JORDAN: ' Abu Qatada Says Beheading US Journalists Contradicts Islamic Teaching '

#AceWorldNews – JORDAN (Amman) – September 07 – The Muslim cleric Abu Qatada has criticized the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) jihadists for the beheading of two US journalists, saying that the killings contradict Islamic teaching.

Abu Qatada is awaiting the verdict of an Amman court in Jordan for his role in an alleged terrorist plan to blow up American, Israeli and other Western tourists during the 2000-millennium celebrations.

He allegedly told reporters waiting outside the court that journalists are “messengers of truth” and that killing them is against religious teachings, according to the BBC.

Abu Qatari - 7422884_sne69yzo 

He was speaking to the media from the dock of a court in Amman, Jordan, during a hearing in a terrorism trial.

The case against Abu Qatada, who was deported from the UK last year after a long legal battle with the government, was adjourned until 24 September.

He is on trial in Jordan over his alleged involvement in a thwarted plot aimed at the millennium celebrations in the country in 2000.


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` Syria Expels Jordan’s Top Diplomat in Tit-For-Tat Move ‘

#AceWorldNews – DAMASCUS – May 26 – Syria declared Jordan’s charge d’affaires in Damascus persona non grata, Reuters said.

The move was taken in response to what Damascus said was an unjustified decision by the kingdom to expel its ambassador.

Earlier in the day, Jordan gave Syrian Ambassador Bahjat Suleiman, a former general and intelligence chief, 24 hours to leave the country.

The envoy was accused of having made repeated public criticisms of the kingdom.

Reuters – AP – RT – AFP


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` Israel Approves Plans for Fifty New Homes in Har Homa Annexed After 1967-Six-Day War '

#AceNewsServices – JERUSALEM – May 26 – Israel on Monday approved plans for 50 new homes for Israelis in east Jerusalem, AFP reported.

“The municipality has given the green light to build 50 new housing units in five buildings in Har Homa,” City Councilor Yosef Pepe Alalu said.

Har Homa is a settlement neighbourhood in the southern sector of Arab east Jerusalem which was annexed after the 1967 Six-Day War.

The history leading up to and including the six day war are both revealing and quite enlightening as from the 1950’s onward tensions surrounding water politics had escalated.

After the 1956 Suez Crisis, there were numerous minor border clashes between Israel and its Arab neighbours, particularly Syria, and Egypt agreed to the stationing of U.N. peacekeepers, the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF), in the Sinai to ensure all parties would comply with the 1949 Armistice

Agreements, the Straits of Tiran were opened to Israeli traffic and the Sinai peninsula was demilitarized.

On November 4, 1966, the Soviet Union vetoed a six-Power resolution inviting Syria to prevent incidents that constituted a violation of the General Armistice Agreement.

Author Jeffrey Sosland argues in his book that before 1967 Syria exacerbated the confrontation with Israel in order to divert attention from its internal economic and political instability.

Israel tapped the Jordan River (and the Sea of Galilee) by canal for irrigation of the Southern Negev desert, and Syria started the Headwater Diversion Plan (Jordan River) in order to thwart Israel’s plans to use the water.

Cross-border conflicts over water had preceded the war by years, without any permanent political resolution.


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` Jordan’s Ambassador to Libya Freed After Abduction by Gunmen in Tripoli ‘

#AceWorldNewsTRIPOLI – May 13 – Jordan’s ambassador to Libya has been freed after being abducted by gunmen in the capital, Tripoli, last month.

Jordanian Minister FreedFawaz al-Itan was released unharmed and was on his way home on Tuesday, Jordanian officials said.

The kidnappers had reportedly demanded the release of a Libyan Islamist militant in exchange, but it is unclear whether this was granted.

Diplomats have been the targets of a number of abductions in Libya in recent months amid continuing instability.

The central government has struggled to assert its authority over the armed groups and tribesmen who helped end Muammar Gaddafi‘s 41-year rule in 2011.

‘Doing well’

Mr Itan was kidnapped in the Libyan capital on 15 April when masked gunmen shot at his car, wounding the driver.

