorism analyst, says in the film. “They were people who were earning good money to basically sit at a desk and smoke cigarettes and drink good liquor all day.”

In the end, Smith reports, it took only 800 ISIS militants, with the help of local Ba’athist military cadres, to secure Mosul, a city of 1.8 million people.

Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s chief national security spokesman, does his best to defend the administration record and at one point appears to blame Congress for holding up administration requests to step up arms supplies to the Iraqi Army.

“If you go back and you look at the record of what we were providing to the Iraqis, there was a steady increase, whether you’re talking about Hellfire missiles, the Apaches,” says Rhodes. “They were held up by Congress; we sought the expedition of that delivery to the Iraqis.”

Perhaps the most striking exchange in the film comes as Smith presses Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, on whether the administration’s current policy of airstrikes at Islamic State targets will achieve Obama’s goal of “destroying” the Islamic State — without deploying U.S. ground troops.

Are you an optimist at this point, that this really can work?” Smith asks him.

“No, I’m not an optimist,” says Dempsey in a less-than-confidence-building response. While the  campaign’s strategy may be right, “every campaign’s assumptions have to be revisited as the campaign evolves. Some of these assumptions are no doubt going to be challenged.”

Smith’s film suggests this may end up meaning U.S. ground troops get involved — exactly what President Obama says he is determined to avoid but may ultimately have no choice but to accept.


Yahoo News Exclusive 


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#AceWorldNews – October 26 – Refugees from the war in Syria and Iraq include family members of Islamic State (ISIS) fighters, leading to security concerns among authorities, the Kurdistan Region’s representative in Spain said.

“Some of the refugees are families of members of the Islamic State,” said Daban Shadala, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) representative.

“They are sending their families (to the refugee camps) while they continue to fight us,” he said this week in a briefing to the Human Rights Commission of the Basque parliament in the city of Vitoria.

Shadala, whose comments in English were translated through an interpreter, was quoted as saying that weapons had been found in some of the houses where refugees were placed.



#human-rights-commission, #iraq, #isis, #islamic-state, #spain, #syria


#AceWorldNews – IRAQ – October 24 – Eleven Iraqi police officers were taken to hospital after an ISIS chemical weapons attack, with the Defence Ministry and doctors recently confirming the gas as chlorine.

This marks the first officially documented militant attack with the chemical.

The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants’ chlorine gas attack occurred on September 15, in the town of Duluiyah, located north of the capital, according to a Washington Post report.

The blast followed an exchange of fire between the militants and the members of the Sunni Jabbour tribe, who were guarding the town’s borders.

“It was a strange explosion. We saw yellow smoke in the sky,” said Lt. Khairalla al-Jabbouri, one of the survivors.

The victims talked of the fog that hung close to the ground – a possible indication that it was chlorine, which is heavier than air.

The physicians who treated them also confirmed that their diagnosis was poisoning by chlorine gas. 

Earlier this week, reports were circulating that there was a chemical attack in the besieged Syrian town of Kobani on Tuesday. But the chemical agent the IS militants used could not be identified, as doctors lacked necessary equipment to diagnose the cause of complaints made by Kurdish victims and activists.

As a choking agent, chlorine was widely used during World War I. Nowadays it is sold legally as a key component in industry, but its use as a chemical weapon violates the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Source: RT – WP – AFP – AP 


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