` Japan's Whaling Program in Seas Near ` Antarctica ' is not for `Scientific ' reasons UN's Highest Court Rules '

#AceEnvironmentNews – UNITED NATIONS – March 31 – Japan’s whaling program in seas near Antarctica is not for scientific purposes, judges at the UN’s highest court ruled on Monday- RT

The International Court of Justice in The Hague also agreed with Australia that Tokyo should revoke permits to catch and kill whales for research purposes, Reuters reported.

Australia, which brought the case before the court in The Hague in 2010, had argued that Japan’s assertion that it was carrying out scientific research was to justify what was in fact pure commercial whaling.

The JARPA II research program has been going on since 2005, it has involved the killing of about 3,600 minke whales, and “the scientific output to date appears limited,” presiding Judge Peter Tomka said.

JARPA/JARPA II Research results

The JARPA∗ was conducted during the austral summer seasons from 1987/88 to 2004/05. The JARPA had four main objectives: a) estimation of biological parameters to improve the stock management of the Southern Hemisphere minke whale; b) elucidate the role of whales in the Antarctic marine ecosystem; c) elucidation of the effect of environmental change on cetaceans; and d) elucidation of the stock structure of Southern Hemisphere minke whales to improve management – http://www.icrwhale.org/JARPAResults.html


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