Libyan state media quoted Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Nasser Judeh, as saying he was already on his way back to his homeland after his release on Tuesday.

“The ambassador is doing well and he is now making his way back to his country,” Mr Judeh was quoted as saying.

He gave no further details about the circumstances of the release.

Four weeks ago masked gunmen seized the Jordanian ambassador in the Libyan capital on Tuesday, officials said, the latest in a wave of abductions and kidnappings that have swept Libya underscoring the lawlessness in the North African nation since the 2011 overthrow of late dictator Muammar Qadhafi.

According to the spokesman of the Libyan Foreign Ministry, several masked gunmen in civilian clothes and in two cars opened fire at Ambassador Fawaz al-Etan’s vehicle early  Tuesday morning in Tripoli.

The assailants wounded the Jordanian ambassador’s driver and forced Mr. al-Etan out at gunpoint, said the spokesman, Said al-Aswad.

Jordan’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Sabah al-Rafie confirmed the kidnapping but had no further details.  

She said the Jordanian government was following the matter closely with the Libyan authorities.

The motives behind the abduction were not clear and no one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.



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` Jordan Opens New Tent City to Accommodate Ten of Thousands of Syrian Refugees Fleeing Fighting ‘

#AceWorldNews – JORDAN – April 30 – Jordan is opening a new tent city on Wednesday to accommodate tens of thousands of Syrian refugees who are expected to flee the fighting, AP said.

The Azraq refugee camp is about 90km from the Syrian border, according to UN officials.

It will ultimately host 130,000 people, as many as there are now in Zaatari, currently Jordan’s largest camp.

Jordan already hosts some 600,000 Syrian refugees, about 10 percent of the country’s population.


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` War Means Many Dollars for Western Economies But For People it Means No Bread to Feed Their Children’

#AceNewsServices – JORDAN – April 17 – Amman, Jordan – Three years after fleeing their war-torn country, more than half a million Syrian refugees living in Jordan’s urban centres have become more vulnerable and destitute, a new study has revealed.

A household assessment released by CARE International on Thursday found that urban Syrian refugees are struggling to cope with inadequate housing and high debts amid increasing prices in Jordan.

According the latest report of CARE releases new study on situation of urban refugees:

Amman, April 15, 2014. Half a million Syrian refugees living in urban areas in Jordan are struggling more than ever to cope with inadequate housing, high debts, rising costs of living and educational challenges for their children, CARE International has found in a new study.

According to CARE’s household assessment of more than 2,200 Syrian refugees, 90 percent of the refugees are living in debt to relatives, landlords, shopkeepers and neighbours and rents have increased by almost a third in the past year.

The insecurity to provide for their families causes increasing levels of stress and sets women at risk of sexual exploitation. In many cases, young sons become the family’s breadwinner to make ends meet. CARE’s study shows that only 52 percent of Syrian refugee boys are currently attending school (compared with 62 percent of girls). This is an improvement to CARE’s findings in last year’s urban assessments, where 40 percent of children were enrolled in school. “But the current number is still too low. Being pulled into the workforce usually means being pulled out of school. Hundreds of thousands of school children have lost up to three years of education. We are losing an entire generation of children, the most critical investment for Syria’s future.”

“Three years after the Syria crisis started refugee families are becoming more and more destitute. The longer they live in neighbouring countries, the more financially vulnerable they become. Families have fled months or years ago, they do not have any savings any more,” says Salam Kanaan, CARE Jordan’s Country Director. More than 80 percent of the refugees in Jordan do not live in camps, but in poor neighbourhoods in the urban areas or the outskirts of Jordan’s cities, often in inadequate dwellings, informal tented settlements and makeshift shelters.

Often they have to share tiny, run-down flats with more than one family. Families have to spend an average of USD 260 per month for rent. For refugees, who have difficulties and high expenses obtaining a work permit in Jordan, being able to pay for rent is one of the most pressing concerns.

