` Six Ukrainian Army Service Men Killed and Eight Injured in Armed Clashes ‘

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – Six Ukrainian army servicemen were killed and eight were injured in armed clashes near the city of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk Region in eastern Ukraine, the Defence Ministry said Tuesday.

Armed Clash in Ukraine

According to the ministry, a Kiev-controlled convoy of armoured vehicles “fell into an ambush” near the village of Oktyabrskoye. One armored personnel carrier was destroyed during the fight. Wounded servicemen were brought to a hospital. One of them is in serious condition.

A spokesman for the Kramatorsk self-defense told ITAR-TASS on Tuesday that soldiers of the so-called Ukrainian National Guard have surrounded the village of Oktyabrskoye located 15 kilometres from Kramatorsk.

The armed clash started when a convoy of Ukrainian law enforcers’ armored vehicles was going along a road near Oktyabrskoye, and militiamen tried to stop its movement, he said, adding that at least three Ukrainian armed forces helicopters have landed there, he told ITAR-TASS.


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‘ Self-Defence Forces of `Japan ‘ will Launch Squad to fight Cyber-Attacks ‘

#AceSecurityNews – JAPAN – March 25 – The Self-Defence Forces of Japan will launch on Wednesday the first squad to fight cyber-attacks on the country’s most important information resources, Itar-Tass – reported.

Ninety experts are expected to join the new department at the first stage.

In 2015, a special cyber security centre will be established.

A week ago, Tokyo faced a full-on cyber-attack across government departments in a drill aimed at bolstering national security as the country gears up to host the 2020 Olympics, Reuters said.


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` Russia does not hold on to the Group of Eight (G8) Lavrov said after talks with Kerry in the Hague ‘

#AceWorldNews – THE HAGUE – G7 – March 24 – Russia does to hold on to the G8 (Group of Eight), Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after talks with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in The Hague on Monday, March 24.

“The G8 is an informal club. There are no membership cards there and no one can be expelled from it by definition. It has played it role, as many think, because all economic and financial issues are discussed within the Group of 20.

The Group of Eight continued to exit mainly because it was a forum for discussion between the leading Western countries and Russia,” he said.

He recalled that the G8 had discussed such issues as the Iranian nuclear issue, nuclear security on the Korean Peninsula, Syria, and the Balkans.

“But there are actually other formats for discussing these issues – the U.N. Security Council, there is the Middle East Quartet to discuss the Middle East settlement, and the P1+5 to discuss the Iranian nuclear issue,” Lavrov said.

“If our Western partners think that this format has outlived itself, so be it. We do not hold on to it. We don’t think it will be a tragedy if it’s not convened. We can wait for a year or a year and a half, as an experiment, and see how we live without it,” the minister said.

Replying to questions from journalists on March 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia was still preparing the G8 summit in Sochi scheduled for June.

“We will be ready to host the summit with our colleagues. If they do not want to come – so be it,” he said.

He stressed that Russia’s actions were based on international law and bilateral obligations, unlike those of the United States which “always clearly formulates their own geopolitical and states interests and follow them with persistence… and draw the whole world in.”

When asked about possible sanctions from the West against Russia, Putin said that “It is primarily those who intend to apply them that need to consider their consequences.”

The president stressed that “any threat against Russia is counter-productive and harmful.”

Russia took over the presidency in the Group of Eight on January 1, 2014. The main event of its presidency – the G8 summit – was scheduled to be held in Sochi on June 4-5.

British Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to exclude Russia from the Group of Eight if it refused to cooperate on de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine. Speaking at a meeting of the EU heads of state or government on March 6, Cameron stressed that “illegal actions committed by Russia cannot pass without a response.”

The EU leaders agreed to suspend negotiations on a more liberal visa regime for Russians, to stop work on a comprehensive new agreement on relations between Russia and the EU, and to pull out of all preparations for the G8 summit in Sochi in June.

“And if Russia does not rapidly engage in direct talks with the Ukrainian government to find a solution to this crisis, we have been clear that we will go further,” Cameron warned, adding that the leaders had tasked the European Commission to start work on additional measures, including travel bans and asset freezes.

