(NIGERIA) President Muhammadu Buhari Statement Report: Crisitises a bishop who was endorsed by Christian leaders who hope he can combat corruption and sectarian terrorism #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.18: Buhari has failed miserably and astronomically. And he’s busy spending billions of naira (Nigerian currency) on senseless deradicalization programs that don’t work, while Christians continue to be murdered in a country that has been described as a “massive killing field.”

Nigeria: Government outraged as bishop criticizes its response to jihad terror: ‘Christians are undergoing a genocide in Nigeria, and it is Nigeria’s Muslim President Muhammadu Buhari who is playing politics. Christianity Today wrote with high hopes about him in 2015’

“Nigeria presidency accuses priest of partisan politics after criticism,” translated from “Nigéria : la présidence accuse un prêtre de faire de la politique partisane après des critiques,” by Rodrigue Gozoa, La Nouvelle Tribune, April 8, 2021:

Matthew Hassan Kukah is the current bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sokoto in northwestern Nigeria. He was ordained on December 19, 1976. He was previously Secretary General of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Kaduna until he was ordained bishop on September 8, 2011. A priest and political scientist, the prelate is regularly requested by the government authorities in place for numerous mediation and diplomacy missions. But this Sunday, on the occasion of the Christian Feast of Easter, Bishop Kukah gave a sermon that Mr. Buhari very much disliked.

“Inappropriate comments”

Bishop Kukah has participated in many presidential initiatives, such as the Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights Violations, the Electoral Reform Committee and the National Political Reform Conference. He was also the presidential facilitator who negotiated an end to hostilities between the Nigerian oil company Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria and the Ogoni people in the Delta region.

But also and because, according to the Nigerian press, the prelate’s qualities as mediator had been remarkable, Bishop Kukah was also asked to join a committee set up by the governors of the North to jointly examine the Boko Haram crisis, and consider appropriate solutions to apply. From this point of view, the prelate was therefore one of those in Nigeria who had a good knowledge of the “Boko Haram” problem and the corollary of insecurity that the terrorist threat had left in its wake.

But this Sunday, when the bishop in his homily for the Feast of the Resurrection of Christ said that “insecurity, in particular terrorism, had increased since President Buhari came to power in 2015,” the reaction of the Buhari administration was immediate. It was Mallam Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant for media and publicity, who in a statement issued in Abuja accused the cleric on behalf of the presidency of engaging in partisan politics.

According to Mr. Shehu, the prelate’s words were all the more out of place as they lacked the impartiality required by the cassock he wore. “If you claim to be a man of God, as Father Mathew Hassan Kukah does, ideology should not stand in the way of facts and fairness. (…) He (Msgr Kukah — editor’s note) practices partisan politics by lecturing the president. (…) We urge well-meaning citizens to continue supporting the administration’s ongoing efforts to secure the country and move it forward,” the presidential statement added in substance….

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Apr.18: 2021:

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(FRANCE) JUST IN: #IslamicState Widow wants to be repatriated but she was a jihadist bride and believes by wearing the clothes of the west she will be accepted but many do not want her back in their countries #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.06: The UK’s “conservative” Telegraph recently played right into the jihadist scheme. It published a glamor photoshoot of the highly dangerous jihadist Shamima Begum, which made her appear as if she has reformed. A week later, she was telling the sympathetic media that she joined the jihad because she didn’t feel loved as a child. But this is how Begum described how she felt about the first severed head she saw:

France: #IslamicState widow wants to go ‘home,’ sheds Islamic veil, flaunts baseball cap and sweats: ‘Emilie Konig is a jihadist, and is begging to be repatriated. It’s the same story repeatedly: dangerous jihadist brides of the Islamic State want to return “home” because their lives have turned into a living hell, due to the fallout of the dismantling of the Islamic State in the region’

“French IS widow in Syria camp, veil-free, wants to ‘go home,’” AFP, March 30, 2021 (thanks to Henry):

In a Syrian detention camp for people linked to the Islamic State group, French mother-of-five Emilie Konig has swapped her all-engulfing black robe for a sweatshirt and baseball cap.

The 36-year-old widow — who is on UN and US blacklists of dangerous militants, accused of recruiting IS fighters and inciting attacks in the West — says she’s now desperate to go home.

Joining IS “wrecked” her life, said Konig, who was captured in late 2017 by Kurdish forces battling the jihadists in the eastern Syrian town of Shadadi.

“I want to go home to France,” she told AFP. “I have my family there. I want to start my life over and right my mistakes.”

Konig — who frequently appeared in IS propaganda videos, including in a 2013 clip showing her training with a shotgun — now lives in the Kurdish-run Roj camp in northeast Syria.

Now sporting a hooded top, faux leather leggings and white hightop trainers, she said: “I’m already dressing … to get used to my returning”.