36 percent of the families registered with CARE are headed by women. They have fled without their husbands who are either still in Syria, injured or have been killed.

They have to take care of their young children and older relatives, but have difficulties to generate income.

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#AceWorldNews JORDAN April 16 Latest information recently received…

#AceWorldNews – JORDAN – April 16 – Latest information recently received: April 16 – 17.54 GMT: Syria said that several vehicles destroyed by Jordanian war-planes on Wednesday do not belong to the Syrian Army, Reuters reported.

“No vehicles belonging to the Syrian Army moved toward the Jordanian border. What was targeted by the Jordanian Air Force does not belong to the Syrian Army,” Syrian state news agency SANA said.

According to the Jordanian security source, the targets were Syrian rebels in civilian cars mounted with machine guns.

Previous Post April 16 – 14.40 GMT:

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` Jordan's Air Force Destroy Military Vehicles trying to Cross from Syria '

#AceWorldNews – JORDAN – April 16 – Jordan’s air force has destroyed military vehicles trying to cross from Syria, Jordanian state television said Wednesday. “The Royal Air Force destroyed a number of military vehicles which tried to cross the Jordanian-Syrian border,” Reuters said, citing a television report.

Latest information recently received: April 16 – 17.54 GMT: Syria said that several vehicles destroyed by Jordanian warplanes on Wednesday do not belong to the Syrian Army, Reuters reported. “No vehicles belonging to the Syrian Army moved toward the Jordanian border. What was targeted by the Jordanian Air Force does not belong to the Syrian Army,” Syrian state news agency SANA said. According to the Jordanian security source, the targets were Syrian rebels in civilian cars mounted with machine guns.


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` Israeli Police Storm Holy Site of Jerusalem to ` Disperse a Riot ‘ using Tear-Gas ‘

#AceWorldNews – April 16 – Israeli police on Wednesday stormed a holy site in Jerusalem to disperse a riot, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

Palestinian rioters hurled stones and firecrackers from atop the compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, AP reported.

Police then entered the site and dispersed the rioters with tear gas and other non-lethal means, Rosenfeld said.

The compound is Islam’s third-holiest site. Israel captured the area from Jordan in the 1967 war. Jews typically pray below at the Western Wall, but an increased number of them have started praying at the Temple Mount as well.


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` Jordan’s Ambassador to Libya is Kidnapped by Masked Gunmen as he was leaving his House ‘

#AceWorldNews – AMMAN – April 15 – Jordan’s ambassador to Libya, Fawaz al-Itan, was kidnapped on Tuesday morning after masked gunmen attacked his car and shot his driver, according to a spokesman for Libya’s Foreign Ministry.

The driver survived the attack and was in hospital, Reuters quoted spokesman Said Laswad as saying.

The incident reportedly occurred as the ambassador was leaving his house.


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` King of Jordan Abdallah II will visit Russia at Putin’s on Agenda Atomic Energy and Bi-Lateral Cooperation ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 08 – King of Jordan Abdallah II will arrive with visit to Russia on April 9 at the invitation of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin press service said on Tuesday, April 8.

“During the top-level talks, the two sides will consider the most topical aspects of bilateral cooperation, in particular prospects for implementation of high-tech joint projects, including those in the atomic energy industry and military-technical area,” the press service said.

Program of the visit also envisions detailed exchange of views on regional security matter with the focus on recent developments in Syria and the Middle East settlement.

Russia and Jordan maintain regular political dialog, strengthen trade and economic relations, and expand Humanitarian exchanges.


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` Jordanian Government Sweeping Changes to its Juvenile Detention Law including Accountability Age Seven' '

#AceWorldNews – JORDAN – April 08 – (Al Jazeera ) The Jordanian government is considering sweeping changes to its juvenile detention law. More than 2,000 juveniles reside in youth detention centres, most of them convicted for minor crimes like petty theft.

Most of the detainees suffer from severe depression, prompting the country’s social development ministry to urge parliament to approve a draft law that would ease conditions for juveniles.