He noted that “situation in Ukraine remains highly precarious – the slightest miscalculation could see it spiral out of control” and issued “a very clear warning to President Putin that he must not destabilise the situation further.”

“If Russia does not change course, the statement issued today now makes clear that there will be severe and far reaching consequences in areas such an energy, trade, and financial relations,” he said.

On March 9, Putin had telephone conversations with Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“The conversations continued discussion on the highly complex social and political situation unfolding in Ukraine and also issues concerning the organisation of a referendum in Crimea on March 16, 2014.

Although the three leaders did express differences of opinion regarding the events taking place, they declared their common interest in de-escalating tension and returning the situation to normal as soon as possible,” the presidential press service said.

Putin noted, in particular, that the steps Crimea’s legitimate authorities were taking were in line with international law and seek to guarantee the lawful interests of the peninsula’s population.

The president also noted that the current authorities in Kiev had not taken any steps to rein in ultra-nationalist and radical forces in the Ukrainian capital and in many regions.

The three leaders exchanged views on possible international efforts to settle the crisis. They agreed to continue close working contacts, including at the foreign ministers’ level, the press service said.

On March 24, Cameron said the summit would not take place, and Merkel said the G8 format no longer existed.

The Group of Eight (G8) is an unofficial forum of the world’s major economies (Russia, the United States, Great Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, and Italy, with the participation of the EU Leaders) designed to coordinate approaches to the most pressing issues of global affairs.

The G8 does not operate as an international organisation, not being based on an international treaty or having a charter or permanent secretariat.

The decisions taken by the G8 are non-binding political commitments of the member states to follow the agreed logic of action in addressing specific issues.

The host country of the G8 annual summit is presiding over the forum throughout the year, coordinating the G8’s operating activities.

The rotation of the G8 Presidency starts with France (last presidency in 2011), followed by the U.S., the UK, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Canada.

The EU does not host summits and cannot assume presidency.

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Russian News and Media Sources


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UN : ` Humanitarian Aid in `Syria ‘ has increased by ` One Million ‘ since the Start of 2014 ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – March 24 – The number of people in need of humanitarian aid in Syria has increased by one million since the start of 2014, totalling 3.5 million people, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a report to the UN Security Council.

“As the intensity of fighting grows, increasingly more people end up with no access to humanitarian organizations,” Ban said in the document, as quoted by Itar-Tass.

The UN chief regretted that a month after a UN resolution urged both Syrian authorities and the rebels to allow access for humanitarian supplies, there has been no significant breakthrough on the matter.

The Syrian government should fast-track authorizing the UN convoys delivering aid for the people in need, and opposition fighters should grant safe passage for the convoys, he said.


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Afghanistan: ` Taliban claim responsibility for car load of explosives being detonated in front of Police building '

#AceWorldNews A car full of explosives was detonated in front of a police building early Thursday in Jalalabad city in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, killing at least five people and injuring 20, according to Tolo News.

After the initial blast, several gunmen clashed with security forces. Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack.

Provincial spokesman Ahmad Zia Abdulzai confirmed the explosion but did not offer more details.

Hospital officials confirmed the casualties of the attack with Tolo.

Recent update 09.47 – ABU DHABI, March 20. /ITAR-TASS/. The number of victims of the Taliban militants’ attack on a police station in east Afghanistan has risen to 18.

At least 18 people have been reported dead as a result of an attack on a police station in Nangarhar Province in east of Afghanistan.

Islamic fundamentalist movement Taliban have taken responsibility for the attack.


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` St Petersburg Delegation will visit `Sevastopol ‘ in April/May to sign an Agreement of Co-Operation ‘

#AceWorldNews – March 19 – St. Petersburg’s delegation will visit Sevastopol in April or May to sign an agreement on cooperation, St. Petersburg governor’s spokesperson Andrei Kibitov told Itar-Tass.


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` Communist Party of Russia plans to open its branch in Crimea ‘

#AceWorldNews – Moscow – March 19 – The Communist Party of Russia (KPRF) plans to open its branch in Crimea, first deputy chairman of the party’s Central Committee Ivan Melnikov told Itar-Tass on Wednesday.


