` NPP Operator TEPCO Report Dumping Ground Water into Pacific Ocean Will Not Harm Environment Not According to EPA Report ‘

#AceWorldNews – TOKYO – May 21 – Workers of Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi (Fukushima 1) nuclear power plant have started dumping ground waters into the Pacific ocean, the NPP operator – Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) reported on Wednesday.

Representative of the company say the dump will do the environment no harm.

According to a report carried out by EPA: Water Discharges Heavy metals and salts build up in the water used in all power plant systems, including nuclear ones.

These water pollutants, as well as the higher temperature of the water discharged from the power plant, can negatively affect water quality and aquatic life.

Nuclear power plants sometimes discharge small amounts of tritium and other radioactive elements as allowed by their individual waste-water permits.

Waste generated from uranium mining operations and rainwater run off can contaminate groundwater and surface water resources with heavy metals and traces of radioactive uranium.

Accumulation of radioactive ground waters under the NPP is one of the main problems for the clean-up workers at Fukushima.

To pervent it, TEPCO plans by 2015 to create an artificial layer of permanent frost around the power plant and slowly drain the accumulated water.

However, some experts have expressed scepticism regarding the plan.

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1. EPA – Report – 22/10/13 – PDF http://cybercemetery.unt.edu/archive/brc/20120620220235/http://brc.gov/sites/default/files/documents/brc_finalreport_jan2012.pdf


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` Tsunami Waves caused by the ` Earthquake in Chile ‘ can reach Japan’s Pacific Coast April 03 – Approx 03.00 Local Time ‘

#AceWorldNews – TOKYO, April 02 – Tsunami waves caused by a powerful earthquake in Chile can reach Japan’s Pacific coast on Thursday, April 3 at about 03.00 local time, Japanese meteorological watch office reported Wednesday.

Boats washed up the harbour installations in Chile after the earthquake EPA/ALEX VALDES

Earlier, it was reported that the tsunami might reach Japan. According to the watch office, the wave height is expected to be from 20 sentimetres or 10 meters.

Japanese specialists urged the residents of the coastal areas to take the necessary precautions, in particular avoid approaching the coastline if possible.

As a result of an 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Chile 6 people died and 3 others were seriously injured. The earthquake damaged several buildings and roads and disrupted power supply.

Ace Related News: April 02 – 14.33 GMT – #AceWorldNews – SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) – Authorities lifted tsunami warnings for Chile’s long coastline early Wednesday after a magnitude-8.2 earthquake struck the South American nation’s northern coast.

Six people were crushed to death or suffered fatal heart attacks, a remarkably low toll for such a powerful shift in the Earth’s crust. http://wp.me/p165ui-4CL


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` Panamanian Cargo ship Sinks following Collision with a `South Korean ship off coast of Japan ‘

#AceWorldNews A Panamanian cargo ship sank off the coast of Japan following a collision with a South Korean ship, Japan’s media reported.

Eight out of twenty crew members are still missing following the accident, the local coastguard stated.

According to authorities, the Panamanian cargo ship Beagle-3 collided with South Korean Pegasus Prime in the Uraga Channel that connects Tokyo Bay to the Sagami Gulf on Tuesday at 03:20 local time.

There was no one injured on the second ship.


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