Substantial changes, including replacing prison sentences with community service, as well as raising the age of criminal accountability from seven-years-old to 11, have been proposed.

Legal experts say the amendments would ensure Jordan’s child protection laws are compatible with international conventions.

In 2005 – 2006 changes were made at the time to include a new draft of Juvenile law was elaborated that is more consistent with the basic UN standards applicable in Juvenile justice (specially respect for children rights, referral to competent judiciary specialized in juvenile cases, application of alternatives to imprisonment and restorative justice principles instead of punitive justice).—phase-1.html

This included at the time an Amendment of Criminal Procedure Code-article 158- to allow the use of material recorded by audio visual equipment at police stations as evidence at court.

Courtesy of Al Jazeera’s Nisreen El-Shamaylah reports from Amman with contributions from UNODC.

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` Jordanian Police were Injured in Clashes with ` Syrian Refugees ‘ Burning Six Tents and Attacking a Police Station ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – ZAATARI CAMP – (RT) – April 06 – At least 22 Jordanian police were injured in clashes with Syrian refugees at the Zaatari camp, authorities reported.

No verified report on the number of injured among the protesters was immediately available.

The camp is the second-largest in the world and houses some 106,000 refugees, who fled the violence in Syria across the border.

The rioting crowd burned down six tents and two caravans before trying to attack police stations, Jordanian police said.

There are conflicting reports on what triggered the unrest. Jordan said it was caused by the detention of three people trying to leave the camp illegally, while the refugees said the riot started after police ran over a Syrian child.


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` United States are Finalising Plans to Boost the Training of ` Syrian Rebels ‘ Sending Weapons to Jordan – Reports ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – April 05 – (RT) – US authorities are finalizing a plan to boost the training of Syrian rebels and will send shipments to moderate rebel factions mostly based in Jordan, along Syria’s southern border, according to two US security sources, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity.

The additional supplies will not include surface-to-air missiles, the officials said.

Earlier in March, President Barack Obama considered authorizing a shipment of new air defence systems to rebels.

As RT reported last month, the Obama administration is interested in finding new ways to put pressure on Syrian President Bashar Assad and boost the opposing rebels, who have lost ground in the conflict over the last few months.


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` Barack Obama has Decided to Expand Assistance to ` Train and Arm Rebels ‘ against Bashar Al-Assad ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – April 02 – (ALM) – President Barack Obama has apparently decided to expand assistance to training of rebels against Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, according to a report by the Washington Post.

The subject is expected to come up during Obama’s meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah on Friday.

Among the goals of the aid is to allow the rebels to fight against terrorist extremists. The training, to be overseen by the Central Intelligence Agency, would take place in Saudia Arabia, Jordan and Qatar.

The aid will include training 600 terrorist per month and providing the militant groups in Syria with air defence missiles.


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` Humanitarian Aid has been sent to Syrian Refugees ‘ Staying in Jordan ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – March 27 – Humanitarian aid has been sent to Syrian refugees staying in Jordan, Russia’s Ministry for Emergency Situations says.

“In pursuance of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s instructions the Il-76 aircraft has left for Jordan from Moscow Region’s Ramenskoye airfield.

The aircraft carries 40 tonnes of humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees,” the ministry’s representative Alexander Drobyshevsky told ITAR-TASS on Thursday.

The Il-76 will deliver a mobile power station, tents, clothes and foodstuffs, the spokesperson said.


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` Around 1000 people demonstrated near `Israeli Embassy ‘ in Amman for the killing of a `Jordanian ‘ judge ‘

#AceWorldNews Around 1,000 people demonstrated Friday near the Israeli embassy in Amman to protest the killing of a Jordanian judge by Israeli soldiers, AFP reported.

Raed Zeiter, 38, a Palestinian-Jordanian, was shot at a border crossing Monday. Israeli troops said he attacked them, igniting a diplomatic row between Israel and Jordan.

The demonstration started after Friday prayers in Kaluti mosque, near the Israeli embassy in the Rabia neighbourhood in West Amman.

