(ETHIOPIA) Press Freedom Report: Ethiopian authorities should immediately release all recently arrested journalists and media workers, and ensure that authorities cease harassing members of the press, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.05: Officers detained the employees at the Federal Police Crime Investigation Center, have not brought them to court, and have not stated the reasons for their arrest, according to the family members, who had visited the employees in detention.

ETHIOPIA: Authorities have arrested at least 15 employees of 2 independent media outlets, about 1 p.m. on June 30, police raided the office of the independent broadcaster Awlo Media Center in Addis Ababa, the capital, and arrested at least 12 of its employees, according to news reports, the outlet’s lawyer Tadele Gebremedhin, who spoke to CPJ in a phone interview, and two family members of the detainees, who spoke to CPJ on the condition of anonymity, citing safety concerns.

July 2, 2021 12:55 PM EDTPolice officers are seen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on June 19, 2021. Officers recently arrested more than a dozen employees of two media outlets in the city. (Reuters/Tiksa Negeri)

Separately, police arrested journalist Abebe Bayu yesterday and administrator Yayesew Shimelis today, both with the privately owned YouTube-based broadcaster Ethio Forum, according to Tadele, who is also representing them, those news reports, and Facebook posts by Ethio Forum.

The two journalists are also being held at the Federal Police Crime Investigation Center, Tadele said.

“Ethiopian authorities should immediately release all employees of Ethio Forum and the Awlo Media Center who were recently arrested in a brutal crackdown,” said Angela Quintal, CPJ’s Africa program coordinator. “Authorities’ brazen raid on the media center and the mass detention of its staff for undisclosed reasons, followed by the arrests of Abebe Bayu and Yayesew Shimelis, is alarming, and further evidence that authorities will go to any length to suppress information and criticism.”

The arrested Awlo Media Center employees include reporters Bekalu Alamrew, Fanuel Kinfu, Fana Negash, and Miherete Geberkirestos; camera operators Musse Hadra and Nebeyu Mikael; video editors Melkamfire Yemam and Fikerte Yensu; and at least four non-journalistic employees, including accountants, janitors, and technical staff, according to their lawyer.

Police also arrested Tewlde Taddesse, a lawyer with the media center, at his home, the employees’ family members said.

In May, Awlo Media Center registered with the Ethiopian Media Authority as an online media outlet, as required by new regulations in the country, according to a Facebook post by the authority.

Last week, unidentified men briefly abducted and attacked Abebe, and Ethio Forum announced that it would temporarily cease broadcasting, as CPJ documented at the time. Abede told CPJ in a phone interview following the incident that the men told him to stop criticizing the government, but did not cite any specific coverage prompting the attack.

Both the Awlo Media Center and Ethio Forum have recently covered the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, as well as other news topics, according to CPJ reporting and a review of their recent coverage.

CPJ called Jeylan Abdi, a federal police spokesperson, who said he had no information about the detentions and referred CPJ to the Federal Police Crime Investigation Center. CPJ called Nadew Alehgn, a spokesperson for the center, but he did not answer.

Jeylan later told the Addis Standard, “The journalists were not arrested because of their profession but rather due to their affiliation with a terrorist group which is banned by the parliament.”

Last year, police arrested Yayesew following his reporting on COVID-19, and arrested Bekalu for allegedly disseminating false news. Both journalists were later released on bail, according to news reports.

#AceNewsDesk report …….Published: July.05: 2021:

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(BURKINA FASO) JUST IN: Three European journalists — two Spanish and one Irish — have been killed in an attack on an anti-poaching patrol in Burkina Faso, officials said #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.02: A Jihadist insuregency that began in 2015 has been the occasion for an appalling number of mass slaughters. So far, the jihadist insurgency has left over than 1,200 dead and about one million displaced — those have fled the violence.

#Free Speech Report: Burkin Faso: Jihadists murder three European journalists, injure six others in jihad attack: Three foreign nationals have been killed and a Burkinabe is missing,” government spokesman and communications minister Ousseni Tamboura said in a statement, adding that six people had been injured in the attack in the eastern region of Fada N’Gourma-Pama: Italy24 has a summary report here: Jihadist attack in Burkina Faso, three kidnapped European journalists killed”.

“’Terrorists’ Kill Three European Journalists In Burkina Faso,” AFP, April 28 2021:

A senior security source in the West African country said the three foreigners — all identified as journalists by the rights group Reporters Without Borders — had been “executed by terrorists”.

He did not specify who was behind Monday’s attack targeting the group, which had included soldiers and forest rangers as well as foreign reporters.

The attackers used two pick-up vehicles and a dozen motorbikes, according to security sources.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez confirmed that two Spanish journalists had been killed.

“The worst news is confirmed. All our affection for the relatives and friends of David Beriain and Roberto Fraile (de Baracaldo), who were murdered in Burkina Faso,” he tweeted.

He praised “those who, like them, carry out courageous and essential journalism from conflict zones”….

#AceNewsDesk report …Published: May.02: 2021:

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` No Hostages Inside Building of `Ukraines Security Service Department ‘ and Premises not Mined – Reports ‘

#AceWorldNews – LUGANSK- April 09 – There are no hostages inside the building of Ukraine’s Security Service department here; the premises have not been mined, Artyom, one of protesters who is inside the building has told Itar-Tass by telephone.