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` Australia Blacklists 12 Russian’s and Ukrainians stating it would not be Published ‘

#AceWorldNews – Sydney – March 19. – Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop announced on Wednesday Australia had imposed targeted financial sanctions and a ban for entrance to Australia for people who are playing the key role in determining Russian policy that threatens sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

These actions confirm Australia’s clear and unambiguous support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, said Bishop.

The black list would not be published, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs told Itar-Tass.

The names will be announced once the 2011 law on sanctions is amended. This was done to prevent the risk of capital withdrawal from Australia, said the Department’s spokesperson.


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`North Caucasian Terrorist ` Doku Umarov ‘ will be accountable at the `Great Assize ‘ for murder’s of Innocent’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – Leader of North Caucasian terrorists Doku Umarov is yet to stand the harshest of all trials but terrorism in Russia’s North Caucasus Federal District is likely to reduce to naught after his death, Maksim Shevchenko, a member of the Presidential Council for Human Rights said here Tuesday.

“I think he’ll be held accountable at the Great Assize for the murders of innocent people, which he was responsible for, as well as for the fostering of suicide bombers and killings of peaceful civilians,” Shevchenko said.

“And I hope the Moslems of North Caucasus who rank themselves among the opponents will choose legal methods for expressing their civic initiatives in the future.”

“I also hope the guys who have been deceived and who’re staying in captivity of illusions will get out of the (North Caucasian) forests,” he said.

“The authorities will show mercy towards those who don’t have blood on them” and they will be able to incorporate themselves in society normally.

“As a member of the Presidential Human Rights Council, I am ready to assist this in every way and my colleagues there are ready to do it, too,” Shevchenko said.

Earlier on Tuesday, a number of extremist websites confirmed information on Doku Umarov’s death.
Chechnya’s President Ramzan Kadyorv said last December at a news conference at Itar-Tass headquarters he had veritable information that Uramov had died in a string operation.

Tuesday, Kadyrov confirmed the information, saying that this scourge will befall everyone “who conceives evil against the great Russia.

Related News: March 18 – 17.25 – #AceWorldNews Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist Committee (NAC) said it cannot confirm reports of the death of Russia’s most wanted terrorist, Doku Umarov.


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` Fire breaks out on Decommissioned `Nuclear Powered Submarine ‘ in Murmansk ‘

#AceWorldNews MOSCOW, Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation has confirmed the fire of rubber insulation of Project 949A (former Krasnodar) multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine which had earlier been decommissioned from Russia’s Navy. Tass

The fire broke out in the course of submarine’s scrapping at shipyard Nerpa in northern Russia’s Murmansk region on Monday.


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#AceWorldNews SIMFEROPOL More than one third of Crimean…

#AceWorldNews – SIMFEROPOL, – More than one third of Crimean residents entitled to vote have voted at 10am local time (at noon Moscow time) in the Crimean city of Bakhchisaray, news agency CrimeaInform reported on Sunday.

“The turnout is already around 30 percent. This figure takes into account people who were additionally put on the lists of voters. The referendum is expected to have hundred percent turnout. Crimean Tatars are coming with whole families from different residential districts and are participating in the voting,” press secretary of the Bakhchisaray city council Yulia Bekirova stated.

An unprecedented high turnout is reported throughout Crimea. According to observers, people are even lining up at some polling stations, but election committees are doing their best so that all people will be able to vote calmly.

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AFP – AP – itar-Tass – Reuters – VOR – News Sources

“People have been coming massively to polling stations from early morning, this situation has not been observed since Soviet times,” chairman of the committee for referendum in Crimea’s Supreme Council Mikhail Malyshev said. #ANS2014

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` Polling Stations have opened in `Crimea ‘ and Tens of People started Voting ‘

#AceWorldNews – SIMFEROPOL, – All 1,205 polling stations in Crimea started working in routine mode, chairman of the committee for referendum in the Crimean Supreme Council Mikhail Malyshev told reporters on Sunday.