She said she hopes to work as an accountant back in France — even if Paris has been reluctant to repatriate citizens with IS links and would likely seek to try them on terror-related charges.

“When I do return, I won’t be able to wear” a veil, she said, her dark, blond-streaked hair braided into a plait under her Yankees cap. “In the job I want to do… you can’t wear it.”….

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Apr.06: 2021:

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(INDONESIA) JUST IN: Three families were part of the bombings, and the jihadist parents included their young children in the attacks #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.31: One of the highest-profile atrocities committed by Jamaah Ansharut Daulah was a spree of bombings in the Indonesian city of Surabaya:

Indonesia: ‘Newly weds identified as the jihad suicide bombers who attacked church on Palm Sunday and is believed to be linked to the group Jamaah Ansharut Daulah, which is itself linked to the #IslamicState

The brazen attack was posted on Twitter HERE.

“Couple who married 6 months ago identified as suicide bombers in Indonesian church attack,” RT, 30March 29, 2021:

Indonesian police have identified the suspects in Sunday’s church suicide bombing as a recently married couple with suspected jihadist ties. Families have been involved in some major terrorist attacks in the region.

The explosion occurred outside a Roman Catholic church in the city of Makassar after two people entered the churchyard on a motorbike and were prevented from entering by security guards. The blast left 20 people injured and killed the attackers. It happened shortly after a Palm Sunday Mass service was held inside the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral.

The perpetrators were identified as a couple living in the same city who got married six months ago, National Police spokesperson Argo Yuwono revealed on Monday. Lab tests matched the male’s DNA to that of his relatives and confirmed the female’s identity via fingerprints. The police only gave the initials of the man, L, and his wife, YSF, but local media pinpointed the young couple’s residence and spoke to neighbors.

Police say the couple are believed to have had links to Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD), an Indonesian jihadist group linked to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS). The group has been responsible for a number of terrorist attacks in Indonesia and elsewhere in the region.

One of their highest-profile atrocities was a series of bombings in the city of Surabaya, the capital of Indonesia’s East Java province. Three bombs targeted Catholic churches, while one was set off by accident at a perpetrator’s residence and another exploded when police stopped two members of the group for a check. Three families were behind the spree of violence and included their children – as young as seven – in the attacks, investigators reported….

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Mar.31: 2021:

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(MASSACHUSETTS) JUST IN: A research director at a biotechnology firm has been arrested by federal authorities for allegedly trying to acquire the highly toxic poison ricin, officials said Tuesday #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.18: The fact that Ishtiaq Ali Saaem bought so much ricin and “researched homemade tasteless poisons” doesn’t suggest any genuinely innocent intent:

Massachusetts: Muslim biotech researcher bought 800 castor beans to extract ricin: ‘There is, however, no indication in any news report of what exactly he was planning, or whether or not he had any jihadist sentiments’

“Biotech researcher bought 800 castor beans to extract ricin, feds say,” by Kenneth Garger, New York Post, March 17, 2021 (thanks to Kevin):

A research director at a Massachusetts biotechnology firm has been arrested by federal authorities for allegedly trying to acquire the highly toxic poison ricin, officials said Tuesday.

Dr. Ishtiaq Ali Saaem, 37, who has a doctorate in biomedical engineering, allegedly wanted to extract the toxin from 100 packets of castor beans that he ordered, according to the US Attorney’s Office for Massachusetts….

Saaem, who is from Pennsylvania, is accused of lying to investigators who questioned his purchase, telling them that he only meant to buy one packet of castor beans to plant and decorate his home with, prosecutors said.

After the first inquiry, prosecutors said Saaem researched homemade tasteless poisons.

In a second meeting with authorities, he again claimed the castor beans were simply meant for planting at home….

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Mar.18: 2021:

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#AceWorldNews – GERMANY:Jan.11: A German citizen, who is suspected of ties with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) extremists, was arrested on Saturday, German federal prosecutors said in a statement.

He returned from Syria some months ago, where he spent almost a year. He will go before a judge on Sunday.

At least 550 German citizens have joined IS militants in Iraq and Syria, officials say.

RT News Reported.


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#AceNewsServices – AUSTRALIA:Dec.15 – Up to 40 hostages are being held by an unknown individual at a café in central Sydney, Australia. A black jihadist flag was reportedly spotted at the site. Authorities have cleared the airspace over the city center to make way for police helicopters.

Video from FreeNews Australia https://twitter.com/FreeNewsAU

Monday, December 15

10:18 GMT:

Australian Twitter users have shown their support for Muslim population by offering to ride with them on buses and trains, or giving them a lift to work to ensure their safety.

The campaign was dubbed #illridewithyou.