“Our commanders went out into the street and told people there that we can show every room to journalists and those wishing to check this up for them to see for themselves that we have no hostages here and that everything here is done voluntarily,” Artyom pointed out.

The interlocutor specified that there are only several tens of people in the building: “Paratroopers, Chernobyl veterans, mineworkers, businessmen, and jobless”.

One of commanders who is inside the building of the Lugans department of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) has told Itar-Tass by telephone that they are holding talks with official representatives of Ukraine’s new authorities: “We are holding talks with Parubiy (Andrei Parubiy, parliament-appointed acting Secretary of SNBO (National Security and Defence CouncilNote by Itar-Tass). We shall see what will come about next”.

A report to the effect that there were hostages inside the building of the Lugansk department of SBU and that the building was mined was placed by the SBU on its website on April 8.


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“Turkish Newspaper has reported `Expulsion of Journalist’s’ from the Country for Criticising Prime Minster Erdogan on Twitter”

#AceWorldNews says a Turkish newspaper has reported the expulsion of one of its journalists from the country after criticizing Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Twitter.

The move comes a day after the country passed strict laws governing internet controls, allowing websites to be blocked without a court ruling first being sought. Mahir Zeynalov, 27, from Azerbaijan, was herded onto a plane in Istanbul by police after writing a tweet that allegedly constituted a “blunt assault on Erdogan’s honour and reputation and his personal rights,” according to Erdogan’s lawyers.

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On free speech and blogging: The First Amendment applies to everyone, not just journalists

#AceNewsServices says “One Step Closer to Curbing Free Speech” as Judge Upholds “First Amendment to Mean Blogger’s Not Just Journalists” #freespeech


When Montana blogger Crystal Cox lost her defamation case in 2011, the decision was greeted by a chorus of cheers from journalists, who were quick to argue that Cox wasn’t a journalist in any real sense of the word, and therefore didn’t deserve any protection from the First Amendment. An appeals court for the Ninth Circuit has disagreed, however: on Friday, a panel of judges overturned the original decision and said that Cox was in fact entitled to protection.

The implications of this ruling go beyond just a single defamation case. It’s another link in a chain of decisions that are gradually helping to extend the principle of free-speech protection beyond professional journalism to anyone who is publishing information with public value — and as such, it helps shift the focus away from trying to define who is a journalist and puts it where it should be: on protecting…

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"Russia: Tactics and Tricks Preventing Journalist's from Doing their Job's"

#AceWorldNews says the “Russian Tactics and Tricks” are becoming ever more under-handed and are preventing Journalist’s from doing their job of reporting in the country.


Nikolai Iarst is an experienced reporter. He was arrested on May 23 and charged with “illegal possession of drugs”. In house-arrest, he was cut from any contact with his friends and colleagues for more than six months. Though just released, he’s still facing up to 10 years in prison. The investigation against him was marked by many inconsistencies and violations of procedure, which are too important to be taken as simple negligence.


Mestnaia is a newspaper known for its critical editorial views against the local authorities. It covers many issues including corruption, water and electricity cuts, fraud in hospitals, environmental concerns, and abuses of workers preparing the Sochi Olympics. On June 7, 2013, Mestnaia offices were searched under the pretence of an investigation for “violation of copyrights”. All computers were seized. The police were then able to access all data and sources’ contact information available on the computers, violating the principle of confidentiality of sources.

Continuing lawsuits

In Russia, local authorities play a crucial role in the distribution of financial subsidies to media outlets, which gives them a “right” to examine the editorial content. The independent newspaper of the Sochi Novaia Gazeta Koubani region does no’t accept this rule and is consequently facing financial difficulties. To continue to investigate corruption and collusion is a complicated challenge. According to its editor in chief Galina Tachmatova, the newspaper is constantly facing 5 or 6 lawsuits. Even if this very scrupulous newspaper always succeeds in proving it was right, lawsuits are expensive, time consuming and hinder journalistic work.

Join the fight against these tactics.

Thank you,

Lucie Morillon
Head of Research Department
Reporters Without Borders

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Just having a chat there with a writer…

Just having a chat there with a writer friend about Anonymous, and he is a good person to chat with. I know the media will tell us “We are arresting the leaders” but there are no leaders, like there is with Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Watch this latest video. It could have been done by your next door neighbour, your teacher, your local policeman, anyone. Anonymous has no leader or lead, it is a collective of thinkers who want, well what I want. But I am not a part of Anon. I never claimed to be, I never say I am or will be. I act alone. But so does Anon.

Do you want to stop corporate greed where a banker gets £$5M Pay off? – If so you are Anonymous

Are you against War – if so, you are Anonymous.

Do you want Government to lead and tell the truth? – If so, you are also anonymous.

Give this video a watch, you can spare 2 minutes 15 seconds of your life yeah?

People ask me about Anonymous, this is the quickest way I can explain

If you want to love and see peace and equality? – You are Anonymous

This video explains how we all are part of this, be it we like it or not. The message we send is the same. We are one in our views, we are one in our finding the truth.


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