“Today our morning is good,” he said. “According to coming reports, all 1,205 polling stations opened and started working, all of them in routine mode,” he noted.

Meanwhile, he admitted that there were some difficulties related with weather.

“Telephone communications do not operate in Chernomorsky district, 54 from 55 polling stations are cut from electric power supplies in Belogorsk district, but all polling stations started working and possibly all technical difficulties have already been overcome,” Malyshev added.

“I note that the voting will last 12 hours without a break and will end at 8pm (10pm Moscow time),”the committee chairman said.

For his part, Crimean Minister of Information Dmitry Polonsky noted that “now no incidents were reported at polling stations.”

Meanwhile, little rain in the Crimean city of Simferopol did not hamper active voting among Crimean residents.

At polling stations number 08068 and 08069 agitation has been observed from the very first minutes of voting and even earlier, when people started lining up at the entrance to polling stations before eight hours in the morning, Itar-Tass reported.

From the start of voting tens of people have lined up for voting and people keep coming at polling stations.

More during the day …………………………

AFP – AP – itar-Tass – Reuters – VOR – News Sources


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` Russian Bloc leader and City Council Member ` Gennady Basov ‘ is abducted in Sevastopol by Nine Men ‘

#AceBreakingNews Unidentified persons have abducted Russian Bloc leader and City Council member Gennady Basov in Sevastopol.

Nine unidentified men abducted Basov some between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 15, the party’s press service said.
This information was confirmed to ITAR-TASS by police.

The Russian Bloc, the second largest party in the city, was created in 2002 in Crimea (autonomy seeking independence from Ukraine) to fight for the rights of the Russian-speaking population of the peninsula and Sevastopol.

In 2012, the party failed to get elected to the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (parliament), but party leader Gennady Basov was elected to the Sevastopol City Council.

On February 1, 2013, some on-line media published reports on the self-dissolution of the party. The same announcement was posted on the party’s own web site.

However Basov denied these assertions as a provocation.

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` Ukraine's Parliament Votes for Dissolution of Crimean Parliament' – Reports 278 Voted in Favour '

#AceWorldNews – Saturday, March 15 – Voted early for dissolution of Crimean Parliament – Situation is that the stand-off continues in Ukraine, as the defiant region of Crimea prepares for its upcoming referendum that will decide its status.

The coup-imposed government has cut off financial links to Crimea, but has pledged not to attack the peninsula militarily.

11:54 GMT:
The Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (parliament) has voted for early dissolution of Crimean parliament, Itar-Tass reports. 278 MPs voted in favour for the decision.

The Rada’s ruling comes into effect immediately.
The MPs simultaneously supported preparations for early elections in Crimea.

11:44 GMT:
People have gathered in Mariupol, Donetsk region, for a rally in support of Russia and Crimean referendum.

@RT_russian митинг у нас в Мариуполе в поддержку Крыма России и референдума о федерализации pic.twitter.com/ukQ1bxpc9E
— snem (@mrsnem) March 15, 2014
11:38 GMT:

A pro-Russian demonstration is taking place in the centre of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

RT News – AP – Itar-Tass


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` Doctors without Borders and Nationalities render ` Humanitarian ‘ assistance to the `Population ‘ in Sevastopol ‘

#AceWorldNews – Leading Astrakhan medics left for Sevastopol on Saturday morning to render humanitarian assistance to the population.

In the delegation are physicians of various specialists, cardiologists, an otolaryngologist, an urologist, an internist and other medical personnel 27 people in six vehicles with up-to-date equipments.
Cossacks were accompanying the medics.

“We are in a working mood.

We do not fear the situation in Ukraine.

We are doctors without borders and nationalities.

We plan to receive everyone, but first of all veterans and children,” the director of the regional centre for disaster medicine, the head of the delegation, Igor Bolotnikov, told Itar-Tass.


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` Police in ` Sevastopol ‘ detain two men receiving a parcel that contained `Bullet-Proof Vests and Police Shields’

#AceWorldNews Police in Sevastopol have detained two men at a post office who attempted to receive a parcel with bullet-proof vests and police shields, the local police press service told Itar-Tass.

