WASHINGTON: ‘ Democrats clash with Kerry over Iran Deal ‘

‘ Protective Edge Israel’s Military Incursion ‘

‘ Kidnapping Our Children is Becoming a Daily Event Around the World now Three More Boys are Abducted in West Bank ‘

`Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry to Meet in Paris ‘

NSA releases single Snowden e-mail as Kerry tells him ‘MAN UP’ before interview with US media

` Burisma Holdings Ukraine’s Largest Private Gas Producer has Licences and Board of Control ‘

` Barack Obama Meets Syrian Oppostion Leader Ahmed Jarba ‘

` China’s Foreign Ministry Blames the United States for Tensions in South China Sea ‘


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` UN Security Council ,Germany and (P5+1) and Iran agree new round of Nuclear Talks ‘

` Ukraine turmoil LIVE UPDATES Continues Unabated ‘

` United States prepares a $1 Billion Energy Subsidy Package for the Ukraine ‘

`Kerry says that the US-Russia relations could worsen if Russia launches a military operation in the Ukraine’

` Palestinian delegation rejects `US’ move to extend nine month deadline for Peace Deal’

” Kerry criticises Russia for `enabling’ Assad to stay in Power”

#Iran : ” Completion of `Nuclear Deal’ in Six Months” but `Dissenter’s Voice’ their Objection’s”

#Syria : ” Kerry Apologises or there will be `No Direct Talks’ with Opposition”

#US & #Syria : “Kerry Say’s `No Compliance with Disarmament Obligations of Chemical Weapons’ may lead to Mandated Military Force”

#Geneva2 : ” Syria & Peace are Misnomer’ s Provided to Make Us Believe in Miracle’s”