Protesters waved banners reading “the people want to cancel the [1994] peace treaty.”

On Wednesday, the lower house of Jordan’s parliament demanded the government expel the Israeli envoy in Amman and recall the Jordanian ambassador in Israel.


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`Jordan’s Parliament Votes to Expel the Israeli Ambassador’ following debate over control of a `Jerusalem Holy’ site”

#AceWorldNews says that `Jordan’s Parliament’ has voted unanimously to expel the Israeli ambassador and recall its own envoy to Israel, AP reported.

The move came after Israeli lawmakers debated whether to take over a Jerusalem holy site administered by Jordanians.

The debate, initiated Tuesday by the Likud party’s Moshe Feiglin, considered a proposal for the state of Israel to wrest control of Muslim holy shrines from Jordan, but the debate ended without a vote.

No action regarding the Jordanian parliament’s vote is expected before the outcome of the Israeli Knesset debate, a Jordanian Cabinet official said.


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” Jordan Agrees to Host US Training Programme for Iraqi Troops”

#AceWorldNews says Jordan is ready to host a US training program set to train Iraqi troops. “This project is part of permanent cooperation between Jordan, Iraq and the United States to fight against terrorism in the region,” the country’s information minister, Mohammed Momani, told AFP. The statement comes as Iraqi soldiers are locked in fighting with insurgents who gained ground in Anbar province west of Baghdad.

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Anbar Province: “Media Reports Have Cited Deadly Clashes Between Iraqi Troops and Al-Qaeda Affiliated Fighters”

#AceWorldNews says In a statement read out during a formal meeting this evening Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, Permanent Representative of Jordan, which holds the Council’s rotating presidency for the month, the 15-nation body deplored the recent surge in violence in Anbar province, where, for the past week, media reports have citied deadly clashes between Iraqi-Troops and Al-Qaeda-Affiliated-Fighters.

Condemning the attacks by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) “against the people of Iraq in an attempt to destabilize the country and region,” the Council recognized that Iraqi security forces, local police and tribes in Anbar province are showing great courage as they fight to defeat ISIL in their cities.

“The Security Council urges the people of Iraq, including Iraqi tribes, local leaders, and Iraqi security forces in Anbar province, to continue, expand and strengthen their cooperation against violence and terror,” said the 15-member body, stresses the critical importance of continued national dialogue and unity.

The Council in its statement welcomed comments from Grand Ayatollah Sistani welcoming internally displaced residents of Anbar to Najaf and Karbala, as well as the commitment of a number of communities – Sunni, Shia and Kurd – to meet the needs of the displaced.

Expressing its strong support for the continued efforts of the Iraqi Government to help meet the security needs of the entire population of Iraq, the Council acknowledged the efforts of the Iraqi security forces and local police, “whose members are also being targeted and killed in ongoing attacks by terrorists”

The Council went on to welcome the Government’s commitment in the protection of the civilian population in Fallujah and elsewhere, and to the provision of humanitarian relief. It encouraged the Government to continue working with the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and humanitarian agencies to ensure the delivery of relief aid.

Concerned about the impact of the violence on civilians, the 15-nation body encouraged the safe passage of civilians trapped in conflict areas, as well as the safe return of internally displaced persons as conditions allow.

“The Security Council stresses the critical importance of continued national dialogue and unity, an inclusive political process, the holding of free and fair elections in April 2014, and the right to peaceful protest as guaranteed under the Iraqi Constitution,” the Council said, stressing its belief that this is vital to underpin a unified national stance against terrorism, and to ensure Iraq’s long-term security.

Reaffirming the need to bring perpetrators, organizers, financiers and sponsors of these reprehensible acts of terrorism to justice, the Council members also reaffirmed that ISIL is subject to the arms embargo and assets freeze imposed by Council resolutions 1267 (1999) and 2083 (2012).

The Council reaffirmed the need to combat all forms of terrorism and reiterated that “no terrorist act can reverse the path towards peace, democracy and reconstruction in Iraq, which is supported by the people and the Government of Iraq and the international community.”

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