“On March 14, police detained residents of Kiev and Slavutich, who attempted to receive a parcel. There were eight sets of bullet-proof vests and shields in it,” a police source said.

The men arrived in Sevastopol from Simferopol by train. One of them said he expected to receive a parcel with medicines for sailors of the Ukrainian ship Slavutich and did not know there were shields and protective outfit in it.

The second man said he was a correspondent of UkrStream TV.

He could not explain for what he needed bullet-proof vests and shields.


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` KHARKOV ` Right Sector Militants who ` Opened Fire and Seized Hostages ‘ are ` Detained ‘ following a night of Violence’

#AceWorldNews – KHARKOV – The operation to detain Right Sector militants, who had opened fire and seized hostages in Kharkov, was completed, the Kharkov region’s police chief Anatoly Dmitriyev told Itar-Tass on Saturday state news Itar-Tass

About 30 people were detained. The exact number would be known later. Their identities had yet to be established. They had no passports with them. Fingerprints would be taken from the guns left in the building, Dmitriyev said.

The detained persons are held in custody at a district police station. Kharkov defenders opposing Right Sector nationalists are standing outside the building to prevent release of the militants. “We fear they will be released,” one of city residents said.

Earlier, after negotiations of Kharkov Mayor Kernes with the militants, one of the three hostages was freed. “As a result of the negotiations, one hostage was freed. About 40 radicals remained in the building.

Two people remained held as hostages by the militants. One of the hostages is a policeman who came into the building for negotiations,” Kernes said.

Two people died and two, including a policeman, were wounded in clashes between Kharkov residents and Right Sector militants. Submachine gun fire was opened from the building of the Right Sector headquarters, and stun grenades and Molotov cocktails were used.

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` Right Sector Gunmen Attack Anti-Maidan Activists in Kharkov – Reports ‘

#AceBreakingNews Armed men from the radical Right Sector movement have attacked local self-defence activists in the eastern city of Kharkov, Itar-Tass reports citing local sources.

At least three activists have reportedly been wounded by gunfire.

The armed group of radicals had arrived from the West of Ukraine on a bus, local activists told Itar-Tass. “The outsiders are shooting machine guns,” he said.

The group has reportedly barricaded itself inside the local headquarters of Right Sector and was throwing sound and flash grenades.

Police have been deployed at the scene.

RT News http://on.rt.com/sxemb5


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` United Nations Mission in ` Ukraine ‘ to Investigate Human Rights ‘

#AceWorldNews – United Nations – Observation mission of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights will probe into all the claims about encroachments on human rights in Ukraine, regardless of who the victims of those encroachments are, Ivan Simonovic, an assistant to the UN Secretary General in charge of the mission, who is currently in Kiev, said Friday in the course of a video conference.

He said the goal of the mission is to watch the observance of human rights all across the Ukrainian territory, including Crimea.

Since access to the peninsular region is unavailable at present, the mission members will draw their conclusions from eyewitnesses’ evidence.

Simonovic said the UN has gained experience with observations in the regions where it does not have physical presence, and this should not be a problem in the 21st century.

After failing to get to Crimea earlier this week, Simonovic indicated that he continued attempts to get to the Autonomous Republic’s territory.

Also he was going to discuss the situation with the observers working there.


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` Spanish and Moroccan police reveals ` Islamist Militants ‘ who sent fighters to Syria ‘

#AceWorldNews MADRID, – Spanish police and Moroccan security services exposed Islamist militants, which were engaged in recruiting and sending fighters in Syria and other world regions with armed conflicts, reports the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Iberian kingdom.

According to the ministry of Internal Affairs “four people were arrested in Spain and three in Morocco”.
It is expected at least one of them had affiliations with terrorist organizations, closed to the al-Qaeda.

Such operations law-enforcement bodies of both countries have conducted repeatedly – reports Itar-Tass.

Members of other group involved in the recruitment militants including its leader Ahmed Yassin Laarbi were arrested in July and September last year.


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