“…and the (presumably) Muslim woman sitting next to me on the train silently removes her hijab,”wrote one Twitter user, “I ran after her at the train station. I said ‘put it back on. I’ll walk with you.”

10:14 GMT:

09:57 GMT:

09:55 GMT:

The Australian Muslim Community has issued a statement, saying that it “shares with fellow Sydneysiders their utter shock and horror at the unprecedented scenes emerging from the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place this morning.”

“We reject any attempt to take the innocent life of any human being, or to instill fear and terror into their hearts,” the statement adds.

“Any such despicable act only serves to play into the agendas of those who seek to destroy the goodwill of the people of Australia and to further damage, and ridicule the religion of Islam.”

09:47 GMT:

09:42 GMT:

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione delivered a message to all the hostages kept at the café: “We are doing all we can to set you free.” He added that he doesn’t think there are other locations involved at the moment.

09:41 GMT:

“My call goes out to the state to pray for them [hostages], to pray for their families,” the premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird, told journalists.

09:39 GMT:

“We have the very best negotiators in the world working on this right now,” NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione told journalists. However, he couldn’t confirm whether the five hostages escaped or were released by the gunman.

“I want to praise Sydneysiders for what they’ve done today,” he added, “There’s no need for people to be in and around that area.”

“Our plan and only goal is to get those people out of that building. We have got contact with him [the gunman].”

09:34 GMT:

09:34 GMT:

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#AceNewsServices – Dec.01 – The status of Gill Rosenberg, a dual Canadian-Israeli citizen who volunteered to join the Kurdish militia, and was reportedly stationed in Kobani, Syria, remains unknown. 


‘ Gill Rosenberg ‘

Reports surfaced on jihadist websites Sunday, that ISIS had captured Rosenberg, 31, a former IDF soldier who immigrated to Israel in 2006. She had traveled to Iraq to fight with the Kurds in early November. 

But sources in the Kurdish underground in Syria denied Sunday night that Rosenberg had been in the Kobani region, as claimed by the websites. 

An American who is fighting in the ranks of the Kurds also told Voice of Israel that Rosenberg was not in the Kobani region. “She was never in Kobani, that’s not reasonable that she was captured,” he said.

And no official confirmation from either Israel or Canada has been issued to verify reports that Rosenberg was captured by Islamic State terrorists. 

Yet speculation continues about the whereabouts of Rosenberg, and in an internet forum affiliated with Islamic State, many commenters are already gruesomely debating what ISIS should do with its Israeli prisoner. 

The first report – written by well-known forum member, who styles himself as an ISIS reporter and has previously posted many battlefield updates – stated that ISIS abducted Rosenberg, a “female Zionist soldier”, after carrying out three suicide attacks on rebel-held positions. 

Forum opinions are now divided as to what Islamic State’s next step should be.

Some call for the terrorist organization to execute Rosenberg, in their traditional beheading manner, because she is both a female fighter and Jewish.

Moreover, they accuse her of degrading Islam by stamping her feet on an Islamic State banner.  

Others call for ISIS to consider a prisoner exchange with Israel.

In exchange for the return of Rosenberg, the Israelis will be expected to release Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. 

One forum participant argued back that an exchange deal with Israel would be problematic for ISIS’s image, and therefore it would be better for ISIS to just kill her. 

Original Source:


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#AceWorldNews – TRIPOLI – October 24 – Lebanese troops arrested a recruiter for the Islamic State group wanted for the beheading of a captured soldier, in a raid Thursday that netted more suspects and killed three gunmen, the army said.

Lebanon army nabs beheading suspect in 'terror cell' raid

Lebanon army nabs beheading suspect in ‘terror cell’ raid

“A military intelligence unit carried out a security operation at dawn in the Dinniyeh area” of northern Lebanon on an apartment in which jihadist Ahmad Miqati was living, a statement said.

Miqati and his son Omar were arrested in the raid. They, along with a Miqati nephew identified as Bilal “were involved in the slaying of martyred Sergeant Ali Sayyid” in the border town of Arsal, the army said.

Tensions have soared in Lebanon since August when the army fought deadly clashes with jihadists of the IS and Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front in Arsal.

The jihadists are demanding that Lebanon free Islamist prisoners.



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‘ Swiss Authorities Detain Three Suspected of Links to Islamic State ‘

#AceWorldNews – SWITZERLAND – September 24 – Swiss authorities have detained three citizens of Iraq, who are suspected of links to the terrorist group Islamic State.

The men are also accused of preparation to stage a terrorist act in Switzerland, Itar-Tass reported.

All three were detained in late March. Neue Zurcher Zeitung earlier reported that at least three Iraqi nationals are suspected of founding a cell of the terrorist organization Islamic State and using it to provide financial and logistical support to IS.”

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating some 20 cases involving radical jihadist terrorism.

Four cases are connected to Syria.



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